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We were back at Crystal's.

"Wow, was that the most intense dream, or was it real?" I said.

"It was totally real." Crystal said. "We're wearing the same clothes, and we have the autographs." (My autographs were unique to everyone else's, and I had an especially cemented friendship autograph from Penny.)

"Wow, does that mean I get to keep this dress?" Jeanne squealed. "I'm still wearing this awesome pink one!"

"Ahem." a new voice said. All three of us spun around.

"How did you two get here?"

Amber and Tracy were on Crystal's bed, staring around at everything. Tracy held up a can of UltraClutch. "Guess we accidentally got caught up in the cloud of hairspray."

"Shouldn't Penny and the boys be here, then?" I said.

Amber shrugged. "Well, they're not. I'm really glad they're not, though. I don't have to watch this one-" she pointed to Tracy- "Being all over Link."

"Amber, that's not fair!" Tracy protested.

"Break it up." Jeanne said. "Do you two want to get back to your home, or not?" Tracy nodded, but Amber shrugged.

"I don't know. Maybe it'll be fun, hanging out in the future. Can I see the film with us?"

"I don't have it on DVD." Crystal told them. "Anyway, we have to work out what to do, first."

"I'll bet my mom will let one of you stay over." said Jeanne. "Only one of you, though."

"Trace, you can stay with me." Crystal said before I could speak. "Amber can stay with Jeanne."

"Wait!" Crystal exclaimed. "Jeanne, Carm, remember we were going to have a sleepover here next week? I think my mom will let us have it now! I'll just go ask her." She was back soon, with good news. "She said yes! And I told her about you two-" she pointed to Tracy and Amber- "And Trace, she said you can stay for a couple days, and both of you can stay over for the night. We have got to get Hairspray out from the rental place."

Jeanne and I got our home stuff while Crystal got the movie. Jeanne, who was as petite as Amber, let her borrow pyjamas, and Tracy, though a bit bigger, though not taller than Crystal, was able to fit Crystal's biggest pair of pyjamas.

Our sleepover was great. First we watched the film over pizza (Two giant ones between the five of us) and popcorn (one bowl), with vanilla icecream drenched in chocolate sauce and with hundreds and thousands of hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top afterwards.

After the movie, we lay in the dark of Crystal's room, talking.

"Was I seriously like that?" Amber exclaimed. "I swear, I've never seen such a self-absorbed self-confident girl that was on that movie."

"You weren't like that all the time." Jeanne reassured her. "Although you were worse at the beginning, but your mom was much worse than you the whole time."

"The film is kind of biased towards me." Tracy said quietly. "I'm not like that. I am not as bubbly as it shows."

"Of course you are!" Crystal argued. "You're more optimistic and friendly than anyone I know."

"It's true." I agreed. "I think the movie got your personality exactly right."

"You know, I've never been to a sleepover before." Amber said quietly. "Not one like this. It was really fun."

"Well, until you get back to 1962, every evening will be like a sleepover!" Jeanne giggled.

Amber's POV

Jeanne and her friends had fallen asleep by midnight.

"So what are we gonna do?" Tracy whispered. "How are we supposed to get back?"

"Duh, hairspray can." I rolled my eyes.

"So are you staying, or what?" Me and Tracy had kind of had the same idea, hoping to see the future. I was thinking of staying, since I had a friend here. But then I thought about Mom. In a lot of ways, she needed me. I couldn't be her, and I vowed to become a likeable Amber Von Tussle, but I could still be her daughter.

"I'm not." I answered Tracy. "We better go."

"I think I should probably leave a note." Tracy said. She wrote a goodbye and left the paper on Crystal's dresser.

"By the way, what did you write in your autographs?" I questioned.

Tracy went pink. "Oh, nothing much. You?"

It was my turn to blush. "Ditto." I snatched up the hairspray can, and with that, we were gone.

Crystal's POV

I found Tracy's note. "Wow, so I guess that's the end." Carmen said.

"Um...the end of what exactly?" Jeanne questioned. "I don't really understand."

"Our crazy Hairspray adventure." I said. "Keep up, Jeanne."

It seemed as if it had never happened, and all we had were the memories. Wasn't that just wonderful? Just peachy? No explanation at all. Well, maybe I'd learn more about it when I get older. Or maybe the real characters are still out there.

I did go on Facebook and looked up "Tracy Turnblad" as a person, and nothing came up. I tried "Penelope Pingleton", "Seaweed Stubbs", "Lincoln Larkin", and "Amber Von Tussle" but nothing came up for any of them.

So I guess this is the end for our adventure. An unsatisfying end, but I don't want any flames for reviews. Although reviews would be nice!

The End

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