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So this is a brand new series I'm writing on. I wrote all 13 chapters in 9 days. What can i say I have epic typing when i am fast. This story is from the inpiration of the TV series 'Legend of The Seeker' Which i love by the way. It sorta has the same story line, but I've added a few things of my own.

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Heart of Diamond

The Legend of the Seraph


They speak of a legend. A tale told from generation to generation. Unchanged by time, but so much more than a fairy tale.

Many millennia ago, there was once an evil lord known as Lord Garth. He lived in the southern lands before murdering his brother, the king and taking his place on the throne.

For decades, Lord Garth took over neighbouring the lands one by one. Keepswood, Vail Hills, Grassdust plains, The Ice lands, Clovervalley, The Zenzara Mountains just to name a few. He killed those who disobeyed him and murdered those who fought against him, until there was nothing standing in his way and nothing that could defeat him.

But as Lord Garth grew older, he realised there was one thing he couldn't beat. His own death.

He captured the surviving Wizards from the Gaius Tower, the tower of the all Wizards in the southern lands. He commanded that they cast a spell that will make him live forever. At first the Wizards refused, trying to explain to the King that such immortal spell was not possible to cast even for the Master wizards in the Gaius Tower.

Lord Garth didn't believe them. He began to execute the families of the Wizards starting with the wives and working his way down to the youngest of the children.

The Wizards pleaded and begged, but it wasn't until a young Wizard Apprentice by the name of Dylan Counter stepped forward and proclaimed he had a solution.

Dylan held a book known as the Script of Itex. Dylan had said that the Script of Itex was a book the Wizards in the Gaius Tower had kept for thousands of years. Any unordinary spell or potion that had been discovered was to be written in the Script of Itex and remain hidden from the dark powers that could use it to destroy the world.

The spell Dylan spoke about was known as the Twin Soul Spell. The spell was known for bringing someone who had died back to life in another body, but only if that person had died of natural causes. Sometimes the transfer from the old body to the new body takes a couple of days. Other times it could take thousands of years, but the soul will continue to be reborn as long as the body dies naturally.

Lord Garth demanded that the book was to be brought to him, but Dylan warned the foolish King that no human could hold this book. Only one of magical born can hold the book without being absorbed by its power and only the Wizard who first created the book could destroy it.

Lord Garth was desperate, so reluctantly he put his faith into the young Wizard and asked him to read the immortal spell to him.

But Dylan was clever and as he cast the Twin Soul Spell he added another spell from the Script of Itex. It was known as the Seraph. Dylan cast the two spells together, merging them.

The Seraph Spell had only ever been cast once before and is a one hardest spells that can ever be casted. Once the spell had been cast, a Seraph is born. They are only recognised when turning from a baby to a child where the symbol of the Seraph appears on the child's shoulder. When the child reaches the age of 18, only then will they be able to go through the ceremony of flight. The spirits will grift the child its wings and powers to be able to defeat the one the caster wished to be killed. Once the person has been killed the Seraph's wings disappear and she or he lives on with their lives as an average human.

But the Wizards knew that this Seraph was to be different. They knew that this Seraph will be far stronger than the previous one.

Lord Garth was furious once the spell was cast upon him. With the combination of the Twin Soul and the Seraph, Lord Garth knew that once his soul had moved on to a second body, the Seraph will be born and it will be His or hers destiny to destroy him.

Lord Garth murdered Dylan with a quick blow to the heart and demanded his soldiers for the Wizards to be executed, but Dylan's plan had worked. While he was casting the spell, the Wizards had fled.

For years the Wizards remained in hiding and together they built many artefacts and cast many spells that would help aid the Seraph in its mission. The artefacts were known as the Weapons of Seraph, for the Wizards designed the weapons that only the true Seraph can use them to their full potential. Lord Garth searched for the Wizards until the end of his days, but was unable to find them.

The Script of Itex was left locked in a guarded dungeon. No one could destroy it but no one could use it either. Lord Garth didn't trust anyone with the handling of the Script of Itex and he most certainly wasn't going to give the book up to the Wizards knowing that if he did, they would undo the Twin Soul spell.

After Lord Garth's natural death, the children of the Wizards and the loyal servants of Lord Garth fought for over a thousand years, neither one gaining control over one another. It was only within the last 100 years have the servants of Lord Garth forced the Wizards back into hiding.

It was then was Lord Garth reborn.

No one knew until 15 years later when he showed himself to the public. Without the Wizards fighting for The Seraph, Lord Garth once again took over the Southern lands going back to his cruel ways of murder and slaughter.

The Wizards waited for the Seraph to appear. They waited for years, sending messages out, searching through every crevice of every cave, but there was no sight of the Seraph. The Wizards had given up hope believing that Dylan's spell had worked.

But on the night of Lord Garth's 20th birthday was the night Maximum Ride was born into the world.


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