New year resolutions:

1. Read all of last year's mail.

2. Write more. (Preferably more than just KP or Critical Drow... I'm thinking Life Is Strange.)

3. More videos, too. (Might be time to revisit my The Wolf Among Us - Sin City Style project, now it's getting a second season.)

"Doesn't sound second-date-worthy to me," Kim told her kimmunicator as she lounged upside-down across her bed.

"Darn straight, girl," Monique's image answered. "I can excuse a cheap date, but not a bad date. I need to stop crushing on boys and start dating men."

The teen hero smirked at the notion. "Are we talking college, or dirty old?"

"I'll bet daddy knows how to treat his little girl," Monique giggled, before sighing. "Seriously, though, I need to diversify. Maybe it's time to switch teams..."

Kim rolled upright and stared at the device in her hands with surprise. "You mean..."

"You think a girl would ever play me like that?" the darker-skinned girl asked.

"Probably not. I just didn't know you considered girls an option."

"Desperate times, Kim. No offense to the LGBTC, but I'm willin' to take a tour on the sapphic side to get some satisfaction."

It took a heartbeat to realise the C in Monique's acronym stood for 'community' before Kim could verbalize a response. "Wow. Well, that would double your dating pool. Uh... do you have anyone in mind, or..."

The other girl smirked at the redhead's sudden discomfort for a moment before stating, "Bonnie."

"...No. Way."

"She's a smoking hottie, Kim," Monique managed to state completely seriously.

"Until she opens her mouth!"

"I have my way, she won't be using her mouth to talk... unless it's to beg..."

"Buh... wha..." Watching Kim flounder was the final straw. Once the laughter started, it didn't take long for the redhead to catch on. "Monique!"

"Sorry, girlfriend," the other girl crowed, not sounding sorry at all, "But after seein' where your mind was goin', I figured only Bonnie would shake it off. And the look on your face was totally worth it."

"Yeah, well..."

"I know you're okay with the gay, so I figure you only get tweaked when it gets personal."

Kim sighed. "Some of my fans are gay, or... queer? I think that's the umbrella term. I didn't even know non-binary was a thing, until... anyway, I don't mind inspiring people to be brave enough to come out, or to stay brave long enough to get out of a phobic environment first; but the love letters I get can be a bit... much. And since I started dating Ron, there's been some backlash."


"Yeah. For some reason, they'd rather see me dating Shego."

"The green girl with the glowing hands?" Monique considered that for a moment, then shrugged. "Well, opposites do attract, so you an' Shego definitely qualify."

The teen hero gawked at her. "But... it's Shego! I mean, I get that she's hot, but I've lost count of how many times she's tried to kill me!"

"But you admit, she is hot. So if you two were grapplin' with each other, and she suddenly started kissing you, you wouldn't kiss back?"

To her credit, Kim took a moment to try and imagine it. "I... just don't see it happening, Monique. Especially after... it just hasn't been the same since the little diablo thing. And to be honest, I think it's my fault. I was ferociously harsh, at the end..."

"Lemme ask you another question, then. If Shego did take you to a fancy restaurant, do you think she'd try to make you order from the kids' menu? Or pay with coupons? 'Cause I gotta say, even my date wasn't that bad."

"He made up for that," the teen hero grumbled.

"Be honest, girl. Any other boy did that, you'd cut them loose without a second thought." The only response Monique got was Kim dropping her face into her pillow and groaning. "That's what I thought. So, third and final question." Monique took a deep breath and released it. "You're dating your best friend, who's a boy. Would dating your other best friend, who's a girl, be so bad?"

Kim looked back up, saw the fragile expression on the other girl's face, and her heart melted. Those fan-written love letters made her uncomfortable because of how they made her feel. She was supposed to be a basic, average girl (occasional world-save-age notwithstanding), and queer was not basic or average. She had done her best to ignore those feelings. Any associated fantasies she may have had were explained away as healthy curiosity, nothing more.

Not being completely honest with herself was one thing, but letting that denial hurt one of her closest friends? Kim couldn't do it. Swallowing, she finally said, "Mo... if I was gonna date a girl... it'd be you."

Monique smiled at the adorable look on the redhead's face. "How d'ya think Ron would take it?"

"Before, I'd say he'd approve of any girl-on-girl action. Now..." Kim smirked, "He'd probably freak over the competition."

"And he'd be right to," Monique added smugly, before... the redhead stared as the other girl bit her lip and gave her a look she'd never seen before. She was reminded of the puppy dog pout, but this provoked a different reaction. "So... what do you think we should do about this?"

Kim had to swallow before responding, "I don't know, Mo."

"We could do something right now," the darker-skinned girl suggested. Though the screen only showed her head and shoulders, it was obvious that she was shifting position in her chair as she spoke. "I dunno about you, but a little playtime before bed helps me sleep." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before smiling, biting her lip again and humming contentedly. As her eyes opened once more, she asked, "Think you can play with me, girlfriend?"

"I, uh... are you..."

"Would it be easier if we did this over the phone, instead?"

"No!" Kim answered immediately. Whatever was about to happen, she did not want to lose sight of those eyes and lips when it did. "No, this is good... I've just... never done this before. Hold on." Perching the communicator on her bedside table, she yanked her duvet down, rolled off of it, and pulled it back over her once she was in position. She started to lean over to pick the device back up, paused, reached under the duvet to pull her sweatpants off, tossing them to the floor.

"Atta girl," she heard Monique whisper with a shaky breath.

The heroine swiped up the kimmunicator with one hand while the other slid down under the duvet and between her legs. "Don't get too far ahead of me," she said as she started to stroke herself.

"I'm not comin' without you, Kim," the other girl promised, before letting out a low moan at the sight of the redhead's flushed face. Sitting at her computer, she had a hand free; she used it to undo a few buttons on her pyjama top, nudging the wheeled chair back slightly so Kim could see the smooth, dark valley she was exposing.

She ran her hand from the still-fastened button up between her breasts to her neck, tilting her head back as her fingertips reached her jawline, then slowly sliding them back down, parting the fabric a little farther as she looked back at Kim with smouldering eyes. "I want your lips on my skin," she told her breathlessly. "I want to kiss you until you're gasping, but I also want to feel you all along here. Your breath, your lips, your tongue..." her breath hitched as she bucked slightly.

"Just there?" the redhead asked, increasing her own efforts under the duvet as she noticed that the silk covering Monique's breasts did nothing to disguise the hardened nipples underneath.

"No," Monique whispered, and her fingers slipped under the fabric. "Your mouth should go exploring either side, farther and farther, until..." her fingers reached her nipple, and she pinched hard, provoking a gasp from both of them, "...Until you catch this between your tongue and teeth."

"You," Kim's voice hitched, "You like that?"

"Yeah," the other girl breathed. "Oh ye-hah... might even get them pierced, someday..."


Running the pad of her forefinger around the nipple she was teasing, Monique's attention returned to the screen in front of her. "Are you wet, Kim?"


"Are your fingers inside?"

"Not yet."

"Put them in, girlfriend. I wanna see the look on your face when you imagine me sliding my fingers into you."

Their eyes locked as Kim did as she was told, and she could tell Monique was doing the same. The next minute or two, their only communication came in gasps and groans, each encouraging the other to bring themselves closer to climax.

"How many fingers?" Monique asked between heavy breaths.


"Middle two?"

"Yuh-huh," Kim almost squeaked as she shuddered.

"Not yet, Kim... nearly..."

"Was just a... little one..."

"Heh... I wonder how m-many I could give you... before the big one..."

The teen hero found herself biting her own lip as she smiled, before panting, "If you're lucky... you might find out someday..."

Monique giggled. "You're sassy when you're wet for me."

Kim didn't have time to reason what set her off, only that it had. She was vaguely aware of the other girl's voice saying, "Fuck, yeah... come for Mo, baby..." before following the redhead's example.

When Kim sufficiently recovered her breath and senses, she realised she was holding the kimmunicator loosely in her hand. "Aw, man, did I drop it?"

"Not until the end, girlfriend," Monique assured her. "You gave a damn good show."

"So did you. I don't think I'll ever be able to call you Mo without thinking of... that."

"Good. Because the only time you do get to call me that is when you're either cravin' more Mo, or havin' more Mo."


Monique's smile turned distinctly naughty as another thought occurred. "So, you gonna tell Ron about this sooner rather than later, or will it be our dirty little secret for a while?"

"I don't know. I should tell him, but... this is kinda a lot."

"I'm good either way, baby. You just let me know when it happens. As for the next time this happens... I want us to be in the same bed when it does. Then we'll have all kinds of options. Sleepover, Saturday?"

Kim's mind was still stuck on Monique's idea of 'options' as she said, "Definitely."

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