AN: My first published fic! Please review, I always do it for you! I own nothing, Harry Potter belongs to a certain very talented British woman who I think we all know. Edit: I've decided to go back and put Evanescence lyrics in every chapter. These are from Sweet Sacrifice.


One day I'm gonna forget your name,

One sweet day, you're gonna drown in my lost pain.

Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time.

I'm afraid to close my eyes, knowing that all I will see behind them is you.

I'm afraid to sleep, knowing the suppressed memories wait to appear in my dreams.

I wander through these walls, trying to forget.

The feeling of your terrible curses, the anger that fills the words with power.

The feeling of being held in your arms, a knife at my throat, too weak to stand.

If you could see what you have done to me, would you care?

Of course not.

My pain is your pleasure; you laughed as I screamed. Oh, that laugh.

The laugh that haunts me in the dark of night, that horrible cackle that I can always hear in the back of my head.

Your depraved amusement that shows your twisted soul, so deeply stained that it cannot heal.

I have never met anyone like you, anyone who takes such joy from a girl's suffering.

My agony, my humiliation, my sacrifice.

I did nothing to anger you; you know it as well as I do. You hurt me for fun, not for gain.

That is what sickens me. I will never forget the pain, never forget you. The two will always be linked.

The worst part is that this is exactly the effect you wanted.