A/N: Here's a very small piece I wrote based on a prompt a friend submitted. Hope you enjoy.

Lily's limited wisdom on all matters Quidditch barred her from knowing what the emblem on his shirt meant. She recognized the symbols as two inter-crossing wheat straws (or at least that is what they appeared to be) but she was ignorant as to their significance. They shone against the navy blue background that was the rest of the shirt and Lily noted that her boyfriend look really, really good in blue.

Lily tried to concentrate on the task at hand: looking through the copious amount of papers he had kept over the years and determining which were important enough to keep. Her eyes, however, wandered to him once more just as he hoisted a heavy box of old books onto his bed, unaware of her watchful eyes.

"Nice shirt," she commented conversationally.

He stopped sorting through his books to grin at her. "My team, Puddlemere United," he explained. "You like it?"

Lily bit her lip in mock thoughtfulness. "You know, on second thought," she said shaking her head solemnly. "No. It is horrid, actually."

He frowned.

Trying her best not to smile, Lily set down the stack of papers she was helping him organize. She really ought not to distract him. After all, she had been the one nagging at him to clean out his room before graduation. But they were alone- completely alone- in his dorm for the first time in ages. Slowly, Lily walked across empty dormitory to where he stood. "I can't even stand to look at it," she started, he tone playful.

James watched her, drawing closer to him and arched an eyebrow.

"Here," she murmured, tugging at the hem. "Let me help you take it off."

He caught on and chuckled, lifting his arms over head as she peeled the shirt off him. With a smirk and a slight wave of her wand, she locked the door.

"Better?" he asked, his voice slightly husky.

"Much," she replied, her fingers playing softly over the skin on the back of his neck.

Wasting no more of the little time they had left before Sirius or someone else came knocking at the door, as usual, Lily pulled him down to her.