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Fai saw that Kurogane actually seemed to be thinking about it, a response he didn't expect. He bit his lip. He was tempted to just throw the boy down on the bed and ravish him like he'd always dreamt of. To be honest when he first heard of Kurogane and how he protected Princess Tomoyo, he couldn't believe such a skilled warrior existed. When he caught a glimpse of the ninja on the roof of Shirasaki castle from his window, he had to admit that the boy a sense of dark mystery that enticed him. Since then, Fai had had dreams and fantasies of Kurogane coming to rescue him from this brothel…this hell hole.

He couldn't wait any more for Kurogane to make up his mind. He took the chance and sealed his lips to the warriors. He stayed still for a moment to give Kurogane a chance to pull away or react. When he didn't move, Fai took the initiative and began to move his mouth. He tangled his fingers in Kurogane's hair, raking his nails slightly as he did so. He brought one knee close to the edge of the bed and brushed it against Kurogane's thigh.

Fai wanted to smile when he felt the boy shiver slightly at his touch. He nearly did when he felt Kurogane's hands on his waist and the boys mouth moving against his own. Fai sighed. He was glad that Kurogane's deep, musky scent wasn't masked over from the incense. That was the purpose of that stuff, to ease the scent of those drunks and smokers and…people that just smelled bad. It was much to Fai's pleasure that Kurogane wasn't one of those odiferous customers and had a better natural scent than the incense. Even if the boy tasted a bit of the sake he drank before. At least he didn't reek.

Fai moaned slightly into the kiss, a habit he'd gotten into while working at the brothel, while Kurogane was certainly a good kisser, he was still inexperienced. Fai aimed to change that.

He subtly slid his hands off Kurogane's neck and down his shoulders and arms. Fai grabbed Kurogane's waist and managed to knock him onto the bed, Fai crawling on top of him. He smiled.

"Kuro-sama, this is your first time right? Are you sentimental about losing your virginity to a prostitute?" he teased. Kurogane blushed but kept his glare.

"I'm no girl idiot." he snapped. Fai grinned.


Pale hands began to untie the sash around Kurogane's waist. Fai had lowered his head to the edge of the warrior's shirt where his hands were. He maintained eye contact with Kurogane, giving no indication what he was going to do.

He slid his hands up Kurogane's shirt when the sash was undone and explored the teenage, rippled muscles under that fabric. Kurogane held his breath. He could feel Fai's hands work their way slowly up his torso. The anticipation made his heart pump and his nipples hard. Fai moved the shirt away as he went, exposing Kurogane's body to the cooler air. Once he reached his arms, he made a motion for Kurogane to put his arms up so he could remove the article.

Fai cast the shirt to the ground and turned his attention to Kurogane's neck. He kissed the flesh softly at first, but began to nip and suck on the flesh as he worked his way down. If Fai was trying to tease him…he was doing a DAMN good job. The blonde's hands were just below Kurogane's chest and his mouth was dancing right over his Pecs. He felt his heart would burst with all the anticipation.

Suddenly Fai clamped his mouth on one of Kurogane's hard nipples and toyed with the other one in his hand. Kurogane grunted. Now that Fai was finally giving attention to where he wanted, he could feel his beating heart, echo somewhere in his nether regions. Already his pants were beginning to feel like an obstacle.

Fai rolled his tongue over each nipple and nipped at them lightly. He looked up and smiled when he saw Kurogane trying to hold back his moans. He gave Kurogane's chest one more lick bringing them face to face. Kurogane's eyes were sealed in concentration. So in order to break that concentration, Fai kissed him while simultaneously rocking his erection with Kurogane's roughly.

Kurogane's eyes widened and he couldn't help but moan into Fai's mouth. Kurogane latched his hands onto Fai's hips to get him to go faster. The blonde noticed this and had a feeling he knew what going to happen next.

This was Kurogane's first time after all.

Kurogane detached himself from Fai's lips and groaned as the friction built and he came, hard. Fai felt the liquid on his arousal through his kimono and shivered. This had happened many times before, especially with first timers. 90% of the time the customer would just pay up and leave him there the way he was. He hoped Kurogane wouldn't be one of those customers. Not after all those nights dreaming of meeting him.

Kurogane panted through his orgasm and clenched his teeth. He threw his arm over his eyes and breathed heavily though his nose.

"Dammit!" he cursed. Fai smiled weakly. At least it seemed Kurogane felt remorse.

"Do-Don't worry about it Kuro-sama." Fai said. He half expected Kurogane to say 'Oh really? Okay then, here's the money. Bye.' Not like it's never happened before. Kurogane shook his head.

"No dammit! You're still…" Kurogane continued, uncovering his eyes to reveal his flushed and embarrassed face.

"I'm fine." Fai tried to reassure, though with his flushed cheeks, shallow breath and heaving chest he wasn't very convincing. Kurogane frowned. There was hint of resolve in his eyes. He made a move to sit up and Fai adjusted accordingly. Was Kurogane really just going to leave him there like all the others?

He surprised Fai by sitting up, then leaning forward, pinning Fai on the bed like he had done for him. Kurogane took a deep breath, face red.

"I may not know what I'm doing but…I know what a man likes so… just keep quiet!" he said embarrassed. Fai's eyes widened. Was he going to…

He had no chance to think.

Kurogane had reached under Fai's kimono to grip his length and stroke it as well as he could. Fai gasped. He hadn't expected anything like this. Usually customers mistreat him, leave him, abandon him…this…How has it been? How long has it been since someone had done this to him? Now that it was happening, it seemed like forever. Fai sighed contently as Kurogane squeezed, rubbed and jerked Fai's length.

The blonde hadn't noticed that Kurogane was able to undo his obi and open his entire kimono while he was distracted. Kurogane kept his hand going while he lowered his head near Fai's member. He hesitated. He'd never done this before and wasn't sure he could do it or even if he'd know how. The smell was strange to him…but…it wasn't distasteful. He summoned up his courage and removed his hand.

Fai moaned in surprise when Kurogane engulfed his length and began licking and sucking.

"K-Kuro-tan! Ah…Y-you shouldn't…Customers d-don't usually…hah.." Fai tried to protest but this was one of the few times on the job when he'd ever received a blow job. Usually he was the one to give those. He tangled his fingers in the boys hair and resisted the urge to thrust. He moaned Kurogane's name over and over again, adding a different suffix each time.

It felt so good! Kurogane had even thought of using his hands on Fai's testicles while he sucked and licked the blonde's member. He was only going halfway down which didn't surprise Fai. Deep throating wasn't something he would suggest a newbie to try right away…though that didn't stop him from wanting more.

"oh…K-Kuro…hah…ah!" Fai tried to say. He took deep breaths as he tried to warn Kurogane "…I…ah…I'm coming…" he whispered as he felt a twist in his abdomen then just as Kurogane was about to finish sucking, he came in his face.

Fai moaned as he came. He shivered as he suddenly felt the room get a little colder. He panted through his ecstasy as he felt the last of his seed drip from his length. He looked over to Kurogane. Fai almost laughed.

The poor boy was covered in Fai's cream and he even had some in his mouth. He coughed a bit and spat some of it out. The blonde chuckled.

"I'm sorry Kuro-sama. I was too late to warn you." he chuckled. Kurogane glared at him. He coughed again and spat a bit more out. Fai moved to get a glass of water from the bedside table. There always some water and a towel there. He gave Kurogane both.

"Yeah. The taste isn't everybody's favorite, especially when you start out. It becomes an acquired taste…or so I've heard. I've never been with one person long enough to actually like it." he chuckled. Kurogane wiped his face and rinsed his mouth as Fai spoke. He swallowed.

Suddenly a loud banging came from the door.

"Hey blondie! You better be getting a damn good sum from that kid if you've been in there THIS long!" the financial manager of the brothel shouted. Kurogane froze. Fai did as well but he recovered quickly enough to reply.

"We just finished!" he shouted. Kurogane turned to him, a little confused and a little…disappointed?

"Well hurry it up and get back out here! Or else you take the next shift again and lose sleep!" Kyle replied. Fai sighed. He turned to Kurogane apologetically.

"I'm sorry Kuro-sama. It looks like it won't be me who takes your virginity." he joked, albeit solemnly. Kurogane paused.

"Maybe you will." he said. Fai looked up as he washed himself off and re-dressed.


Kurogane withdrew the sake money from the pouch on his sash and laid it on the table by the water. It may have just been money for sake, but he was still a ninja of the castle. The drink money he received was decent enough for a prostitute.

"I'll be back." he said, turning to Fai and smirking. Fai smiled, a gleam in his eye.

"I'll be waiting." he smiled lasciviously.

Kurogane gathered his clothing and decided to dress himself as he was leaving. He walked though the foggy room of manwhores, who never relinquished their glares from him, to the door he came from. Coincidentally, when he made it back to the foyer where the Mistress was, Soma stumbled through the opposite curtain…still hammered.

She had a pink tint to her cheeks and her robes were in disarray, her cleavage exposed beyond provocatively and straight to slovenly. She sighed in contentment and seemed to talk to herself.

"Damn does that woman do some good damage." she muttered. Kurogane made a face. He wasn't used to seeing Soma like this. She's usually the most up kept, professional, and decent mannered ninja out there.

'Alcohol is what did the real damage' Kurogane thought as he approached her. She caught sight of him and looked confused.

"You take a wrong turn or something? That goes to the Homose-" she stopped. Spotted the fresh stains on Kurogane's pants. And immediately understood.

"Huh. Who woulda' thought." she humored. Kurogane flushed as he looked down and saw the remnants of what he had just done with Fai, plastered on his trousers. He cursed himself. It was twice as bad than it would have been because after hearing Fai's moans from what Kurogane was doing to him, he couldn't help but come a second time.

"Dammit!" he shouted vehemently. He ran out the door and deftly climbed onto the roof. He wasn't about to let anyone in town see him like this. All those years of ninja training were about to pay off as he swiftly made his way back to the castle.

He refused to see Tomoyo-hime until after he'd had a proper bath and a change of clothes.

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