A/N Long Story Short-I'm writing a story of 100 chapters of 100 words following Nana of the Ice Climbers. Sort of a Smash Mansion story in concept but who knows?

This will be updated once a day or at least finished in 100. I don't expect any reviews or anything, but it's fun to write.

I own nothing yeah we know let's go. Regret and forget not!

Let's go!


Knowing my luck, the first time someone says more than two words to me is after they knocked me down the stairs.

I guess you gotta compromise.

It was all a flash; I was running up to my room, and then; bam; I was cartwheeling down to the base. I can climb ice, but stairs are another story...?

I didn't see who did it, all I heard was "Oh my god I'm sorry, Nana!" I didn't recognize the voice, so it wasn't Popo.

But he knew my name.

Wow. I guess I can accept your apology, whoever you are.

A/N What an optimistish person.