A/N: Very short one-shot of Lily, James, and baby Harry. Inspired by a YouTube video my boyfriend showed me.

Disclaimer: All of these wonderful characters belong to JKR.

Lily had spent the whole morning working in the garden and thus relished briefly on the cool breeze that hit her as soon as she walked inside the house, a result of the cooling charm they had placed days before. Her eyes, however, soon fell on the mess in the sitting room, obviously untouched since she started working in the garden. Irritated, she marched into the kitchen where the same unattended mess from the morning awaited her. "James!" she called, the annoyance clear in her voice. "James!"

Getting no reply, she climbed the stairs at a hasty pace. She could hear their baby's laughter from the hall, followed by James's own chuckling and the sound of something tearing. Scrunching her eyebrows, Lily quickened her pace.

Upon entering their room, the first thing she saw was tiny bits of paper scattered across the floor and furniture. A grinning James stood at the foot of their large bed, clutching a handful of loose papers and stacking them into a pile before him. And seated in the middle of the bed, eyes bright and cheeks glowing pink with mirth, was Harry.

"Again?" James asked him enthusiastically.

The baby looked at his father and squealed, flapping his arms contently.

Lily leaned against the door frame and watched curiously, forgetting all intentions of yelling at James for not cleaning up like she asked him to. James playfully fanned a single sheet of parchment in front of Harry and for some reason unknown to her, father and son laughed once more, almost in sync.

"What on earth are you two doing?"

James looked up at the sound of her voice, traces of laughter still etched on his handsome face. "Lily, look," he said waving her over. "Harry loves it when I do this. Watch."

He held out the same piece of parchment in front of his son. The baby watched him with anticipation, his small mouth already opening in amusement. Swiftly, so swiftly that Lily jumped, James ripped the paper in half. The baby shrieked with laughter at once.

"That's it?" Lily asked, but she was laughing as well.

"He loves it," James replied, shrugging.

Harry shrieked to get his father's attention once more. Beaming, James ripped the parchment in half once again. The loud sound of the tearing sent the baby into hysterics which in turn made his parents laugh loudly as well. When his father did it one last time, Harry's giggles sent his tiny body toppling on its side onto the cushioned comforter. James laughed lightly before helping him sit up once more.

"You two," Lily said once she had caught her breath. "Sometimes I swear I have two children instead of one."