Okay, this is my second try at a story with Harry's parents still alive (hopefully better than my last attempt) Just a heads up there was no Voldemort at all. And another note this story was somewhat/ somewhat not based on Taylor Swifts song "Mary's Song" I was listening to it and it popped into my head. So anything that seems similar to Taylor Swift is her's, I'm just borrowing the idea. And J.K. Rowling, all of Harry Potter belongs to her, I'm just (again) borrowing it :)

No they couldn't possibly be doing this to me. What I didn't understand was why I couldn't go with them. I mean it was only for about a month and I'm sure Bill wouldn't mind the least. I promised my self that this summer wasn't going to suck, but for the last month and a half it was going to. My parents were going to Egypt to see my eldest brother. While away on this "much needed vacation" me and my brother Ron where staying at the Potters. It's not like I didn't like them, in all aspect I loved them, with the exception of their one child and son, Harry. He was the biggest pain in my ass, was Ron's best friend and the person I was going to be living for the rest of my summer holidays. I pleaded to stay at home by myself, I was an able almost sixteen year old who could manage living by herself. When that didn't work I tried asking to live with Fred and George, but we all know that was shot down the moment it came out of my mouth. So it all came down to me living with the person I promised to loath for the rest of my life.

My things were slowly packed into my suitcase. Deliberately wasting time so that I could put off getting to the Potters.

It's not that I hate him, he just made it his objective in life to be more annoying then when Fred and George could finally do magic at home and deemed it necessary to apparate behind you and whip their wands out for everything.

"Ginny, you better get down here or I'll pack for you and you won't like what I pick." My mother would probably pick out all of the things she has gotten me over the years that inevitably get shoved to the back of my wardrobe. I finished and walked, more like stomped down the stairs, to make it known that I didn't want to leave. "Ginny, I don't see why you have to be so sore about going. It's not that long really, we'll be back before you know it and you can come home then." I had almost had enough of that excuse, I know she was trying to make me feel better but in reality it was doing the exact opposite.

"But mum, that's not the point, when you get back I very well may be in Azkaban. Now I'm not you, but I'm sure you don't want your only daughter to be in a place like that at only sixteen." Molly looked at her only daughter with sad eyes.

"Honey, your not quite sixteen and when have your Dad and I ever really asked you to do something for us?" Ginny now looked at her mother disappointed in herself. She knew her dad worked hard for her family and her mother worked tirelessly around the house making sure it was in top shape, though her house was no spectacle, she admired the way it leaned one way and how messy but organized it was. That's what made it home.

"I'm sorry mum. It's just everything he does gets under my skin, but I guess I'll learn to deal with it."

"That's quite alright dear. Anyways when you were younger I remember you were quite in love with Harry." And out of nowhere,

"Who's in love with me?" Ginny could feel her face go a little pink.

"Nobody could be in love with you besides your parents, they have to." She gave him a small smile,

"Touche. Just thought I would come by and say good-bye." She stood behind her mother rolling her eyes at him. He gave her a hug, while she mouthed, "suck up."

"Oh Harry. Your such a sweetheart. I don't understand Ginny, why you have to act like that with him. He doesn't do anything to you."

"Yeah, Gin, what've I done to you?"

"What haven't you done to me? Like the time you made me fall out of the tree in your back yard." He looked at her like she had him,

"Yeah, but who was the one who caught you."

"You didn't catch me, you just happened to be underneath me where I fell. And might I point out that if you hadn't came up without announcing yourself, I wouldn't have gotten scared and fell out of the tree." She had him good and cornered.

"Good point, the next time you fall out of a tree I'll make sure I'm not to blame and I catch you." He was smiling at her with an expression that she'd never seen on him before. All of the sudden she felt somewhat self conscious. She didn't like that feeling so she went to pick up her bag, but before she could he picked it up for her and walked out the door with it and his big smile. Ginny didn't know how to react to that so she did the only thing that made sense to her. She ran after him yelling about how she could get it herself and she was a capable girl who didn't need an overbearing prat to carry her things. Molly watched the two, thinking they were just like James and Lily.

"Harry, just give me my bag, I can carry it perfectly fine-"

"Ginny," He rarely used her "full nickname", which hushed her up. He set down her bag on the floor, she tried to go for it but he wasn't having it. He held her back quite easily and back her up to the car with his hands on the side of the vehicle making sure she wasn't going anywhere. "You could just say thank you, you know."

"Thank you." At that moment he realized she wasn't that little girl he used to see. He also realized how long they were standing like that, he backed up and put her stuff in the car. She was stunned and stood there with her mouth slightly open while he walked back up to the house running his hands through his hair. When he got to the kitchen he had Fred, George, and Ron's eyes glued to him.

"What the bloody hell was that all about?" He didn't know what to tell his best friend, he didn't even know, so he decided to play dumb,

"What was what about?"

"Oh, come on you know exactly what I'm talking about." Ron laughed walking out to the car where Ginny had vacated. Harry followed. "So you two finally realize it yet?" Now Harry really didn't know what he was talking about.

"Realize what?" Ron just shook his head

"Never mind, when is Hermione suppose to arrive at your house?" Ron looked in the other direction so Harry couldn't see his eyes exactly,

"Tomorrow afternoon, why?"

"Oh, just wondering." He looked like he was trying to come up with an excuse, "Ginny still thinks it's going to be us three." The both of them started to laugh at that. Everyone started to come out of the house at that point and piled into the car that was magically larger to fit five in the back seat and two in the front. Ginny, got shoved in the middle after a slight argument between her and Ron.

"Just a quick question, how did you get to the house?" That was the one question Ginny hadn't bothered to ask Harry.

"I flooed." It struck Ginny odd that they weren't flooing.

"Mum, why didn't we just floo to the Potter's?" Molly turned to her,

"Because your Dad insisted on driving you there. And when we get there were all having lunch. That's why Fred and George are with us to." She turned back around and started humming to the radio. Ginny mumbled,

"So that's why I'm stuck in the middle squashed!" The ride seemed to take longer than it should have they only lived in the town next to theirs. But the whole way there she could feel Harry's eyes on her. For the second time that day she felt self-conscious.

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