"Well, lets get started." The class representative said. Souji gave a deep sigh and slouched in his seat.

"This can only go well."He thought. He looked over at the girls side of the table and saw Yosuke glaring at him. Souji smirked at him, quite pleased with himself as he was the reason why Yosuke was sitting on the girls side. Yosuke crossed his arms and sighed.

While he couldn't wait to tease Yosuke, he was also quite envious of him, as he was sitting next to Yukiko Amagi. Her eyes shifted around the room. Probably looking for a way out of this awkward hell, Souji assumed. He wasn't surprised, considering Yukiko's never really seemed to care about relationships and such. Hell, he was even surprised she voted for it in first place, let alone be one of the few that actually showed up.

But hey, this wasn't the first time Yukiko surprised him. Such as disproving theories that it was impossible to made a bad grilled cheese sandwich, yet she proved him wrong. Or the theory that nobody was perfect was completely shattered by Yukiko in Souji's eyes.

Souji mentally face-palmed at his corny thoughts. While he had fully come to terms with the fact that he was totally in love with her, that didn't mean he was proud of it. Souji then noticed Yukiko locking eyes with him. Mentally Souji panicked, just noticing he was starring at Yukiko since he started thinking about her. But on the outside, he stayed cool as a cucumber. He was good at that.

Souji made his fingers into a gun and placed the barrel against his head. He mouthed the words "kill me now" to her. Yukiko chucked and smiled at him. Souji smiled in return, but in the corner of his eye he say Chie look back and forth between the two of them and raise her eyebrows at him.

"Uh... you guys can start now." The class rep said, breaking the silence. Souji held in a laugh. He found it funny just how awkward this was.

"...Will someone please start?" He was practically begging for someone to say something. The silence was heavy. Everyone looked down at the table, trying to avoid eye contact with one another. Well, everyone except for Souji. This was one of the few times where Souji didn't try to hide his smile. He found this hilarious. He gave a little nudge to Kanji, prompting him to say something.

"Actually, what the hell is this?" Kanji asked.

"A mock group date." Yosuke replied.

"I-I mean... We're on a group date!" Yosuke said in a high pitched voice and giggled. This is where Souji lost it. He burst out laughing. Most people at the table gave him a surprised look. Most of them haven't seen Souji like this before. He was always the quiet and calm leader, but now he's practically falling out of his seat in laughter. Yukiko has seen this side of him many times before, and she quickly joined in on the laughter.

"Hey! You're the one who made me sit on this side!" Yosuke said. He intended it to be angry, but something about seeing their leader just completely lose it really seemed to lighten the mood.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Look, I'll start." Souji said, finally recovering from his outburst.

"Okay, so, what are your hobbies?" Souji asked the girls side of the table. He now wore a relaxed look and still had a small smile on his face. The whole table seemed to have lightened up.

"I like, uh, Martial Arts in general. M-Mainly watching them..." Chie said, adding a awkward laugh at the end. Just like that, the awkward atmosphere started to creep back in. Souji looked at Yukiko expectantly. Yukiko smiled and nodded at him.

"My hobby is..." Yukiko began, but started to laugh in the middle of the sentence. She locked eyes with Souji and smiled.

"... defeating shadows." Souji and Yukiko just exploded in laughter, while Chie, Yosuke, and Kanji all looked at her in disbelief. The class rep looked at everyone with a confused look on his face. Yosuke quickly went into damage control mode.

"That's not a hobby!" Yosuke yelled, but Yukiko didn't seem to hear him, nor did she seem to care. Chie again looked at Souji and Yukiko with suspicion in her eyes.

"Uh, how about we ask you a question next." Chie said, after Yukiko and Souji recovered. Souji quickly objected.

"Hey, wait! Yosuke didn't answer!" Yosuke glared at him.

"Why would I need to answer?"

"Because I need to get to know you more before I decide if I want to make you my girlfriend!" Everyone besides Yosuke began to laugh.

"What!" Yosuke stood up from his seat and yelled, slamming his hands on the table. Everyone laughed even harder at him. Yosuke quickly said something to defend himself.

"You should be asking Kanji that question!" Kanji's laughter quickly turned into vicious anger. He also got up off of his seat and began to walk around the table to reach Yosuke. Yosuke, finally realizing the magnitude of what he just said, began to make way for the door.

"Hey now! Stop! Both of you! " Souji yelled, and Yosuke and Kanji froze in place.

"Sit back down and relax! Come on, I'm trying to have a good time here." They both say back down. Kanji glared at Yosuke across the table.

"Okay, good. Now, Chie, you wanted to ask a question?" Souji said. After retaining order he went back to having a small smile, as apposed to having to put his stale leader face on. Chie looked at Souji and stated her question.

"What type of girls do you like?" She said, practically directing the question right at Souji.

"Woah, getting right to the point..." Yosuke said.

"I guess... cute girls?" The class rep said. Souji was surprised to even hear his voice. He didn't even remember he was here. He debated on whether or not saying "Wow, deep stuff dude", but just because he wanted to enjoy himself doesn't mean he can be a snarky jerk.

"Man, this is lame..." The class rep said. He looked embarrassed and scratched the back of his head.

"Wow, I didn't know saying that you like cute girls was so tough and embarrassing for you. It's not like your in love with the person sitting right across from you during a freakin' group date cafe. An event where your suppose to hook up with someone."Souji thought.

"Oh, now it dawns on you...?" Yosuke said to the class rep. Chie looked at Yukiko who was weirdly quiet now, considering how rowdy she was with Souji earlier. She was looking down at the table.

"Ahh... I see how it is. When we starting talking about what kind of girls Souji may be into you get all quiet and embarrassed. Awww, how cute."Chie thought. Chie then turned her gaze toward Souji, who also seemed to be watching Yukiko.

"Your turn. What type of girls do you like?" She asked Souji. Chie saw his small smile go back to the stale leader look that everyone was so accustomed to seeing. Chie tried to read his face for any kind of tell, but she got nothing.

"No World Series of Poker for me, I guess."Chie thought.

Yukiko, on the other hand, was actively not looking at Souji's face. Even a slight glimpse of him may turn her whole face red. After a couple of seconds of dead silence from Souji, Yukiko's curiosity got the best of her. She look up to get a quick glance at Souji, and ended up meeting eyes with him. She felt her cheeks grow hot and quickly looked back down at the table.

"Someone like Yukiko." Souji finally said.

"I knew it!"Chie thought. She looked over at her best friend to see what her reaction was. Her blush was impossible to miss and she could see her small smile as she looked at Souji.

"Huh? Umm... thank you... I guess?" Yukiko said. Chie rolled her eyes. She wanted Yukiko to just admit her feelings for him right then and there so they can finally get together.

"Your turn, Kanji-kun." Chie said.

Souji was to caught up in his own thoughts to care what Kanji said. It took a lot out of him to muster up the courage to say that he liked Yukiko. Seeing her reaction, he no longer was to scared or embarrassed to ask Yukiko questions that have been on his mind since they've first met.

The smile he wore throughout the activity turned into a look of fierce determination. He needed to know how Yukiko felt about him, and he was going to find out.

"Any of us you like, Yukiko?" Souji asked.

"Wow, he is going IN right now."Yosuke thought. While Souji may have been making fun of him throughout this mock group date, he couldn't help but cheer Souji on as he started to make his move on Yukiko. He knew that Souji was interested in Yukiko for some time now, but was to scared to do anything about it.

Hell, it was the first and only time Souji was to scared to do something, from what Yosuke could remember. Risking your life to save people inside a television? Was nothing for Souji. Entering a cross-dressing pageant? Nothing. Eating life threatening food? Nope. Telling a girl you have feelings for her? Yosuke could tell Souji was almost crapping his pants when he brought up the subject.

"Not like I have any room to talk, though."Yosuke thought, as he looked on the other side of the table at Chie.

"Huh? That's... um..." Yukiko said. She looked at the table in embarrassment. She knew that Souji was looking at her, anticipating her answer. She wanted to finally tell Souji just how much he meant to her. As much as she just wanted to shout "You! I love you Souji!" She didn't want to have her personal business so out in the open, especially with such a delicate subject such as her feelings for Souji.

She looked up and smiled at Souji, no longer trying to hide her blush.

"Do I have to say it in front of everyone...?" Yukiko asked.

Souji smiled and shook his head. Yukiko nodded in response and went back to starring at the table, blushing furiously. Souji didn't even try to hide his big smile as he went back to a more relaxed position, as opposed to being so tense and nervous.

After a quick intrusion from Rise and awkward heavy silence, both of which Souji nor Yukiko seemed to notice, as they were both of their minds fluttered with possibilities, Yosuke said.

"Mark it. The group date cafe is officially a failure..." Yosuke saw Souji raise his eyebrow at him.

"Well, for most us at least."