This was one of those abandoned plot bunnies that I never thought I would finish any time soon. It was inspired by the song 'Red Light District' by Porcelain and the Tramps and that's how the story came about. But it's thanks to Yuri Light's kind comments that made me want to look at this again and BAM! I finished ^^

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"Red Light District"- An area of the city known for it's brothels, prostitutes and whorehouses. The name comes from the Red lights and lanterns that adorn the doors of every brothel


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"Give us another round Bartender-san!" a drunken Soma shouted as she slammed her sake glass down on the table.

Kurogane rolled his eyes. Her voice just kept getting louder and louder the more she drank. It gave him a headache. The alcohol couldn't have been to blame at all. It was supposed to numb the ache…so he drank some more of that round Soma ordered.

Princess Tomoyo had decided to give Kurogane a well deserved, and forced, vacation. After having served Tomoyo for 3 years after his parents' death without a break, she had forced some "time-off work" for him. She hoped it would do him some good. He was beginning to become disobedient when it came to showing mercy for their enemies. Tomoyo feared she was losing Kurogane to blood-thirst and madness. Her hopeful remedy…


Soma had the night off as well and suggested that all the off-duty ninjas should come out for drinks in the city. While Soma drowned herself mercilessly with stinking alcohol, Kurogane drank in moderation. He found the stuff wasn't as potent to him as it was to the other ninjas, but this was his first time drinking, he wasn't invincible.

He tipped his head back for another drink of sake and slammed it on the table like Soma had before. He was getting too comfortable here. He needed to get back to Tomoyo. He needed to make sure he slaughtered any bastard that came near her. He grunted and shook his head to clear the haze of the alcohol. He walked toward the door to leave and make his way back to the palace. Vacation was over.

Soma noticed this and frowned. Amaterasu had warned her Kurogane might try to cut his vacation short and to keep an eye on him. She sighed harshly. Even when she was off-duty, she had to baby-sit this 18 year old brat.

She deftly slid between the crowd of drunken ninjas and grabbed Kurogane's arm before he left. He turned to her and scoffed.

"Le' go of me you ol' hag." the boy slurred slightly. He cursed himself for sounding so pathetic in front of a veteran ninja. Soma overlooked it and flashed him a drunken smile.

"I'll let that 'hag' comment slide for now. Lemme show you a REAL fun spot around here." she said, grabbing his hand and leading him out the door. Kurogane snatched it away.

"Forget it. I'm heading back. Tomoyo needs me." he insisted. Soma thought about her next words. She smiled slyly when they came to her.

"Where we're going will help PREPARE you for what Tomoyo may need in the future." she said suggestively. Kurogane, too drunk and naïve didn't catch the implications. He slowly turned to her, contemplating.

"Really? She'll be pleased?" he asked but somewhat doubtfully. Soma bit back her laugh. This boy really didn't know what she was getting at.

"More than you'll ever see her, but you'll need some practice. Come with me. I'll show you." she said. Kurogane hesitated but followed her closely.

He noticed they'd turned away from the normal hustle and bustle of the city and quietly began to wonder if trusting Soma was the right thing to do. He found less and less families buying late night groceries and found more and shadier looking places with thugs and hustlers about. He narrowed his eyes at them. He always felt pleased when people like them quaked with fear when they recognized him. He smirked.

After a while the shady places began to look a bit less run down and a little more refined than before, but he didn't understand why there were so many red lanterns in this part of the city.

"Oi Soma! Where exactly are you takin' me?" he asked.

"Looks like the alcohol hasn' dun' much for your manners kid." she scolded lightly. Kurogane frowned.

"Hag! Where are we?" he demanded. Soma turned to him and smiled.

"I'm sure you'd heard of this place. People like to call it the…'Red Light District'." she said. Kurogane's eyes widened and his cheeks flared.

"Y-you mean the district with all the whores and prostitutes!" he shouted appalled. Soma laughed.

"Oh, so it looks like you DO know! Well perfect then, we're here!" she announced, leading the shocked boy in the direction of her regular place.

"W-Why the hell did you take me to a place like this! How does this help Tomoyo!" she shouted. Soma smirked.

"I told you. You need practice." she said. Kurogane paled. "Ah, so NOW you get it." the female ninja sighed. Kurogane glared at her.

"This is sick! I'm NOT doing stuff like this with Tomoyo! That's disgusting!" he spat. Soma sighed. She was getting tired of his complaints.

"Oh please, I see the way you look at her. You're prob'ly jus' nervous cus' you're still a virgin right?" she said cheekily. Kurogane flushed.


Soma shoved him inside the door and closed it behind her. The Mistress of the brothel sat a little further back. She smiled as she made eye contact with Soma.

"You're back I see." she said. Her gaze then turned to a very uncomfortable looking Kurogane. She recognized him right away.

"Ah, and I see you've brought the Princess's Warrior as well." she said sinisterly. Soma laughed.

"The kid needs a break, so I'm givin' him one. He needs to loosn' up a bit. Know what I mea'n." she slurred. The mistress unfolded her fan and blew away some of the alcohol smell.

"Drunk as always I see, just be careful not to vomit this time." she admonished. Soma flashed a cheeky grin before she left through a curtain to the "Women's Services" portion of the establishment.

The mistress glanced at Kurogane over her fan. She snapped it closed and looked his irritated face over once or twice. She smiled.

"So, what kind of women are you into?" she asked. Kurogane ground his teeth.

"I don't want a woman." he said stubbornly. She looked at him oddly, then understanding dawned on her and she nodded.

"Ah, I see how it is. Syaoran!" she snapped her fingers. A 15 year old brunette boy in the shadows approached her immediately.

"Y-yes headmistress." he said, bowing to her.

"Show Mister 'Knight of the Princess' to where he desires to go. He does not wish to see a woman." she told him. Syaoran cast a shy glance to Kurogane before nodding to his superior.

"O-Of course mistress." he said. She smiled. Kurogane nodded his thanks to her. At least SHE understood that all he wanted was to find the exit. This kid was sure to show him the way out of here. Through Kurogane's drunken haze, he failed to recall that the easiest exit…was the door in which he came from not three feet behind him.

"It's the door up here sir." Syaoran said, motioning to an innocent looking paper door. Kurogane nodded to the boy.

"Thanks kid." he said.

"P-Please enjoy your evening sir!" Syaoran stuttered embarrassedly. Kurogane looked at him oddly but shrugged.

When he walked through the door he was met with an overpowering odor. It was a strong incense that clouded the whole room, making it a bit foggy. Kurogane had to cover his nose and close his eyes to block out the strong smell. For whatever reason, he closed the sliding door and continued to walk forward, hoping all he had to do was go through another door and he'd be out of there.

"Oooo, it's the handsome warrior of Tomoyo-hime's."

"Never pegged you as our type."

"You come here for a good time Ninja-san?"

Kurogane heard all sorts of voices around him. Confused, and finding the smell not as obtrusive as before, he took a peek at the room. His eyes widened and his face paled.

There were men…lots and lots…of pretty men. They were all made up and wore kimonos and furisodes that slung off their shoulders and bared their chests. Some had theirs raked up one leg as they sat, while others held theirs around themselves in a teasing fashion. Apparently when the warrior said he didn't want a woman…the mistress misunderstood.

"I've never see you around here before. First Time?" one of them asked suggestively. Kurogane flinched away from him. He didn't say anything. What could you say to a room full of manwhores! He slowly made his way through the crowd of bodies, hoping to find an exit.

"Feel free to pick any one of us for your first time warrior-sama. You won't be disappointed." one of them offered, touching his leg a bit.

"Stop that! You're not allowed to touch the customer unless they chose you!" one of the whores scolded the other. Kurogane was having a hard time controlling his heartbeat. Why was he feeling so flushed? They were just men. He didn't actually swing that way did he? Well, honestly he never had to think about it…until now.

Not paying attention he stumbled on someone and fell on top of him. He quickly got up and shook his head.

"Sorry! J-jus' finding' a way out of here. You okay?" he asked. Kurogane held out his hand to help the guy up.

He paused.

The man was facing the floor so the back of his head was to Kurogane. His light blue kimono hung off his shoulders slightly and the obi was tied awkwardly around his waist, not something that a native Japanese would get wrong. What caught the warriors eye the most, however, was the fact that this guy had a full head of blonde hair! That was rare around here. You could usually tell who was foreign in the country of Japan because everyone native here had black or dark brown hair. The man turned around and looked at Kurogane with large, cerulean blue eyes.

Blue eyes were also uncommon here. The man…actually more like boy. He seemed to be no older than 16, maybe 17. He smiled up at Kurogane and gestured to his outstretched hand.

"I can't stand up, not unless you pick me." he said, blue eyes penetrating Kurogane. The warrior felt his cheeks heat up and his heart throb. He coughed.

"I-I'm jus' trying to leave. My stupid co-worker brought me here." he said. The blonde cast him a seductive glance.

"Well I can show you the exit…if you pick me." he said. Kurogane frowned.

"No thanks. I don't feel like…"

"All I'll do is take you to my room. Nothing even has to happen, but, I do still need to be paid either way. I can tell you the way out after we get out of here. How about that?" the blonde haired boy bargained. Kurogane thought about it. He didn't care about the money, he still had some left over from buying sake, but it was the look in this kid's eyes that unnerved him. Though he didn't find it…unpleasant.

"Fine." he said. He held his hand out more. The boy took it and pulled himself up slowly. He smiled with that same sultry look in his eyes and led Kurogane to a door on the far side of the room. As they passed some of the other prostitutes, Kurogane could hear them mutter.

"Damn it! He gets all the customers!"

"Face it, customers like foreign items."

"I can't blame them. I'D go after him if it weren't for this whorehouse."

Kurogane looked at them oddly then back at the blonde. Was this kid REALLY the center of attention at this part of the brothel? How many customers has someone like him had? He took a look at the boy's exposed neck to find several faint bruise marks and hickeys. The blonde noticed his staring and smirked.

"Change your mind?" he asked as he opened the door. Kurogane shook his head as he walked in.

"Good." the boy said as he closed it. Kurogane took notice in the change in his voice. It was no longer sultry and seductive. It was…relieved… and exhausted. The taller boy turned to see the others smile gone, eyes closed and leaning against the door.

"Eh, you okay?" he asked, seeing that the kid was completely worn out. The blonde nodded.

"Yeah, thanks for picking me. I really needed a break." he said. He moved from the door and made his way toward the large bed by the wall. He swayed a bit too much and began to fall.

"Whoa!" Kurogane exclaimed, catching him. "Watch it idiot!" he admonished. The blonde chuckled.

"I'm fine Kuro-sama. You don't need to worry about someone like me." he smiled bitterly as he climbed into bed to lie down.

"What did you just call me!" he shouted. The boy laughed.

"Kuro-sama. It's cute right? Much better than Kurogane." he replied. Kurogane shook his head.

"No it isn't! And how do you know my name anyway!" he demanded. He could feel himself begin to sober up. The fact that he wasn't slurring anymore was proof of that.

"Everyone knows your name Kuro-tan. You're Tomoyo-hime's fiercest ninja. It's thanks to you that Japan is safe. Why wouldn't I know your name?" he replied.

"It's Kurogane!" he shouted indignantly. Once the rest of Fai's words hit him, he smirked.

"At least someone sees it that way. If you can believe it, Tomoyo-hime is actually asking me to show mercy to enemies! Ridiculous." the warrior scoffed, leaning against the bed post by the blonde's head.

"Well that sounds like Tomoyo-hime. She's a really kind hearted soul." he said. Kurogane rolled his eyes. He's heard that line way too many times.

"So apparently you know my name, half of it at least, what's yours?" he asked. The boy laughed.

"Oh that's bad. It's customary for me to tell you my name first and foremost, otherwise what will you call out in the throws of ecstasy?" the boy laughed. Kurogane just shifted uncomfortably.

"Fai. My name is Fai Flourite." he said. Kurogane paused.

"Sounds foreign." he said. Fai laughed.

"I suppose it would. I'm obviously not from around here. I came here from the western countries." he said. Kurogane knew that he probably should just shut up and just ask this kid where the exit was already, but there was something that interested him in having a conversation like this. He'd wait on leaving a little more.

"Why would you come all the way to Japan just to work here?" he asked. There was a long pause. Kurogane looked to Fai to see his melancholic expression.

"N-never mind. You don't have to answer that." he said, feeling stupid for asking such a dumbass question. Fai shook his head.

"No, I don't mind. You seem nice enough Kuro-sama so I'll tell you. On my way here I was 'collected' by a bunch of guys that kidnapped people like me to sell to brothels like these. I've been here ever since." he said. Kurogane looked down.

"For how long?"

"5 years." Fai replied. Kurogane's head snapped up.

"How old are you now?" he asked. Fai smiled.

"19." he said. Kurogane's jaw dropped.

"Y-You're older than me!" he exclaimed in surprise. Fai chuckled.

"I get a lot of reactions like that, but yours is the funniest so far Kuro-sama!"

"I TOLD you it's Kurogane moron!" the warrior admonished. Fai chuckled.

"You should be careful Kuro-sama. Keep this up and I might find myself attracted to you." he smirked. Kurogane blushed.

"D-Don't say stupid things." he scolded. Fai laughed.

"Aw! Is Kuro-sama embarrassed? That's so cute!" he teased. Kurogane ground his teeth.

"Oi! Weren't you sleeping or something!" he shouted. Fai smiled.

"I was thinking about it, but you've intrigued me. I've never had a conversation like this with a customer before." he said. Kurogane quirked his eyebrow.

"So?" he said. Fai cast him a suggestive glance.

"I'm kind of interested in showing you what I can do to repay you." he said, pulling his robe back a bit. Kurogane resisted the redness and refused to let himself blush once more in the presence of this idiot.

"Not interested." he said. This time Fai quirked his eyebrow.

"You're…not?" he asked, shocked. Kurogane shook his head.

"I never even wanted to come here. I told you, my co-worker dragged me here. All I wanted to find was the exit." he said. Fai flushed a bit in embarrassment.

"I-I see." he said, covering himself back up, feeling ridiculous for coming on to someone who didn't appear to 'swing' that way.

"Besides," Kurogane continued "you really do look like you're exhausted. I heard some of the others mention that you're pretty popular. Do they ever let you rest?" he asked. Fai looked down and smiled solemnly.

"You shouldn't care so much for a tramp like me. What about your duty as a warrior? Wouldn't it shame you?"

"Pfft, you think I care about shit like that? As long as I can kill my enemy then my work is done. It's actually pretty satisfying to have your enemy underestimate you, then see them inches from death, begging for mercy at your feet." Kurogane grinned maliciously, imagining it. Fai smiled nervously.

"Ah, I see how it is. Kuro-sama's just a sadist." he said. Kurogane spun on him.

"I am not!" he shouted. Fai chuckled.


"Oi! I don't want to hear that from you!" Kurogane shouted. Fai smiled.

"I suppose. Let me ask you something Kuro-run, when you leave, are you going back to Tomoyo-hime?" he asked. Kurogane nodded.

"Damn right I am. She's already been stupid enough to force a vacation like THIS on me. Who knows what more she could be doing when I'm not there!" he exclaimed. Fai smirked.

"She FORCED a vacation on you to a brothel? Have you been grumpy lately Kuro-tan?" Fai teased. Kurogane grunted.

"It's Kurogane." he retorted, albeit uselessly. Fai stood on the bed on his knees and placed his arms around Kurogane's neck.

"Are you sure you won't rethink anything? If this is what Tomoyo-hime wants, who are you to oppose her? It would just be one night anyway." the blonde suggested innocently. Kurogane cursed himself for blushing at the proximity. That seemed to give Fai some sort of satisfaction.

He clenched his teeth. It had to be either the sake or the incense but whatever it was, it was affecting his judgment. His willpower was depleting. Fai had a point. Tomoyo had sent Kurogane to distract himself from work for a while. If he showed up the way he was now, then she'd be just as moody as she's been all month.

He could humor her…and Fai…just this once…he supposed.

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