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Asuka watched as Jinpachi's demonic body dispersed into the air, his loud roar ringing in the air. Somewhere nearby, Devil Jin's and jagged horns and ebony-feathered wings retracted back into its body and Jin remained unconscious. On his face and body were the black marks of the devil. Once she felt that she was no longer in danger, Asuka rushed over to Jin and tried to revive him. She got on her knees to grab his shoulders and shook him. His head bobbed and rocked, but he wouldn't stir.

"Hey you, what happened? Come on! Snap out of it!" she begged, hoping for some type of reaction from the man.

Asuka began looking around the stage. There were only rocks and more rocks! Without her cellphone, she couldn't make an emergency call and there was no one around to help her carry the guy. While her hands were still on Jin's shoulders, an energy flowed from her hands and to his body, making his marks glow and ominous purple. Unbeknownst to Asuka, she was recharging Devil Jins depleted battery with her pure energy. Claws began to grow and his horns returned. Devil Jin was almost fully awake, but he needed more for the girl. He placed his hand on Asuka's wrist and squeezed it tightly, as if he was juicing the fruit of everlasting life.

"Ah, we've got to find a way out of here." she said, at first not realizing that Jin was leeching off of her. When his grip grew tighter, she knew that he was trying to hurt her.

"Let go of me!" she shouted, trying to pull away from Jin's vice grip.

Devil Jin sucked in all Asuka's energy. His wings extended from his back and flapped. Shocked and scared out of her mind, Asuka screamed. Hearing the high-pitched wail, Devil Jin's eyes shot open, revealing ivory colored irises.

"Let me go!" Asuka yelled, trying to beat the Devil off of her, punching his face repeatedly.

Devil Jin's energy was finally restored! He roared into Asuka's face, displaying his fangs. Red electricity flowed from his chest, down his arm and exited his body through his hand, the one wrapped firmly around Asuka's wrist. The electricity burned Asuka and she cried out in pain. When Devil Jin released her wrist, on her skin was the imprint of a hand. Asuka grasped her wounded arm and glared angrily toward Devil Jin.

"What did you do to me?" she murmured, she voice shaky.

Devil Jin stood up and arched his back as a red lazer shot from his forehead piercing the air and clouds. He cackled, feeling all of his power flowing through his body. Asuka gulped, she knew that this demonic creature wasn't finished with her.

"Woman..." he spoke, his voice distorted and evil. "You have an amazing energy within you. You have restored me and for that I will spare you your life."

Asuka felt so weak. She could feel her self going in and out of consciousness every time she blinked.

"What is your name, woman?"he asked, slightly curious to know who this powerful girl was.

Asuka remained silent. She didn't want to tell this freak who she was. He had already done something weird to her body, but he also burned her, even though she just tried to help him.

She was angry with him for hurting her, so she refused to speak to him.

"What is your name!" Devil Jin blared, grabbing a handful of Asuka's hair and yanking her up off the floor.

Asuka yelped and tried to keep her head close to the hand that was pulling her hair to reduce the pain. She kept quiet, which was not the best idea for her. With his free hand, Devil Jin held Asuka's skinny neck in his hand and began choking her. Her feet dangled off the ground and she fought to keep oxygen in her lungs.

"Kazama! Asuka Kazama!" she spat out, before Devil Jin dropped her, leaving her to gasp for air.

"Kazama," Devil Jin hissed. "How interesting."

Once Asuka caught her breath, she got up and a began to make her escape. She ran as fast as she could, not really sure if she'd escape or not. Devil Jin laughed to himself. This woman was foolish if she thought she could run from him. He let her get a far enough for her to think that she was safe but not too far where his telepathy couldn't reach. He extended his hand toward Asuka and focused on her. Invisible energy rushed toward Asuka and plucked her off the ground launching her backward to Devil Jin. She stopped short, causing her body to whiplash in mid air. He slowly spun her around so that she was facing her. Asuka was panting, her eyes filled with fire.

"My host believes he can destroy me by remaining celibate. "Devil Jin spoke, running his clawed finger along Asuka's cheek and slicing her skin.

"He is too weak to expel me from his body so he figures that if he doesn't fall in love or doesn't have sex, he doesn't reproduce." He chortled at the thought and licked the blood from Asuka's wound. She shook her head in protest, her face covered in disgust.

"You're not only a powerful being, but you you're a Kazama, as well." he said, tearing Asuka's gloves and other arm equipment of her arms.

Asuka just floated there, helpless. She could only stare, fearful of what this beast was going to do to her. Devil Jin let Asuka fall to the floor again. When she tried to crawl away he grabbed her by the ankle and lifted her tiny body off the ground. Hanging her upside down, Devil Jin snatched her boots right off her feet, leaving her only in her knee-high socks. With his mind he tore off Asuka's sky blue jumpsuit. Asuka gasped and tried to hide her half naked body from Devil Jin. She was only dressed in her blue shirt, her panties and her socks, but she felt that she was completely stripped down.

"Let me go, please!" Asuka begged, kicking her free leg and swinging her arms.

"I'm going to use you to carry on my gene, Asuka Kazama." Devil Jin spoke, releasing Asuka's ankle and letting her fall face first in the gravel.

With another loud holler, Devil Jin's body began to swirl with electric power and his pants practically ripped themselves off of his body before being destroyed in the red electrical current.

Asuka gaped in horror, petrified with fear. She didn't want to be raped, but what else could she do to get away?

"Don't do this." Asuka pleaded. "Just let me go."

Devil Jin got on all fours climbed on top of Asuka so fast, she barely had time to react. By holding her hands arms down with his mind, Devil Jin had complete, unrestricted access to Asuka's body.

"I'll make sure you won't enjoy this, Asuka Kazama." Devil Jin growled, kissing Asuka roughly.

Devil Jin's long tongue forced itself into Asuka's mouth and wrapped itself around hers. He sucked on her tongue, making her want to gag with each suckle. Ignoring her groans of protest, Devil Jin sliced through Asuka's blue shirt and bra with his claw, revealing hard-tipped breasts.

He squeezed them so tight that the plump parts of her flesh appeared between his fingers. Asuka tried shaking her head away from Devil Jin's and screamed into his mouth. She kept her eyes closed so that she would have to look into the demon's white eyes. She could feel his diamond-hard member poking her in the stomach and she thought it would pierce her skin.

Devil Jin took his face away from Asuka's and ran his tongue all over Asuka's body. She could feel his saliva all over her. On her neck, breasts, stomachs and thighs. It was gooey and hot. It felt like it was burning her skin, like venom.

"First, the appetizer..." Devil Jin whispered, licking his dark lips.

Asuka peeked through her eyes to see the winged- man lower his face toward her womanhood. He grabbed her panties and tore them right off her ass. Asuka gasped, worried of what might come. She had never been touched and she always thought she'd do this with a boy she'd fallen in love with. Not some strange creature. He stretched his tongue out, and ran it over Asuka's pussy, making her shiver.

Asuka's was about to complain, when Devil Jin's tongue dove inside of her. The pink snake swam around inside of her, bobbing in and out. It slithered along her clit, flicking and pressing against it, making Asuka go crazy with disgusted pleasure

"No! No-oh! Ah, ohhh-negai..." she begged between moans.

Her limp hands balled into fists and her hips bucked obnoxiously, bringing sick satisfaction to Devil Jin. His tongue, moved at inhuman speeds, bringing Asuka to her climax faster. When the young girl came, her whole body twitched violently as a clear liquid squirted from her hole. Devil Jin lapped up her juice and swallowed hard as if it was his first drink in years.

"Delicious little virgin." he hissed, cleaning his face with his tongue.

Asuka tried to slow her breathing, still recovering from the hard explosion her body had just experienced. He said she wouldn't enjoy this, but a part of her did. If this had happened under different circumstances she probably would have begged for more.

"Now, my little virgin, it is time for the main course." He said, grasping his shaft in his hand and maneuvering it so that his tip was touching her hole.

He released his telepathic hold on her and allowed her to try to fight him off. His human half had always liked feisty girls.

Asuka beat his hard chest with her fists. "Get off of me! I don't want-"

Suddenly Devil Jin impaled her pussy with his shaft. Asuka's mouth fell open to scream but no sound came out. Her voice couldn't possibly reach the high octave caused by the great pain. Tears fell from her eyes and her nails scrapped themselves into Devil Jin's chest. She could feel a hot liquid roll down her thigh. It was her blood. Her sweet, virgin blood and the devil had to have more. Asuka's tight walls closed in on his length with each thrust.

Devil Jin grunted and groaned, as he pulled himself in and out of the small girl. Asuka's cries grew louder, filled with pained ecstacy. She thought she could hurt him like he was hurting her, so she grabbed his hair in both her hands and pulled it.

"Bitch..." he hissed.

He slammed his hips into hers, forcing her hands to open and fall. Putting his hands on either side of Asuka's head, Devil Jin dug his claws into the ground to get a stable grip. His wings were fully erect on his back, before they begun to flap. Each flap brought a gust of wind, a hard thrust into Asuka's pussy and her closer to the edge. Asuka scratched and clawed his shoulders, unable to hold on to herself anymore. Her voice, hoarse from screaming, finally faded out as she came harder than before. Devil Jin felt himself ready to come as well. With a smirk on his face, he stuck Asuka one more time with his penis before pumping out a hot, milky substance into her body.

Both of their bodies became stiff, as their sex organs released all liquids. Asuka's hands seemed to be glued to the devil's shoulders because she didn't respond when he returned to his human form.

The large, black wings, claws and and horn retracted and went into Jin's body. The black marks on his body disappeared and his cream-colored eyes were once again dark brown.

Jin felt so numb. When he moved his legs, he felt his penis slide out of something warm and moist. His weakened arms were shaking from holding himself up. He felt something twitching against the skin of his shoulder and when he looked he saw a hand. A small pale hand that was attached to thin arm, that was attached to a woman's naked body. She was staring at him, but her eyes were fogged. She was unconscious, practically sleeping with her eyes open. Jin looked though his tired eyes and saw that he was naked as well. He figured out what had occurred.

"I'" he blurted out before collapsing on top of the unknown woman.

This is not a one-shot... more chapters to come :D