A 'redo' that takes place on Omega.

This chapter is meant to express just how bad things are. Did i nail it...?

"Come on you little bosh'tet...!"

With a few twists of an internal core, the dim light the machine used to give off gave a high-pitched beep. The quarian stopped her movements and observed the light with increased excitement. It brightened, and brightened and brightened until it began beeping.

"What the..." As it began shaking in her hand, she was quickly becoming uncertain and worried. 'It may be working. If i throw it now, it may never work again! Or it might be prepping to explode and if i hold it, i can kiss my hand and majority of my arm goodbye!'

Hey options rambled on almost as fast as her heart increased its pace in uncertainty. As soon as the dim light flashed violently, she tossed it away in a yelp of fear and covered her head in a vain attempt for instinctual protection, closing her eyes as well. No sooner had she tossed it, the device gave one final, long beep and shorted out a short distance from her, a large puff of smoke exiting the device before a spark flew from the now-entirely-useless machine.

Opening an eye unsurely, she saw the tool in its destroyed glory. Removing her hands from her helmet, she perked her head up and inspected it from where she sat. She gritted her teeth at yet another failure and clenched her fists in building anger. "Damn it!" she shouted, a fist raised in need of something to punch.

Her fist shook and eventually relaxed as the quarian gave a saddened sigh. Another failure…

Staying on the floor she sat, she remained quiet until she eventually moved over to the device, moving it close and inspecting it with a lone finger. Maybe there were some wires that weren't completely burned…

She sighed to herself once more upon finding that the device as a whole, everything in it included, was now even more useless than she was. She tossed it to a small pile of scrap that lay in the corner of her 'room'. Thinking about the room itself, she gave yet another inspection of the dainty, excessively used and untidy 'apartment' that was given to her with what little she could afford.

It was, at best, a room for one. That was all. One. By quarian standards, it could fit at least three of her kind, a family, in its small dimensions, but even that could have been questionable. All that existed in it was a single bed, as small as it was, and a pile of scrap, her pile of scrap.

She sighed to herself again and shook her head. She came to Omega like any pilgrim, wondering if the station, in how 'famous' it was in being on the verge of collapse due to poor maintenance, may have needed help. She'd seen what they'd done to her fellow quarians. The lucky ones were left to survive on the streets with nothing but their suits.

She had, at times, wondered what was done with the female quarians, as seeing one roaming was something she'd never seen. The answer was simple, and revolting. Now she understood why there had been signs advertising quarian females.

She never left her apartment without her pistol.

Leaning back against the rusted walls of the apartment itself, she opened her omni-tool and accessed its storage, pulling up a picture of a few people, but paying attention to the ones she wanted to go back to.

"Hey mom. Hey dad." she whispered with a half smile. "Today's been another failed attempt at getting something to work. I'll try something again soon or at least tomorrow." Running something she figured they'd say, she gave a single chuckle. "I know, I don't like this place either. Not much you can do with a few hundred credits and an old omni-tool."

A banging came from the door, interrupting her discussion. Her head sharply turned and waited a second before a voice came.

"Come on quarian, the rents due." the familiar voice called. Takard, the turian. Always forceful when it comes to paying and always quick to add another ten credits if you don't have the money the day he wants it.

"I don't have the credits today, sir." she replied from where she sat. "I can have it by tomorrow though."

She heard some grumbling. "Fine, but you can expect another ten to what you already owe." With that, or so it seemed, he left her door and walked off to wherever it is he walked off to. She never paid him any attention aside from rent.

She found herself becoming sad as she thought about what she owed. It was already fifty, now it was sixty. She was having trouble enough as it is and she had yet to buy some paste tubes. This could be it, her last week in an actual place…

Her knee's came to her chest and she swatted the thought away. On Omega, such thoughts lead you to your death, or anything close, quickly. She had to remain determined, had to be positive. If she didn't…

Her mind went back to the picture, looking at the short collection of quarian in the single, poor-resolution picture. Her friends, her family. She gave a saddened sigh.

"I'll get out of this, mom, dad." she said softly. "I'll get out of here, find a pilgrimage gift and go back. I wont stop until I do." She took the words to heart with determination. With a half-smile, she added, "I'll be back in no time if I'm as positive as I was back on the fleet."

She kept herself quiet after that, looking at the figures in the picture closely. After a while she began to shake and pulled her knees closer to her, her arms hooking them in place and keeping herself balled up. She came here to fast, too soon. She was too inexperienced. She was losing faith in herself.

Holding herself tightly, she fought the urge to cry at where she found herself. She breathed in in a gasp, blinking somewhat rapidly in a vain attempt to keep herself from bringing up tears. Looking at the picture, she tried placing herself back to where she was on that day, happy, enjoying herself.

Her fingers came to her optic, somewhat shakily, and pressed themselves on the mouthpiece. She gave a silent kiss and brought her fingers to her parents, a finger on each.

"I'll be back." she said shakily in truth that she was rapidly beginning to doubt. She hugged herself even more tightly. "I'll be back…"

For the rest of the day, she didn't move. For the rest of the day, she looked at the picture of the life she was had and wanted to get back to. Only minutes into the day, she cried and only after an hour of crying did she fall sleep, floating into a world where everything was great and Omega never existed, in the loving embrace of a mother and a father she feared she'd never see again.