Secreted in a room belonging to a run-down motel in a secluded section of Texas, the princess of England was sleeping peacefully in the arms of the United States president's son, both of them thoroughly exhausted after a long session of quiet love-making. And why was it quiet? Because if anyone guessed who the two young adults in that room were, a whole heap of trouble would be unloaded. And that explained why the couple was showing their passion to one another in a scummy southern building rather than under the silk sheets on the princess' king-sized bed in Buckingham Palace or in the large, immaculate room located inside the White House that the president's son called his own. But why was it like that?

A soft knock was heard at the beautifully crafted wooden door of English princess Gabriella Montez's bedroom.

"Come in," Gabriella spoke politely, just as she had been taught to do.

"Your parents would like you to dine with them this evening," a blonde-haired woman announced in a heavy English accent as she slowly entered Gabriella's room.

A wave of shock hit Gabriella like lightning. Something must be wrong. Being the King and Queen, her parents usually were far too busy to spend any time with her. The three of them rarely ate together. On a typical day, the King and Queen would eat at a late hour while the princess would have her meal at an earlier time with Juliet, one of her ladies-in-waiting. Juliet was more of a sister to her than a servant, though. She was helpful, kind, and trustworthy. Gabriella was very close to her and definitely considered her to be her best friend, if not her only friend. "Really? But...but why?" she stammered, struggling to keep herself sounding like a member of the royal family rather than a typical twenty-one-year-old girl.

"They have something to talk to you about," the woman replied, her tone betraying no hints about what was going on.

"What do they wish to discuss with me?" inquired Gabriella.

"They have not revealed any of those details to me," answered the woman, her bright hazel eyes never leaving the princess' bewildered face. When she didn't receive any type of response, she said, "The meal will be served at nineteen o' clock and the King and Queen expect you to be prompt."

"Alright. Thank you. You are dismissed."

The woman made her way out of Gabriella's room, gently closing the door behind her.

Her mind still whirling with questions, the princess slid off her bed, which she had been sitting on, and made her way over to her large, walk-in closet. After selecting a pale blue strapless dress that reached her knees and a pair of shiny, midnight blue sandals, she got changed and fixed her thick, dark curls into a neat high ponytail, leaving a few glossy strands loose so they could frame her face. Because she was a princess, she could call someone in to fix her hair for her, but she preferred to complete that task herself. After all, she wasn't helpless.

Once her hair was finished, Gabriella applied some make-up and selected a bracelet the same color as her shoes from her wide collection of jewelry. Naturally, it contained a good amount of diamond necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but those were things Gabriella saved for special occasions.

After she was done getting ready, the princess settled in the comfortable chair that sat in the corner of her room and began to read to pass the time. When the hour arrived, she walked out her door and headed down the long staircase that led to the lower level of the building and made her way into the spacious dining room, where both her parents were already seated.

"Sit down, Gabriella," the Queen invited. She was treating Gabriella more like a highly respected guest than her daughter.

Just as Gabriella complied to her mother's wish, a middle aged man dressed in an expensive tuxedo entered the room. He set down a plate in front of all three members of royalty, then announced that he would be back to check on them in a little while.

"Gabriella," began the King as he cut into the generous portion of salmon that was on his plate. "The reason your mother and I requested that you have dinner with us this evening was so that we could discuss the fact that you're twenty-one years old and have displayed no evident interest in any young gentlemen."

"I haven't met any that I particularly liked, father," Gabriella responded quietly as she forced her gaze to stay steadily resting on the King. In the back of her mind, she had known that this conversation was going to come up sooner or later.

"Which is why I have scheduled a party," the King said as he took his glass, which was filled with white wine, and took a small sip from it.

"What sort of a party?" wondered Gabriella.

"A royal party," the Queen cut in. "For all the men and women of high class. There will be a suitable amount of gentlemen your age in that group."

"When will this event take place?" queried the princess before taking a small bite of her fish.

"Next Saturday," replied the Queen.

Next Saturday? Gabriella was beginning to panic. She was never a girl that was fond of big parties, especially ones where she didn't know anyone. However, she forced herself to speak in an even, perfect tone. "That sounds lovely."

"I have requested that Juliet assist you in finding a new dress," spoke the King.

"Alright." That one word was all Gabriella could manage.

"We have another reason for inviting you to dine with us," the Queen started after a few moments of silence.

"Yes, mother?"

"We have received a gracious invitation to the wedding of the United States president's daughter Maya. The marriage is to take place exactly a month from today."

"How long will you be away for that?" inquired Gabriella.

"We will be away for a full week," answered the King.

"I am to go, too?" Gabriella was surprised. Normally, her parents would travel around the world by themselves while she would stay in England. This was so different, so exciting! She just wanted to jump up from her chair and dance about the room. But she was an English princess. She needed to be proper and calm.

"Yes. We have decided that it's time for you to accompany us on one of our journeys."

"Thank you for permitting me to have to pleasure of traveling with you." Gabriella took her cloth napkin and lightly dabbed her mouth to clear away any traces of food that were resting there.

"You are most welcome," the Queen responded.

"May I be excused?" requested the princess.

"Yes, you may."

Exiting the dining room in a ceremonious fashion, Gabriella made her way to Juliet's room and lightly tapped on the door.

"Come in."

Gabriella turned the door knob and walked into her friend's bedroom, gently pushing the door shut behind her.

"You have heard about the party, I assume?" Juliet lifted her blue eyes to look at the princess.

"Yes. I was not happy about it, but the trip to the United States for the president's daughter Maya's wedding makes up for it."

"You're going with your parents?" suddenly, the formality with which everyone living in Buckingham Palace was trained to coat their voices with dissolved. "That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you!"

"I know! I'm so excited! I've always wanted to travel!"

Although she acted like she was only anxious to get to go beyond London, Gabriella had a different, secret reason for wanting to go to the United States so bad. And that reason was the blue-eyed young man she had seen in so many pictures. He was the president's son, and the most handsome guy she had seen in all her life. There had been nights when she would lie awake in bed wondering what he was like and how it would feel to spend time with him. And now she was about to find all those things out.

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