This one came to me while I was failing to write the next chapter of KP: Extraction. I suppose this could be the start of a fullblown story, but I'm not even gonna try it right now. Maybe if/when I finish some of the others...

Kim would have waited patiently in the Global Justice conference room, if it were not for the company she was in. She wouldn't have been so nervous if the other person was just sitting and waiting like she was, but Shego was surprisingly... peppy. She was filing her claws, her feet up on the table; that alone would have been normal. But the foot on top was swinging back and forth like a metronome for a song only she could hear... and she was smiling.

Not grinning. Not smirking. Smiling. And every time she looked up at the teen hero, the smile would get a little bigger.

It was starting to freak Kim out.

The redhead nearly jumped in her seat when the door opened and Dr. Director walked through. "Sorry to keep you waiting," she told the girls without preamble, "It took longer than I anticipated to dig out the disc."

Both pairs of eyes went to the CD case in her hand as she made her way around the table to the console set in the wall. They watched as she carefully removed the disc from its container and slid it into the appropriate slot before joining them at the table.

Her thumb hovering over the button on her remote control, she paused and glanced at Shego. "Are you absolutely certain?"

"If there's one person to tell," the green girl said with enthusiastic certainty, "It's Kimmie."

"Very well." Dr. Director pushed the button, then leaned back in her chair as the wall-sized screens around the room flickered into life, revealing... the room they were currently in. Kim saw Shego, and opened her mouth to ask what was going on when she noticed that Betty and herself were missing. Then she saw the timecode in the corner of the video. This footage was taken six years ago.

Once again, she watched Dr. Director enter the room and take her place, lay a folder on the table and check her watch. "13:39 on April 21, 2001. Present are myself, Doctor Director, head of Global Justice; and Shego, superhero of Go City and member of Team Go."

"Former member," the younger Shego clarified. "I already quit."

"Which is why we approached you when we did: after you established a bona fide criminal record, before the nature of your misdeeds escalated." The former hero snorted her disbelief, but Dr. Director was not impressed. "We have experience with this sort of thing, Shego. We've seen it before. You already know you're not perfect, and it only takes one mistake to set you on the wrong path." The older woman paused until it was clear Shego was not going to contest her assertion further. "For the record, you are here to confirm your agreement to a covert placement on the behest of Global Justice?"

"You haven't told me what the job is, yet. So far, all I've heard from you is that you want to keep me under control."

"Very astute, but informing you is why we're here." The doctor on the screen raised and activated her own remote control, and the image switched to what was no doubt being displayed on the wall screens: a villain profile. "Drew Lipsky. Alias, Doctor Drakken."

"Mad scientist?" Shego's voice asked.

"Uh, yes. How did you..."

"An experienced guess."

"Hm. Well, he follows the standard mad scientist archetype with the usual variety of psychological disorders... megalomania, persecution complex, bipolar and obsessive-compulsive disorders, etc. He's based right here in his hometown of Middleton."

"Is he really worth you doing the secret base and tube system in this dinky town?"

"Dinky?" Kim repeated with a frown directed at the current Shego, who only shrugged, her smile never faltering.

"Actually, the tri-city area itself warrants a permanent GJ presence. It has become the center of scientific advancement in the entire mid-west. We predict that, when Drakken's escalating behaviour brings him to the attention of of the villainous community, it will also draw their attention here."

The image returned to the conference room as the recorded Shego asked, "So where do I come in? You said covert..."

"Drakken recently paid for an ad in the next issue of Villains Quarterly. He's shopping for a sidekick. We want you to be that sidekick."

Shego's delight was palpable, even from the screen. "I get to play the bad guy? For real?"

"You get to continue indulging your less-than-heroic habits of fighting and stealing while influencing Drakken during his world domination stage."

"Uh, how smart actually is he?"

"As a scientist, he's quite brilliant. However, his lack of attention to detail and social ineptitude should allow you to manipulate him with minimal risk of his becoming aware of it."

The Shego on the screen gave the proposal some thought. "Okay, I like what I'm hearing, but I gotta ask... why so sneaky? Why not just place me in town as the local superhero so I can deal with all the bad guys, instead of this one?"

In response, Dr. Director raised her remote control once more... and a photo of a twelve year old redhead appeared. "Kim Possible."

"Does she have any power?"

"Not like yours, but the Possible family tree is a catalogue of extraordinary people going back for generations. Based on Kimberly's actions to date, she may prove to be the apex of fulfilled human potential."

"Really? All I see is a plucky little redhead with braces."

Eighteen year old Kim crossed her arms with an annoyed humph, but the Betty on the screen was quick to defend her estimation. "She's been earning a black belt in a new style of kung fu every year. Seven so far."

"She's been training since she was five?"

"Her paternal grandmother's idea, originally. She's a very energetic young girl, and very focused. Her parents needed somewhere for her to channel it."

"Huh. She's gonna burn out by her twentieth birthday."

The image of Dr. Director smiled. "Empathizing with her already?" Shego only scowled, so Betty continued, "We believe it's only a matter of time before she starts fighting supervillains, so it's only a matter of time before the two of you cross paths. You're free to use your own judgement, but I expect you to avoid causing her any permanent harm."

"You're talking as if I've already agreed to this..."

"You have only one reason not to, and that's to be contrary. You're a smart girl, Shego. I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusions we did." Betty opened her folder and pulled out some papers and a pen, placing them before the former heroine.

Shego stared into Dr. Director's remaining eye for nearly a minute, her face impassive, before she started reading the contact.

The current Dr. Director chose that moment to end playback. She rose to her feet, smiled at each girl in turn, and left the room.

"Nothing to say, Kimmie?" Shego asked when she decided the stunned silence had gone on long enough. The teenager only held up one finger in response. It seemed she was replaying all their encounters in her mind.

"The little diablos," she finally said.

Shego sighed. "You know how Dr. D likes to rant. Usually he can't keep his mouth shut and I end up tuning him out because he's already explained the actual plan. But that time, he wouldn't explain a damn thing, even when I threatened him. I thought I'd been sloppy and he'd finally gotten suspicious. Turned out, not telling me was part of the plan. 'If you can't figure it out, she can't figure it out.' That's when I realised he might actually win."

Kim still didn't turn to face her. "That's why you fought so hard at BNHQ?"

"Had to put on a good show, but I made it as easy as I could for you to escape without raising Erik's suspicion. He had no previous experience with the mole rat, so it was a sinch to let him underestimate the vermin. And..." Shego sighed again before continuing in the most forthright tone Kim had ever heard from her, "I didn't know about him until I brought him back to the lair. Didn't know Drakken's synthodrone upgrades included an actual face. I could never really say it before, but I'm sorry how that went down, and I don't blame you for what you did."


"That's what I was going to tell you after we took down Electronique."

It took another moment for Kim to process this information, but when she did, she finally looked Shego in the eye and said, "Apology accepted," with a smile. "And for the record, I'm sorry I harshed on you so bad that night, too."

The green girl waved a hand, trying to pass it off as no big. "If I'd ever been the popular girl at school, I probably would have cared about that crap and reacted the same way."

Given the recent revelation, Kim let that attempt at an insult pass. "So... what now?"

"No one else can know about this, Kimmie. Not the buffoon, or nerdlinger, or your family or anyone. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, I'm still mean'n'green but smart enough to take a pardon when it lands in my lap. Promise?"

"Promise," the teen hero agreed. "This explains a lot, actually. Not everything..."

Shego squirmed in her chair to make herself more comfortable. "Fire away, Kimmie. We've got time."