HEY! More Aloomy… God I'm on a role…

"Speed, look out!" Tommy ducked and swerved, manoeuvring himself around the oncoming hail of bullets. He turned around and ran at the oncoming attacker, throwing away his gun and knocking him unconscious. He looked around the bank, eyes quickly scanning the crowd, searching for tuff of blond hair with in the crowd of police and hostages. A hand found it's self on his shoulder and he turned to see the tired and not at all impressed god of war.

"Hi…" he said, his attempted smile quickly turning into a grimace as he saw the blank and unimpressed expression he gained in return. His eyes darted up and down the smaller boys body, unconsciously checking the other boys appearance for any sign of injury.

"You ok…?"

"NO." He snapped, Tommy flinched slightly, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"Really…? Cause I-"


Alex glared at him angrily.

"You could have been killed. Your not Hulkling, Speed. If you get shot, you will die. Or is that to complicated for you to get through your thick skull?"

Tommy pouted and rubbed his reddening cheek.

"You didn't have to HIT me…"

Alex rolled his eyes, his lips twitching up slightly.

Tommy sniffed sulkily as Alex moved forward placing his small hands on the older boys cheeks forcing him to look into the young gods eyes. He smiled coyly, standing on his toes and leaning into the other till their faces seconds apart.

"Speed…" He breathed, leaning even closed. Tommy smirked, long arms snacking loosely around his thin waist.

"Yeah,babe?" he whispered.


"Don't do that again."