Friendship back on firmer footing, Auggie and Annie slipped back into their old habits. A week later, after a late night at Allen's Tavern, Annie followed Auggie upstairs to his loft. She wasn't entirely aware of what she was doing or why, it just seemed natural. They were having a spirited debate about nuclear proliferation and she wasn't quite ready to let him win.

Once in the apartment, Auggie toed off his shoes and leaned against the fridge. Annie lost her balance while standing on one foot to remove her heels. She toppled into him. He caught her by instinct. Laughing, he executed an exaggerated tango-style dip. Back up-right, Annie joined in his laughter.

"You know, that's part of your problem, Walker."


"You have no concept of personal space."

"Riiiiiight," she drawled in mock outrage. "This from Mr. Handsy himself."

Auggie attempted to look virtuous, his arms folded across his chest. "Think I'm wrong? You never did tell me how Mossad lover-boy swiped that memory card out of your pocket."

"Hey! It's not like it was in my pants' pocket! Coat pockets hang open!"

Unconvinced, and thoroughly enjoying teasing her, Auggie nodded sagely. "Of course, and trained CIA operatives always let strangers stick hands in their pockets."

She narrowed her eyes and jabbed a stiff index finger into his chest. "He is Mossad. He's smooth, and trained and…"

Auggie grabbed her hand, lest she bruise him. "And cute?" He laughed much harder at her choked protests. "I thought as much. So it's not all men you let drape themselves all over you, just the cute ones? I should be flattered?"

Still glaring at her friend, Annie snorted. "Ha. Maybe he wasn't the one doing the draping."

Auggie's eyebrow arched.

"Wait, that didn't come out right." She jerked her hand back. He'd been stroking his fingers over the back of hers and it was distracting. "I should kick your ass, August Anderson, for calling me a slut."

He stopped laughing. "Hey! That is not what I said and you know it. You know I'm just teasing. That guy is a trained seducer. I'd be worried if you didn't get all weak kneed around him."

"And you're saying that you've never been distracted by a hot woman?"

He shook his head and then stated, primly, "I am a master of my emotions. My heightened senses allow me to filter out extraneous… Annie?" The last word came out as a squeak.

Annie stretched onto her tip toes and arched her back. Her breasts pressed through the thin silk of her blouse to rest against his muscled chest. She dragged one stocking-clad foot up his calf while her hands went to work. Her fingers twisted in those entrancing curls at the base of his neck. She'd never admit it to anyone, but Auggie's hair fascinated her. Her other hand slid across his back to tease at the hem of his t-shirt. With the slightest tug, she had his head arching backward. Her hot breath skimmed along the column of his throat. The laughter that bubbled up from her when he audibly swallowed was low and seductive.

Just as Auggie was starting to gather his wits, Annie kissed him softly on the cheek. She stepped back, putting more than five feet between them. "Who's distracted now, Mr. Professional?" She scooped up her heels on the way to his door.

Just as she crossed the threshold she turned and said "Thanks for the cab faire, Auggie. I'll see you in the morning."

Something bounced off his chest and hit the floor as the door clicked shut. Grinning broadly Auggie bent to pick up his wallet. He turned toward his bedroom, whispering "The pleasure's all mine, Annie."