Chapter 12

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When Hiroki came too, a minute or so prior to Nowaki falling unconscious, he saw the unconscious form of his lover and ran over to and kneeled down next to him

"Nowaki, are you ok?" Hiroki asked and heard no answer and turned to his lover's father

"What happened?" Hiroki asked and Nowaki's father sighed and sat down near his unconscious son

"Well, Hiyake, Uzumaki you need to hear this too" he said and his two daughters sat near him

"First off, I have witnessed this power before" he said sighing "Nowaki inherited from his father"

"So you have the power?" Hiyake asked in English since her father is

"No. I haven't told you this; Nowaki isn't my son, he's my nephew" he said and Hiroki looked confused

"Then why did he call you dad?" Hiroki asked

"Well he was only I'll say about 5 months old when it happened. My dad's jerk of a best friend was the cause."

"Wait, Nowaki is Jinrai's (1) son?" Hiyake asked confused and her father sighed and shook his head

"He wouldn't be able to ever take care of a child; I'm talking about my little brother you don't know" he said telling the story; Hiyake was too young to remember anything. He had walked in on his father's best friend killing his little brother's wife and quickly hid behind a corner because of what he saw; he saw his little brother turn into the beast that Nowaki had turned into and literally ripped his father's best friend into shreds. After that no one believed him or his little brother that their father's best friend was the one who killed the wife. Her last words to his little brother were 'Aori (2), please take care of Nowaki', but since their father wrote him off as being the most dangerous demon, he ordered him to be killed. Aori then told his older brother to take Nowaki in and take care of him.

"So, that is why I tried to stop you Hiyake, Nowaki is just like his father. Very very kind, but has this monstrous and powerful power inside that is awaken when thinking or knowing that the person they are deeply in love with is dead" he said and the ending of the sentence caused Hiroki to blush deeply and looked to Nowaki.

"And since he isn't trained, like us, he wasn't able to handle the power and fainted right after" Hiyake's father said and gently laid a hand to his nephew's forehead and felt it burning, "He has a really high temperature"

"How high?" Uzumaki asked

"I'd say around 150 degrees" he said and Hiyake huffed

"That's nothing, I mean a demon can survive heats up to 500 degrees right?" Hiyake said and Uzumaki shook her head

"You are forgetting that Nowaki lived on Earth for 12-13 years, he wouldn't be able to handle this temperature" Uzumaki said and Hiroki was now nervous

"Would he be ok?" Hiroki asked and Uzumaki sighed

Uzumaki said using her power and started glowing. Her hands formed water and she put it to Nowaki's mouth and let the liquid enter his mouth, "He'll be just fine"

"Thanks" Hiroki said looking down at his lover. Without any word said, Nowaki's father and cousins helped Hiroki bring Nowaki back to their apartment.

"ugh…" Nowaki groaned as he woke up and looked around wondering what happened and where he was. Was he on the couch in the apartment?

"He's awake!" Someone, sounding like Uzumaki, said and Nowaki looked to her and saw the rest walk into the room

"Nowaki" Hiroki said and walked over and sat next to him

"Hiro-San" Nowaki mumbled not knowing what to expect but was shocked to see his lover bring him into a hug

"Never do that again" Hiroki said and Nowaki looked confused but before he got a chance to say anything his father chipped in

"Nowaki" he said and started telling him what happened after he passed out. About how Hiroki was the most concern of them all, how he took care of him, and how Nowaki's been out cold for at least five hours. Nowaki looked to Hiroki and saw that his face was all blushed

"Hiro-San, does that mean you still like me even if I'm demon?" Nowaki asked and Hiroki hit him on the head

"Of course you moron. I love you for you, nothing else matters, not even if you are a demon" Hiroki mumbled and Nowaki hugged him, and had tears form. Hiroki still loved him even if he was demon, Nowaki couldn't be more happier in his whole life

"Pihsnoitaler siht htiw eunitnoc ot gnisselb ym evah uoy Nowaki (Nowaki you have my blessing to continue with this relationship)" Nowaki's father said and Nowaki and Hiroki looked to him and Hiroki blushed

"You do realize that I could understand you right?" Hiroki said and Nowaki grinned and kissed Hiroki who blushed more

"Idiot don't do that in front of people!" Hiroki said embarrassed and Nowaki kissed him again

"I love you" he said and Hiroki's eyes softened

"I love you too"

"Well we are going to leave; we'll be back some time to check up on you two" Nowaki's father said

"Thank you" Nowaki said

… 5 months later, Nowaki's father and cousins came back for a visit and they were walking down the street and ran into Akihiko

"Akihiko" Hiroki said and growled "You need to give me back my literature!"

"No I don't since I did 2 months before" Akihiko said

"If you call The Kan manga my literature" Hiroki said rolling his eyes and a small boy next to Akihiko grew mad

"So that's where my manga went, you BAKA!" the small boy yelled and Akihiko sighed

"Sorry Misaki, I guess the demon called my editor worked me to death that month" Akihiko said and Hiroki looked shocked as Akihiko actually said sorry. But not about the boy named Misaki… since Akihiko broke up with Takahiro since he was getting really annoyed with the cheesy almost gaggy moments they had and the nicknames they had given each other. Takahiro moved on and got married and Akihiko moved on to Takahiro's younger brother.

"Don't worry Misaki-Kun, I bet Hiro-San would be willing to trade your manga for his literature" Nowaki said and Misaki nodded grinning. Misaki and Akihiko found out that Nowaki, his cousins and father were demon

"Thanks Nowaki-San!" Misaki said

"What's all the commotion?" Miyagi asked joining the bunch with Shinobu on his side. The two had gotten together. Hiyake smirked and walked to Shinobu

"So how are you punk" Hiyake asked and Shinobu smirked

"Good, how are you?"


Around a month ago, when Nowaki's father and Hiyake visited Nowaki's father had a book on every living creature that lives on earth, hell or heaven. That was the time that Hiyake found Shinobu, who recently gotten together with Miyagi. She was about to kill him when Nowaki and his father stopped her. Hiroki was wondering why Hiyake wanted to kill him and Nowaki's father opened up the book and looked up Shinobu. It turned out that he was a Demon Neko, the most stubborn creature in the universe. It was said that they are 100% stubborn and the book said that Shinobu was 80% stubborn and 10% in love. That was shocking since usually when a Demon Neko was in love, the stubborn level only went down 2%, 5% tops. It was said that Shinobu is so much in love with Miyagi. Shinobu then worked out what problem he and Hiyake had with each other and became like siblings

Misaki was also looked up. It turns out that Misaki was 90% angel and 10% human as his brother was the opposite. Their mother was angel and their father was human. Misaki's care and not wanting to hurt anyone came from his mother's side, and his stubbornness comes from his dad's. Takahiro's obliviousness comes from his dad's side as his over protectiveness of his brother comes from his mothers.

Well Nowaki and Hiroki still are living with each other and are very happy, as they are friends with Akihiko and Miyagi and their supernatural lovers. Hiyake and Uzumaki are the same now, wanting to protect over their cousin and forgot what the problem she had with Nowaki in the first place.

"I love you" the semes said

"I love you too" the ukes said

1) Thunderclap

2)Gust of wind