Junjou Romantica

A Junjou Egoist Story

Guarding Destiny

Hiroki was heading home after a long day at work. Rubbing the back his neck he realized he didn't want to go home. To the dark, somewhat cold, lonely apartment that didn't really feel like home. Hiroki sighed because he also realized that no one would ever live or love him. Hiroki wasn't the nicest and tolerant person to be around. His love for the famous author known as Usami Akihiko was unrequited since his best friend was in love with their other friend. Sighing sadly, He started passing an alleyway and stopped dead in his tracks as he saw someone fall, from the alley, in front of his feet. Hiroki saw that the man was shaking and breathing like he was in pain; well by the looks of his blackish blue cheek and deep cut on his shoulder he was holding. Hiroki thought it was a cut since the hand holding the cut was red. There were probably more wounds. Hiroki bent down and noticed the man opened his eyes and had wide eyes in fear, like he doesn't know what to think, like a deer staring in the eyes of their predators or seeing headlights the second before getting hit. The man flinched in fear when he saw Hiroki's hand come in close. Hiroki saw this and wondered what might have happened

"Are you ok?" Hiroki asked. Everyone thinks he has the coldest heart in the universe and would kill puppies, but that wasn't true. Hiroki was a nice guy, just a little closed off to the world in attempt for the world not to hurt him in return. Hiroki saw the man have the confused look on his face

"Y-you're not afraid? Or angry?" the man asked confused and Hiroki confused, helped him up.

"Why would I be?" Hiroki asked and saw the man look confused and reached behind his back for some reason and had some sort of realization on his face before smiling slightly

"Th-thank you… I'll just go now" he said starting to walk off before Hiroki grabbed his wrist

"No… I mean, your cut is bad. I'm taking you to my place and fix your wounds up" Hiroki mumbled. He was mumbling since this is the first time he ever let anyone this close to his closed off world. Akihiko and Akihiko's love, Takahiro were the only ones he ever let inside and the professor his is an assistant for had wormed his way into his world. But this was the first in many years he let someone in, especially for someone he did not know. Hiroki noticed that he had a slight blush and looked at the man, who had wide eyes in shock. Thinking the man would say no, Hiroki automatically said "Period"

"B-but I'll be fine" he said and Hiroki shook his head

"You're coming with me and that's that" Hiroki said and saw the man smile warmly

"Hai" the man said and Hiroki blushed slightly. Hiroki let go of the man's wrist and they were walking off to the assistant professor's apartment. There was a slight silence between the two and getting uncomfortable Hiroki decided to break it

"So what's your name?" Hiroki asked. He wanted to know since he did just let this man into his world without knowing his name or anything about him

"My name is Nowaki" the man said and Hiroki looked slightly stunned

"Your name means 'typhoon', that's kinda odd for a name" Hiroki said and Nowaki smiled and rubbed the back of his neck laughing nervously

"Y-yeah, I know… let's just say my parents are… out of this world" Nowaki said smiling

"So they are crazy?"

"…Yeah that" Nowaki said smiling, "What is your name? I have to know the name of my knight in shining armor" Nowaki finished smiling as he saw the other blush deeply

"Knight in shining armor! I ONLY helped you up!" Hiroki said and Nowaki laughed

"Kidding, Kidding"

"…Brat" Hiroki said glaring to the side waiting for the blush to leave his cheeks

"But I do want to know your name" Nowaki said and Hiroki looked at him once his blush subsided

"Kamijo Hiroki" Hiroki said and Nowaki grinned

"Hiro-San" Nowaki said and Hiroki glared

"It's 'Hiroki' you brat" Hiroki said and saw the grin on Nowaki's face

"Yes, but it's kinda my nature to put suffixes at the ends of people's names" Nowaki said and Hiroki sighed

"Then why not 'Hiroki-San'?" Hiroki asked and the other man smiled warmly

"Because 'Hiro-San' is cuter" Nowaki said and Hiroki sighed and dropped it since he knew the kid would be very stubborn

"…Brat, we're here" Hiroki said entering the apartment, followed closely by Nowaki. Hiroki set his things down on the couch in the small living room of his tiny apartment. Hiroki watched Nowaki look around and smile

"You have a nice place" Nowaki said and Hiroki shook his head

"Are you kidding? This place is too small" Hiroki said and saw Nowaki smile more

"Bigger and nicer than the place I stay at" Nowaki said and Hiroki had surprise written on his face as his apartment an average size in Japan, might be a little smaller than average. How can this guy, even taller that Hiroki, live in a place smaller than this? This place is small even for him. Hiroki shook any thought of his apartment out of his head once he saw Nowaki's bleeding shoulder.

"Let's take care of your wounds" Hiroki said leading Nowaki deeper into the apartment into the bathroom. Nowaki sat on the toilet as Hiroki was looking for anything to help wounds.

"Take off your shirt" Hiroki said digging deeper into the cabinet under the sink and had crossed a first aid kit and felt a tug at his heart as he picked it up and tears welded up in his eyes. You see, Akihiko was the one who gave this first aid kit to him

Can't have my friend hurt and no way to heal, who am I going to borrow literature from?

Hiroki could remember every detail of that memory to the point where he could practically hear the smile on the famous author's face. Hiroki's tears disappeared and turned to Nowaki, who was shirtless like Hiroki had said

"Here's the first aid kit" Hiroki said walking over to Nowaki and had wide eyes at the sight. Nowaki had a purple like cheek, small cuts and bruising up and down his chest, small cuts on the arms, and the huge gash on Nowaki's arm was bigger than Hiroki had originally thought.

"Any more wounds?" Hiroki asked and Nowaki shook his head and Hiroki sighed and opened the first aid kit, "that's good"

Dipping a cotton ball in disinfectant spray, Hiroki picked it up with tweezers and looked to Nowaki, who was sitting patiently as if he doesn't want to be a bother or make Hiroki mad.

"This might sting, since these are fresh wounds" Hiroki said and Nowaki smiled

"Doesn't matter" Nowaki said making Hiroki blush slightly and began to dab Nowaki's opened wounds first since those were the main concern. Nowaki bit his lip slightly at the tingling sensation from the disinfecting cuts. Hiroki dabbed the smaller cuts first and looked to the big cut. Discarding the used cotton ball, Hiroki got another bigger cotton ball

"Who did this to you anyways?" Hiroki asked and Nowaki had a slightly nervous look on his face and looked to the side

"N-no one" Nowaki said and Hiroki looked to him unconvinced. Nowaki couldn't fool him, the nervous gesture and how he flinched in fear when they first met is a sure sign of someone had jumped him and beaten him. Hiroki sighed and dipped the cotton ball it the disinfectant spray thinking that he'll ask him later. Hiroki had froze mentally… later? Wasn't he only helping this guy since he was a nice guy and can't see anyone hurt? Hiroki shook the thought out of his head and gently dabbed the biggest wound. This time Nowaki let out a small gasp of pain and clenched his eyes.

"You're cut is very deep" Hiroki said after fifteen seconds of disinfecting it.

"I-is it?" Nowaki asked in pain and Hiroki nodded getting out some gauze padding, gauze tape and disinfecting cream. He started taping gauze padding to the 4 main deep bruises on Nowaki's chest and taped extra gauze padding on the deep cut after putting disinfectant cream on the laceration. They both went to the living room and Hiroki sat down, noticing that Nowaki was standing

"Thanks for helping Hiro-San… I should be going" Nowaki said bowing

"Where do you live?" Hiroki asked and Nowaki looked like he was thinking

"Uhm… from here about… 5-10 miles?" Nowaki said and Hiroki looked stunned. Was this kid kidding? Walking that far at night?


"What?" Nowaki asked confused

"You're staying here, and no buts. I know someone jumped you and you just can't walk 10 miles in the dark… you could get jumped again" Hiroki said shocking the boy as well as himself

"Where am I supposed to stay?" Nowaki asked

"Here" Hiroki said. Hiroki had wide eyes as he realized what he had just said. What is with him today? Helping a stranger he doesn't know, showing him his apartment, even offering him to stay here?

"R-really?" Nowaki asked in a really hyper happy tone and Hiroki looked to him seeing pure happiness on his face

"Yes. Oh any you didn't realize you just confessed to being jumped" Hiroki said liking the look of shock on the injured boy

"Wh-what? When did I say that?" Nowaki asked trying to mask his voice with humor but the nervousness sneaked through.

"For one, when I said you can't walk home because you'll be jumped again; you just said 'Where am I supposed to go?' if you weren't jumped you would've said so. And for another, your voice and actions are considered to be nervousness" Hiroki said and Nowaki had wide eyes at how smart Hiroki was.

"You're smart Hiro-San…" Nowaki mumbled and Hiroki got his home phone out and pushed the numbers 911 but didn't push dial and handed the phone to Nowaki

"Here call the police. If someone did jump you, you need to call them and turn them in" Hiroki said and Nowaki nervously shook his head and Hiroki sighed, "They won't come back to hurt you, you know"

"B-but I can't" Nowaki said and Hiroki sighed and called them for him but Nowaki immediately pushed the hang up button and Hiroki looked at him shocked but saw Nowaki was shaking from fear and nervousness

"Did you do something bad?" Hiroki asked thinking that a person who didn't want to call the police after getting beaten up might because they committed a crime or something.

"N-no" Nowaki said and Hiroki sighed

"I'm calling the police" Hiroki said and Nowaki had wide eyes

"N-no please don't!" Nowaki said

"Then tell me what you did" Hiroki said

"I promise I didn't do anything" Nowaki said and that still didn't convince Hiroki

"You must've done something" Hiroki said and Nowaki bit his lip slightly

"I-I swear to god that I didn't do anything" Nowaki said

"Then why don't you want to call the police?"

"Because… b-because I was getting beat up… but when the police showed up… they… joined in" Nowaki said looking down shocking Hiroki. Was this for real? The police joining in a beating? That was unheard of… the police here never do anything to hurt anyone, even the bad guys. Why beat this one person up?

"For real?" Hiroki asked and Nowaki sighed and nodded. Hiroki had a feeling that he was telling the truth…

"H-Hiro-San, a-are you calling the police?" Nowaki asked and Hiroki sighed and shook his head

"No, but you should"

"I…I'm not liked… everyone hates me… almost everyone wants to beat me up even if it was against their religion… y-you're the first person to ever help me" Nowaki said sighing sitting down "Really Hiro-San I am very grateful for you helping me…"

"…You hated? Is that possible?" Hiroki asked not even realizing it shocking Nowaki


"I mean you are nice and kind" Hiroki said blushing slightly as his mind also added 'cute' to the list, "W-well anyways" Hiroki said getting up and pointing to the couch

"This is the only thing I have available for you to sleep on, and I suggest sleeping on your stomach so your wound wouldn't get squished by the couch" Hiroki said and Nowaki smiled and nodded

"Thank you so much Hiro-San" Nowaki said and Hiroki nodded before heading off to his room

"If you need anything just get me" Hiroki said before shutting his door

Nowaki sighed and lay down on the couch staring up at the ceiling.

'I just hope Hiro-San doesn't find out what I am…' Nowaki thought before turning off the lamp right next to him and fell asleep.


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