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I would have never thought in a million years that I, Asuka Kazama, would become the mother of a demon's child, my cousin's lover or the Devil's whore, but I have become all of those women in eight short months. I don't understand how this happened to me. Was I not strong enough? Was I merely a victim of freak accidents? Or was it my destiny to be reduced to this weaker version of myself? Did the Fates decide that they wanted to tangle, knot and fray the thread of my life before cutting it and leaving me in an abyss of darkness? I don't know, but darkness is all I see and feel. For good reason emptiness has filled my belly. My baby was taken away before I could even look into its eyes and see if it resembled me or its father…its fathers, my loves…Oh, I hate them so much for what they have done!

"You don't mean that." A voice spoke.

"Who's there? Who are you?" I questioned, relieved to hear someone speaking.

"Open your eyes." The woman said, grasping my hands and pulling me to my feet. I didn't even know I was sitting down. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a woman who looked almost identical to me. Or did I resemble her?

A closed smile was on her face and that curve seemed to make everything straight. My memory was vague but I recognized her eyes. They were Jin's.

"Asuka, do you know who I am?"

My mind immediately flashed back to a time when Jin and I were in his office. For the first time in a while, he and I hadn't argued or anything. We were behaving like an actual couple instead of a captor and his prisoner.

The sky was as dark as Jin's hair, the city's light shined brightly in comparison, my white dress and pale also stood out in the blackness of the room. Jin was standing by the window, taking in the sites, when I had entered the office. Because I was barefoot, I assumed he wouldn't hear me walking toward the bedroom, so I proceeded to tip- toe across the floor. It was immature to sneak behind his back, but I didn't know what kind of mood he was in and I didn't want to take any chances getting screwed, both literally and figuratively. Unfortunately, my white outfit and skin could be seen in a reflection in the window.

"Asuka…what are you doing?" he asked, an exasperated sigh following.

"What are you doing?" I replied, hoping that reverse psychology would work on my obviously annoyed lover.



Jin and I made eye contact through the reflection and for the first time, I saw sadness glazed over his brown eyes. Seeing concern in my eyes, Jin averted his gaze away from the window.

"My mother, Jun Kazama,"

I smiled at the thought of my aunt who I had met only once at the age of ten. I didn't realize before, but the older kid she had with her was Jin. He looked completely changed; his face is more solemn now.

"You must miss her dearly. I know I miss my father."

I had been with Jin for so nearly eight months, I wondered if Father thought I had been dead. Come to think of it, I would be embarrassed if Father found out that I was romantically involved with his nephew and giving birth to his child.

"Do you miss your mother?" I asked.

Jin remained silent. I almost felt insulted. I should have been the last person Jin didn't trust.


"Come to me, Asuka." He requested.

Being stubborn, I refused his plea and stood firmly in my spot in the office. I didn't want to take his orders; he's the one who needs me now. "Jin, come here."

A growl rolled from Jin's lips and compelled me to rephrase my statement. "Would you come here to me, please?"

Jin peeled himself away from the window and approached me. My heart raced as this vulnerable Jin approached me. I was uncertain about how to handle this side of Jin's personality. With out-stretched hands, Jin came closer before placing his palms on my belly. He slowly went to his knees and rubbed my protruding stomach. I yearned to run my fingers through his dark hair, but I remained still. After touching my stomach, Jin lifted my dress so that he could caress my belly's taut skin. Suddenly, his dark eyes became beautiful pearls and a fang crept from under his upper lip in a smirk.

"You are a carrying a vital piece of me." Devil Jin said, his hands hovering over my stomach as if it were a crystal ball. He looked at me in cackled and I wasn't frightened. "In a way, you complete me, woman."

It wasn't an "I love you" but the word were still effective. Jin's voice sounded both normal and distorted. I couldn't tell if Jin or Devil Jin was fully in control, but I felt that they were sharing Jin's lips.

Tears began lining along my lower lash line. Using the back of my hand as a substitute tissue, I wiped my tears away from my face. Inside my stomach, I could feel the baby reacting to Jin's voice and touch. More tears formed, ready to take a dive like mini-paratroopers onto Jin's head.

"Stop crying, Asuka." The mixed voice demanded as Jin returned to his feet.

With silent compliance, I took a deep breath and attempted to smile. Jin's were normal again and his teeth were dull once more. To avoid any more tearful eye-contact, I dropped my head and gazed at my belly. Jin pressed his forehead against mine and pushed my head up slightly so that I faced him. While holding my face in his hand and keeping his forehead attached to mine, Jin kissed me.

"I now understand what my mother meant to have something to live for. Thank you."

"You're Jin's mother, Jun."

"Yes, I am and you are my son's—"

"—Cousin…" I interjected.

Jun shook her head. She didn't seem to care. If I would have said that to Jin, he would have grimaced.

"You're his true love."

"How do you know?" I asked, doubting my deceased aunt's words. I couldn't possibly believe in the opinion of a spirit from my mind, it was bias toward what I wanted.

"He told me and you know it in your heart to be true."

"He told you?"

"Yes and you love him, as well. All of him."

I recollected the night when I comforted Jin after heard some displeasing news over the phone. This evening had occured a week before the Zaibatsu was attacked...before everything changed.

Jin's fist crashed into the desk, cracking its glass surface. Red electricity, danced around his balled fist and forearm. I sighed before approaching the frustrated man. I felt sorry for him because ever since the King of Iron Fist Tournament started, Jin had been on edge. He had a bounty on his head, had me and the seven month baby to take care and was waging a war on the world. Even after all he has done, I still supported him because I loved him.

"What's wrong, Jin." I asked, walking toward him and rubbing my bulging belly.

Although he remained silent, I could tell Jin wanted some company. I learned it was never good to leave him alone with his thoughts. I stopped behind his desk and began to massage is broad shoulders. Tense muscles became loose under my fingers and Jin leaned back into the chair.

"Its almost over." I whispered, referring to our relationship.

My hand left his shoulder an into hair and stroked it gently, pushing his hair back to meet his cute duck-tail and slicking his fringe into the rest of his hair before watching it fall back into his eyes. I was only allowed to play with his hair several more seconds before Jin grabbed my wrist to stop me.

"When what is over?" he asked, looking at me with almost child-like curiosity.

He looked so cute! Warmth filled my cheeks and heart. "The tournament...the war...everything, ya' know?"

A smirk curled Jin's lip. "Yes, I know."

"What's so funny?"

"The way you speak...it's so thickly accented. Very unladylike. If I didn't know any better, I'd have a hard time believing you were of Kazama blood." he critiqued.

I folded my arms and pouted. "You have some nerve, man! If I wasn't carrying around this baby, I'd show you unladylike! "

"Relax, I was only making an observation." he said, twirling my long black hair with his fingers.

"Observations are supposed to be made with your eyes not you damned mouth."

"Have not saints lips?" He asked with a mischievous look on his face.

I was somewhat amused by his reference to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. He must have noticed me reading the manga this morning at breakfast. He came by my side and peered over my shoulder to see the book. After a a low chuckle, Jin pet my head and left me and my "literature"

"What? You're no saint!" I objected, "You're a sinner. A lustful sinner."

Jin took the crook of my elbow in his hand and pulled me into his lap. Although, I was pregnant, he was still much large than me. "Sinners have mouths, as well, my beautiful saint."

I could feel his warm breath on my mouth. It faintly tasted like mint. For a moment, I felt shy around Jin, as if our lips' close proximity was brand new. The recent display of affection Jin had showed me that past week had made me senseless. I received assistance when bathing, foot rubs, and frequent kissing. Perhaps he was being so romantic because I was almost due to give birth and realized that he didn't want to let me go (or "devour me" like Devil Jin once declared.) I never questioned his reasons for his actions, I just enjoyed it.

"They have those mouths to pray." I replied, biting my bottom lip somewhat nervously.

"Then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do in prayer." he spoke softly. A moist mouth brushed over my breathless one before pressing against it. "From my lips, by yours, my sin is purged."

His tongue slid over my previously abused bottom lip, before he nibbled on it himself.

"Jin..." I murmured, enjoying the tingle on my lips. "Now, the sin hangs on my lips."

"And it will stay there, until I retrieve it."

"Am I the lustful sinner now?" I asked, even though, I was filled with everything but lust at the moment.

I was enjoying the game we were playing. Before Jin could reply, I buried my face into Jin's exposed neck and licked it with the tip of my tongue. At first, I was reluctant to do anything. I rarely pleasure him, I was not that type of girl. Months ago, I wouldn't even use my energy to manipulate Jin to do what I wanted and now I was suckling his neck. When he moaned, I could feel vibrations against my teeth and feel his pulse tapping my tongue. Jin shifted his position in his chair to accommodate his aroused manhood. When I pressed my index and middle fingers on the hard penis, Jin winced.

"Should I stop?" I asked, unsure of how to handle the situation. I never actually "handled" Jin, I was always to scared to. Yes, I Asuka Kazama was afraid of male genitalia, but once I found someone that I loved I didn't think "it" was gross anymore.

"No, its fine."

I couldn't imagine what Jin's body had been craving those last few month. Both the man and the beast had control the urge to have sex out of fear that they'd hurt the baby/damage goods. Luckily for Jin, even if he couldn't make love to me, I could please him. After all he dealt, I figured he deserved something nice for a change. When my hand gripped Jin's shaft it felt stiff and heavy. Slow inhales matched the pace at which my hand was going. All the while, I maintained eye-contact with him and enjoyed the view of his handsome face. I kissed him passionately, stealing away whatever air in his lungs he had left.

For a while, Jin let me pleasure him, but he was on the verge of a climaxed, he stopped me.

"Alright, Asuka, that's enough...We can't do this right now."

Just then, the office door opened and in walked Nina. I quickly snatched my hand from Jin's pants. I felt my face getting warmer. I was mortified and Jin merely sat and stared expressionlessly at the Blond enforcer.

"Don't mind me, you two. I've seen worse." Nina asked, laying files on Jin's desk. "Just lock the door next time, I'll know not to come in"

Neither Jin nor I replied. We waited until we left before we spoke.

"You better give me back my sin, Saint." he joked, kissing me innocently.

I was still speechless. How could he not be fazed by Nina's appearance?

"Are you alright?" he asked

"No! How could you be so calm?" I stood up and stepped away from him

Jin shrugged before shaking out his legs. I must have cut off his circulation. "This wasn't exactly the first time Nina caught me with a woman. "

My embarrassment instantly turned into anger. "Are serious? How many woman has she caught you with exactly?"

Once his fly was zipped over his somewhat deflated erection, Jin rose from the chair and grabbed my wrist.

"Calm down, it was a joke. I was startled as well." he admitted.

Jin lifted my hand to his covered chest and I could feel his rapid heartbeat. "There's no need to worry, my beautiful, loud one."

I avoided eye-contact with him. "I am not loud." I whispered.

"Whatever you say, Asuka."

I shook my head, still trying to deny everything Jin and I had. "No I don't. What Jin and I have done is disgraceful, it's disgusting it's—"

"—It's Okay. What you and Jin have is beautiful. Your relationship may be socially wrong, but your feelings are emotionally right. Neither you nor Jin was created to be with anyone else. You both have something the other desires and requires in their life. Don't you think so?"

"No, he's hurt me so many times!" I said. "He has changed me for the worse."

"Asuka, you have tried hurt Jin in return. Lust and anger are dangerous when mixed together, but you were stronger than both feelings. Don't you remember?"

Instantly, I thought about the day I forced Jin to give me what I wanted from him. I had told Jin several times that I loved him, but my affections were unreturned. I would have never thought that Jin's human side would be so detached, but I realized that I was sharing a child and a bed with a warlord. Being cold and stoic was Jin's personality. I'm feisty and passionate; I wanted more from him…

Jin and I were engaged in a heated conversation in his bedroom. I was dressed in a nightgown and he was beginning to remove his suit. My hands were balled into fist, with each passing second the urge to punch Jin was rising. He was making me angry!

"Why don't you tell me you love me?"

Jin pinched the bridge of his nose and said, "You're not making this easy. I just don't want to tell you words I don't fully comprehend myself. A part of me won't let me say such words. Can't you just be satisfied with what I do give you? Why must you be so emotional?"

I stormed over to Jin on the opposite side of the bed and got in his face. "I'm not emotional, you're indifferent to everything! I hate you!"

Jin's eyes narrowed. "You just proved my point, Asuka." He said removing the cuff links from his shirt sleeves. "First, you love me. Now you hate me. You just throw words around because you are emotional."

I released a loud growl from my mouth. "The way you make me feel is enough to bring me to tears, Jin. No one, let alone a man, has caused me to lose my mind like you and if you're not going to help me find it, why should I keep giving myself to you?" I admitted, placing my hands on his exposed chest.

"Don't touch me, Asuka, you know what the consequences will be." Jin said, grabbing my wrists and pushing my hand away. "He'll suck you dry"

At that moment, I didn't fear Devil Jin. "At least he's not afraid to admit his need for me." I snatched my limbs from Jin and shoved him. "What are you afraid of, Jin."

"I fear nothing." he replied more sternly.

"What do you want? What do you need? Don't be a coward. Tell me, Jin." I had to have him confess to me. I needed closure so that I wouldn't feel like a common tramp. I needed him to make me feel like a woman he could, possibly, perhaps, maybe love with both of his hearts.

"Listen, to me. If I were a normal man and I met you under normal circumstances, I would be able to tell you how I feel, but the demonic being inside of me doesn't want to give you the satisfaction of knowing our true feelings. He…wants you to need me, so that you'll never try to escape." Jin said, honesty shining in his eyes.

"We're going around in circles, Jin, and I'm sick of it!" I shouted, punching my cousin square in the jaw, giving him a bloody lip.

For this fight, Jin didn't fight back; he let me release my frustration. I struck his face continuously, but it would always reset back to facing me and that pissed me off even more. Jin's blank expression compelled me to hit him until I provoked a reaction. I wanted Jin to lose control again and then I'd use his desperation against him to get what I wanted!

I grasped Jin's collar and smashed him against the wall. A crater in the dry-wall formed behind the force of the push. Jin grunted once his back hit the hard surface and looked at me through narrowed eyes. He was becoming irritated.

"What are you trying to do, Asuka?" Jin asked, swiping my hands away from his shirt.

"I know the demon inside you lusts for the power I can give him." I declared, placing my hand on Jin's heart. Immediately, I could feel energy being transferred from my hand, feeding Devil Jin.

"Stop, Asuka…before I turn." He threatened.

The familiar demonic marks appeared on Jin's chest. I pulled my hand away before Jin could fully change. The ruthless part of me wanted to make Jin and his demon counterpart suffer and I had no intention on stopping. If I started to end this childish game, I thought about the times both Jin's have hurt and sexually assaulted me. They deserve to experience the agonizing aches in their heart and groins that I've felt. I placed my hand on Jin's neck and felt his pulse ticking like a metronome. I gripped his throat in a way similar to the way he held mine and more energy flowed from my hands. On my palm, I could feel Jin gulping as if he was dehydrated and only I could quench his thirst. The human Jin was slipping away and the demon was climbing up to surface.

"I want you to feel the desperation I've felt for so long. I want you to understand what I have gone through for you!" I said before kissing, Jin's hungry lips…

"You're right, Obasan, but sex does not mean love!."

"Asuka, you should not seek payback. You must continue to give to those who hurt you."

Although, my intention was to weaken Jin's resolve, I was the one worn-out. Jin's breath became labored, as he struggled to fight off his ravenous demon. A fang extended from Jin's clenched teeth and Devil Jin snarled like a ravenous dog. Seeing Jin, struggle with himself almost brought a small smile to my face. Jin moaned and groaned as if I was denying his body an orgasm.

"Jin, I love you." I said, sliding down from Jin's neck, to his marked chest and ending at his navel. "I want you to realize you feel the same for me."

"Asuka, I—do not love you." Jin declared. "Your body is all that desire."

I couldn't tell if it was Jin or Devil Jin that said that. I had a feeling it was both.

"You don't mean that." I whispered, kissing him gently. I slowly began to unfasten his pants button.

"Contradicting yourself again, are we?" Jin teased, still trying to catch his breath." I thought you didn't like it when I used you for your body."

I knew he was lying, he was merely saying those things to make me stop manipulating his devil and human minds. I was finally in control.

"Tell me you want me." I commanded, grasping Jin's warm bulge tightly.

Inhaling sharply, Jin wrapped arms around my waist squeeze it. Both Jin and the devil within were starting to lose this battle. "I…want you…to stop." He said.

"No, you don't. You need this, don't you?" I repeated the words he once said to me.

"How do you do this to me, Asuka?" Jin whispered to me, his voice mixed with Devil Jin's. "Damn you, woman, this will be the last time you have a chance like this!"

I slowly removed my hand from his pants and grazed his lips with mine before walking away. I couldn't go through with treating Jin like he has treated me. As a walked away, Jin slid down to the floor, trying to catch his breath and calm his inner beast. I went to my side of the bed and sat down.

"Good night, Jin." I whispered before putting my head on my pillow.

Although, I was drained and my energy was spent on Jin, I knew what I had done was right. Even if I had the capacity for evil, I would never act on such an impulse. I couldn't finish what I started, but that was alright.

I wasn't a seductress, I was just Asuka.

"You don't understand, Obasan! Your son is different. He's not the boy you left behind."

My aunt was quiet, allowing me ten seconds to calm down. "I do understand, Asuka. Kazuya, Jin's father and I were romantically involved. Your life and mine are similar except, Kazuya wasn't as strong-willed as Jin is now and I wasn't as tough and impulsive you are."

I took Obasan's words as an insult and wanted to defend my impulsive behavior, but if I did I would prove her statement true.

She continued speaking. "Although, my energy is pure, it wasn't enough to cleanse either father or son of their devil genes. Kazuya was once full of good purposes, but hatred corrupted his heart, I was unable to help him, but you can help Jin."

"I must not be pure enough either, Obasan. My energy only feeds Jin's devil gene." I retorted.

"On the contrary, Asuka, you are pure. You haven't honed your purifying skills, but you are powerful. Once you figure out, how to control your gift, it will save both Jin and your child."

"My child is gone, Obasan. They took it from me?"

"They is no need for concern, your child will be safe. I have foreseen it." she reassured.

"What about Jin? Will he be okay?" I asked, deeply worried for my love.

"That I do not know. Jin's future is indefinite to me."

I sighed, running my finger through my hair, which was short and brown again. I looked down at my body and I was wearing my old blue jumpsuit and protective gear. I stared at my aunt, confused about why I looked like this.

"It is good to see that someone has been here to love my son, but I know that deep down you want to return to the life you once had… before Jin, before the baby." She said.

She wasn't telling a lie. I had thought about what my life would have been like without Jin in it. I would most likely work at my father's dojo all my life. I didn't have any other goals, but teaching and spreading the martial art of the Kazama style. Becoming a police detective like Lei Wulong was also an option for me, but other than that, there was nothing else for me to do. Did I want return to my ordinary, demon-lesson, and Jin-less life?

"What will happen to them?"

"I do not know. You and I will be gone before you have the chance to see Jin again."

"Gone? Where will we go?"

"We will go where I have been all these years. Rakuen, paradise."