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Ginny was staring at the mound of clothes sitting on her bad. She didn't know why she couldn't find something to wear, he had said normal clothes, but what were normal clothes to him? It was quarter after six, they were leaving at seven. This was a problem. Hermione was across the hall in the bathroom, maybe she could run over there with out being seen? She was going to try her hardest. She peeked out of there door to fine the coast was clear. Then ran across the hall,

"Hermione, are you decent?"

"Yeah, I guess." She opened the door to find a disheveled looking Hermione not knowing what to do with her hair, "Why does it do this to me now? Huh, when I want to look half way decent, my hair decides to be uncooperative?" Ginny looked to her best friend,

"Okay, here's a proposition, I help you with my hair if you help me find something to wear?" Hermione nodded her head and sat down on the toilet so Ginny could see what she was dealing with. Her hair was in fact being uncooperative with what ever Ginny did with it.

"Just a sec." She ran over to their room to grab a bottle of something her mother swears by. There was no label on it, she only knew it worked. "This stuff works wonders, let's just hope it works for your hair. As soon as Ginny put the product into Hermione's hair it almost instantly calmed down and was much easier to work with. Ginny had put her hair in a low ponytail to the side. Her hair still had curl to it so it was a bit slouchy, but still cute. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror,

"What is that stuff, it's amazing." Ginny raised her shoulders,

"I have no idea, but my mum swears by it. I'll tell her to get you some. Okay, now lets go help me find something to wear." Upon coming into their room Hermione looked aghast,

"Ginny, what did you do, try on every piece of clothing you owned?" Ginny look guilty,

"No, but I just don't know what to wear. I asked Harry where we were going then for some reason I told him it was because I didn't know what to wear, which was stupid of me, but he said normal clothes. I mean, who say's "normal clothes"? Why couldn't he say something nice, or something-something-"

"Normal?" Hermione helped. God, I felt like an idiot. I mean normal clothes meant normal clothes, but she had to many "normal clothes" to choose from.

"Okay, I know. But I have to many normal clothes to choose from. And look at you, you already have something to wear." Hermione stood there wearing a nice simple white dress. She looked through Ginny's pile of clothing sprawled out on her bed. She was still rummaging through the mount of clothes,

"Wear…this!" She held out a cotton dress. It would come up right above her knee. The bottom half was a dark blue while the top was white. It cinched at the waste with a black belt to fit her form.

"Hermione, a dress, when have you ever seen me in a dress?." She looked around the room nervous about tonight, Hermione noticed,

"Is Ginny Weasley nervous about her dinner with Harry?" A smile was spread across her face,

"No! I am absolutely in no way nervous about dinner with Harry!"

"Then why are you being so defensive?" Ginny's eyes grew big, and Hermione knew she had her,

"Would you quiet down, your being awfully loud!" Hermione shook her head,

"No Ginny, that's you. And it's not like they can hear you. These walls are pretty thick."


"So- are you nervous?" The two girls sat on their beds and Ginny looked at her hands,


"Do you like him?" She asked as if she wasn't interested in the matter, which she was,

"Even if I was why would I tell one of his best friends?" Ginny did have a good point, but Hermione had a better one,

"But I am also your best friend. And why would I compromise our friendship with something like that?" She did have a good point, but I couldn't bring myself to say it, almost like if I were to say it, it would make it that much more real. And I don't think I could go to dinner with him.

"I- um-" I couldn't breathe, it was crazy. I knew it was true, I did like him. I just couldn't get past the fact that we were going to dinner. "Well, what about you and Ron, is it a date or is it just dinner?"

"Just go put on the dress." Ginny went to the bathroom and reluctantly put on the dress. She had to admit it wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be. She actually felt happy about the selection. Deciding to do her hair, she braided it to the side in a slouchy yet cute way. Before running back across, she didn't think to peek. Upon coming out of the bathroom she bumped into none other than Sirius.

"You look pretty dressed up for just going out to dinner." His eyebrows raised.

"Just because I don't want to look like I just came from living on the streets doesn't mean I'm dressed up." She swallowed hard, and hated being the target of Sirius all alone.

"I know. But it all starts here." He was circling her, to add dramatic effect.

"What "starts here" ?" She looked skeptical.

"Oh the first date, same thing with Lily and James. You were most likely coerced into this whole thing. But in a matter if time, you will by no doubt have fallen in love with young Mr. Potter. Or- you already have, in which case you're just trying to- impress him with a dress we all know you hate wearing." He finished with a big smile on his face and his left eyebrow raised, like he saw right through her. He did in fact see right through her, she didn't like that. "Oh, I've figured it out haven't I, our young Miss. Weasley is in love with our young Mr. Potter?" She said nothing, "Well, this will be fun won't it! Oh, but I promise not to tell him." He winked at her while walking into Harry's room. Ginny stood there with her mouth hanging wide open. She bolted into her and Hermione's room shutting the door, and sitting behind it.

"Ginny? What's wrong?"

"Well, I met Sirius out in the hall." Hermione had a knowing look on her face,

"I think he knows." Hermione looked confused at that,

"Knows? About what?" Ginny looked at her, and then Hermione knew,

"Oh boy. That's-terrible."

"You're telling me! Then he was all like I promise not to tell and walked into Harry's room!" Hermione almost laughed,

"Well, I'm sure Sirius won't tell him." She looked skeptical,

"Maybe we can hear them through the walls!" Hermione shook her head,

"These walls are to thick, or they would've already herd you earlier." Ginny knew it was a false hope.

"So Harry, Ron, are you guys excited for your dates? Oh-but wait you two are to bashful to call them that, so we all have to call them dinners." And at that very moment James walked in,

"What? No knocking? I guess we're just going to have a little meeting in my room then?"

"Calm down son, were just here to give you guys a pep-talk." Harry looked as though he was going to puke, he didn't need this, Ron looked just as worried,

"As lovely as that sounds Dad, I just don't think we really need a "pep-talk"." James and Sirius were trying hard not to laugh at what Harry had just said I had taken many girls out on dates-to dinner, why was this any different? "Well, it's almost seven so we're going down stairs." Both Harry and Ron, who looked beyond scared straight, walked right out the door. The two boys headed down stairs to find the girls were already in the kitchen talking with Lily. When Ginny turned around and looked at Harry, he had to suppress a smile. He had never see Ginny Weasley in a dress, but she wore one when going to dinner with him. He however was wearing a grey tee shirt, jeans and a jacket. He almost felt underdressed. "So, you ready?" Ginny smiled,

"Yeah." She averted her eyes away.

"Oh Harry, just because you're seventeen doesn't mean you can be out all night, same to Ron, but Hermione will make sure you guys are home. So no worries there." James and Sirius walked into the kitchen, James whispered in Harry's ear just so he alone could hear,

"Remember Harry, she's only fifteen." James had gave his son a wink. Harry choked a bit on his spit, and gave his father a dirty look, he and Sirius were trying hard not to laugh, they had obviously planned that, Harry thought to himself. Ginny had obviously heard, her face had turned red, as well as Harry's.

"Well, were going to get going." Harry had lead Ginny out to the front porch, Ron and Hermione had followed,

"So how are we getting to where ever it is were going?"

"Were apparating." Ginny gave him a nervous look, which everyone laughed at. She grabbed his hand,

"Let's get this over with." They disappeared with a pop leaving Hermione and Ron by themselves,

"Well, I guess I'll apparate us both, then." They had grabbed each others hand, her hand had a tingle in it. Ron could have sworn she had smiled before she turned them on the spot. They had landed in a deserted alley way, so not to be seen by the muggle people. They came out in front of a restaurant called The Edge. When they were seated by their server he asked what they wanted to drink, Hermione knew Ron would have no idea what drinks were what, so she asked what they had, he rambled all they had,

"I'll just have an iced tea." He looked to Ron, he looked baffled,

"The same." Hermione tried to stifle her laughter. He walked away after giving them menu's,

"Um, Hermione,"

"Hmm?" He looked uncertain of himself,

"What the bloody hell is a coke?" At this she couldn't help but laugh.

They had finished eating and were sitting talking,

"So, what are you planning on doing after Hogwarts?" Ron didn't know what else to talk about,

"You know, I really have no idea." She looked like she had never said that to anyone before, he felt happy that she had chose to share that information with him,

"Really? The all great Hermione Granger doesn't know what she wants to do after school, quite a shocker. Scandal really." Knowing he was only playing, it put a smile on her face.

"Well, I have so many choices, but I don't know which is for me. But I could see myself working for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures." She realized she was rambling, and about herself, which was uncommon, she just felt like Ron was listening and he wasn't stopping her. "But what about you?" At that moment the server came to give them the bill. She went for it intending to pay for it, since this was her idea, but Ron was, with his keeper skills grabbed it before she could, "What are you doing? I asked you to come." She had a small smile on her lips,

"Yeah, but on a date the guy-" He just realized what exactly he said. His face had turned the Weasley red. And Hermione let him take the bill with a smile plastered on her face. After paying they left the quaint little restaurant.

"So, where to next?" Ron nervously asked,

"Let's just go for a walk." She felt nervous herself, and a bit gutsy tonight so she grabbed his hand. They walked in silence for a while, but it was a comfortable silence. The two found themselves on the edge of a river. "So, the thing you said at dinner, about this being a-"

"About that, it just kind of slipped, I'm sorry if it made things awkward-" It was her turn to cut him off, she gently put her lips to his, instantly making him be quiet. When they finally parted Hermione asked,

"Do you want to go get a Coke?" Ron silently laughed to himself,


Harry and Ginny landed in the middle of muggle London, in an alley way, to not be seen my the muggles. Ginny had no idea where he was taking her and was some what surprised by the fact he took her out into the muggle world. But she loved it. She never had many opportunities to venture out with the muggles, but Lily had always insisted they be more muggle friendly. Again, she loved it. Their house was full of muggle things that she still didn't get but loved anyway.

"So where are we going?" Ginny asked Harry,

"Oh you'll see." He obviously wasn't going to tell her. They walked for a few minuets to a little run of the mill restaurant called, Petits. On the outside it looked like it wasn't a great place, but Ginny followed him in just the same. The inside was the exact opposite of the outside, it was quiet and very rustic looking, something else she loved. Harry gave the maitre de his name,

"Good evening Mr. Potter. The usual seat then?." He looked to Harry,

"No, someplace different." Ginny expected this, this is where Harry takes every girl. They sat at a table for two, and were given menu's.

"The usual seat? Do you come here often." She said this while looking at her menu.

"Only with my mum and dad. I've actually never taken a girl here before." She couldn't help but smile. Their waiter came back to take their drink orders. Ginny got an iced tea while Harry got a coke. They weren't saying anything, so Harry thought to strike up a conversation,

"So, are you excited for school?" He realized how corny that sounded as soon as it came out of his mouth,

"Well, as corny as that question is, kind of." She was trying not to laugh,

"You were the one being quiet over there, so if you have a different conversation started, please share it." They were both laughing quietly at this point,

"So, you've never brought another girl here before?" He looked like he was caught,

"No, you are the first. My parents and I were taking a trip to London and we were all hungry and came across this place, they have really good food. What are you getting?" She didn't know she hadn't even look at the menu in full. She let out a breath,

"I have no idea." She glance down and the first thing she saw was, a pasta dish that looked good. "Never mind I know what I'm getting." She smiled, they both closed their menu's and almost instantly the waiter came over and took their order.

When they were finished eating they took a walk, it was dark, and all the stars were out, and there was hardly anyone out on the streets. They weren't saying anything again, but they liked it that way.

"Do you want to go somewhere?" Ginny looked to Harry surprised he had said anything,

"Yeah." He grabbed her hand and they apparated. When Ginny opened her eyes, she recognized the place he took her. It was the tree she had fallen out of, where he caught her. He sat down and was leaning on the tree like she was the day he asked her to go out to dinner.

"So, does this make up for me being an ass the other morning?" She sat down beside him, and looked at him, for a second she just kept staring at his eyes, getting lost in the bright green depth of the unknown ahead of her. She snapped back to reality,

"I guess so." She glanced at the watch on his wrist, it read half past eleven, they had been gone for a long time but she didn't care if she was out all night. There was a small breeze, and you could see every possible star in the sky. Ginny leaned her back against the tree, while they again sat there in silence for a few minuets. "This is all of your guys' last year, it's going to be different with you gone." He looked down to her,

"With all of us, or just me?" She smiled back,

"A little of both." Harry looked down at her, she looked beautiful in his opinion, but to him she always had. He had an erg to kiss her, but she would probably slap him and storm off. He resisted.

"It'll be different for all of us, I mean I don't even know what I want to do after Hogwarts."

"I would of thought you would want to be an Auror like your dad."

"No way. I couldn't do that. I mean what he does is great, catching dark wizards, but you know how his work schedule is, he's never their for anything, and when I have a family, I don't want to miss anything." He had never told anyone that before, but it was easy to talk to Ginny. She listened to him, "I've never told anybody that before." He smiled to himself, "I want to be a quidditch player." She laughed at him, "What? I think I could do it!"

"Well, there's no doubting that. I could just see you being the 'Famous Harry Potter, Seeker for what ever team he chooses' " She deepened her voice making Harry laugh.

"I'm guessing that's your plans? Quidditch?" She nodded her head,

"You bet, it's the Harpies for me."

"And what makes you so confident that you'll make the team?"

"Why wouldn't I?" She raised her eyebrows in mock confidence. He didn't know what to say, he had her,

"You have me, I don't know." She smiled to him, "But you are one of the best chasers I've seen." She nudged his shoulder, while laughing, ""Well, at least I'm not lying." He was trying to have a serious look on his face, but his emotions got the better of him, and a smile spread across his face. He looked at his watch, it was a little after midnight. "You know if we don't go inside my mum will have our ass's."

"She probably will now." He stood up, and put a hand out for her to help her up. She took it and when she was stood up straight she noticed how close she was to him. He was still holding her hand, she let go of her breath she was holding and he let go of her hand. They silently walked to the house. The door was locked,

"Shit." He took out his wand and unlocked the door. They walked to their rooms when Ginny turned around,

"I had a great time tonight." With that she turned to go into her room. He had a smiled on his face. He went into his room, where Ron was still up reading a quidditch magazine.

"Finally got in did we?" Harry looked like a deer in the headlights. Ron had a smile on his face,

"Uh, yeah, but we've been back for a while." Ron laughed,

"I'm guessing you realized it?"

"Why do you keep saying that? And what haven't I realized?" Ron sighed,

"That you're madly in love with Ginny, everybody knows, it's so obvious." Harry's mouth was open.

"Well, as fun as this is, I'm going to bed." He changed into his pajama's and fell asleep.

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