Hi! This is a story about three girls who go into the 2007 movie of Hairspray. The girls, Carmen, Crystal and Jeanne, will tell the story in alternating points of view. Anyway, here is the first chapter with Carmen. Enjoy!

Me: Hey, where's the disclaimer?

Crystal: Why do you need it anyway? This is your story!

Me: Do I own Hairspray or do you or your friends own it? NO. That's why I need the disclaimer.

Jeanne: What she means to say is SideshowJazz1 owns nothing from Hairspray. (This goes for the whole story.)

It was the last history lesson of the term. We had finished everything we needed to learn for the term, and now we were watching a movie. Although, our teacher had tried to make it connect to our Black Civil Rights subject by choosing a musical called Hairspray, set in 1962, Baltimore, Maryland. The story was about a girl called Tracy Turnblad, who loved to dance. Her dream was to go on her favourite TV show and win the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant that only girls on the show entered in. However, when she did get onto the show, replacing another girl, she found herself trying to integrate it and not only having the small crush on the heartthrob of the show, but being totally in love with him. Finally, she managed to integrate it, and a black girl who wasn't even a candidate initially won the pageant.

I'd seen Hairspray before, but I loved it. Well, I'd seen the new movie, but we were watching the old, and I'd heard it was a little different. Tracy still sang all the songs in the same one, but before she auditioned for the show, there was a three-way split song, showing first Tracy, then the daughter of the show's producer and a dancer, Amber, and finally Tracy's best friend Penny.

"Stop!" Their mothers chorused.

"Stop telling me what to do-o." sang Penny.


"Don't treat me like a child of two-o." sang Amber.


"I know that you want what's best..." sang Tracy.


"But Mother, please..."

"Give it a re-est!" all three girls sang, and they all went into a song about knowing what was best for them themselves.

We'd got to the end by the end of the double lesson, and we walked out, talking about it with my best friends, Crystal and Jeanne. (I'm Carmen.)

"Wouldn't it be cool to be a normal girl and yet on a show?" said Jeanne. "Amber and them, they all go to the same school as the other kids-Tracy's even in the same class as Amber, and yet she's a dancer too."

"I wasn't paying that much attention." Crystal giggled. "I don't know the name of that guy-one of the black ones, but he's so hot!"

I grinned. "I don't know. And I'm assuming it wasn't Seaweed?" I said, using the name of the black boy that taught Tracy the dance that got her on the show. "But anyway," I said, "I liked the other movie. But the guy that played Link in both versions was so hot, I'd fight anyone for him!" Link was the boy who ended up with Tracy, the cute boy on the show. He was with Amber at the beginning, but soon realized that Tracy was the one for him.

Crystal and Jeanne and I talked about nothing else but Hairspray for the last week of school. The live show was coming to our city, and we all arranged to get tickets to it.

But before we could, something else happened. We were all in the city, shopping, and we decided to take a different turn, and found this really dark junk shop.

"Why don't we go in?" I suggested. "It's not like it'll ruin our reps. No one'll see us."

"Who cares if anyone does see us?" scoffed Crystal. "Let's go in."

Jeanne sighed. "It's kind of dark, and don't say anything about my sunglasses. I'm not taking them off, my eyes are not losing them!"

"It's only a fashion statement." Crystal sighed. "Leave it, Jeanne. Let's go in."

We walked in, staring at everything. Just about all the items on the shelves seemed to be from the 60s!

I began to sing softly to myself "Welcome to the 60s, oh oh oh oh oh, oh Mama welcome to the 60s..."

Jeanne nudged me. "Carm, look over here, this is so creepy yet cool at the same time."

Crystal and I looked. There was a can of a very familiar brand of hairspray-Ultraclutch!

"That's it." Crystal grinned. "I'm buying this."

"I have to see if I can get my hair like Tracy's when we get back, then."

"Big, blonde, and beautiful..." sang Jeanne laughingly. (I have dark brown hair, almost black, but she's blonde.) "I am totally trying this on too."

"Me too." Crystal added, as she bought it.

We went to Crystal's place to try on the hairspray. First, we all backcombed our hair, singing "(It's) Hairspray". It was a perfect song. I'm a brunette, Crystal has red hair, and Jeanne is blonde, so we were having fun, looking at each other as we sang "So if you're a redhead, a blonde or brunette..."

"The only thing better than hairspray...that's me!" We all finished, giggling.

"Crystal, you bought it." I said. "You can put it on first."

"No, Jeanne found it." Crystal protested.

"But Carmen's more obsessed with Hairspray than either of us!" Jeanne said.

"I am not!" I said playfully. Then I snatched the can and began spraying it on Crystal. Jeanne tried to take the can and Crystal touched it too, but just as I stopped spraying it...it went on spraying. We were soon in a fog of hairspray.

"What the-" I breathed.

"What's happening?" whispered Jeanne.

"WTF is going on?" shrieked Crystal.

We all closed our eyes so the chemicals wouldn't sting our eyes, and by the time we deemed it safe to open them, we were in a different place entirely.

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