"Stop, stop, please, stop!"

Jack grinned. Nothing quite like a giggling Time Lord. He had pinned the Doctor beneath himself and dug his fingers into every ticklish spot the Doctor had until he lay gasping for breath, helpless under the onslaught.

"See what happens when you get saucy with me?" Jack said, grinning. "Think you can behave now?"


"Then I'll just have to punish you another way," said Jack, rolling over and pulling the Time Lord on top. "Straddle me and ride my cock."

The Doctor did as he was bid, raising up and reaching behind himself to guide his lover inside. Jack grasped him at the waist and held him still. "No moving, and no touching yourself," he said sternly. He sprawled lazily on his back, the Doctor straddling his hips, sitting perfectly still as Jack had told him to do.

The Doctor had been sitting like that for some time now, in almost an agony to move, but Jack wouldn't let him. When he tried to touch himself Jack slapped his hands away with a grunt of disapproval. The Doctor's expressive brows were drawn together. He bit his lower lip and whimpered.

"Please, Jack!" The Doctor moaned, eyes large and pleading. "If you don't let me move I'm going to die! I just know it!"

Jack skimmed his hands soothingly up and down those delicious thighs, almost, but not quite, touching the Doctor's arousal. "No, sweethearts, not yet. Unless you're getting really tired. Are you?"

He seemed reluctant to reply. Again, he looked pleadingly at his lover, seeming to search for the right words.

"Tell me, now," Jack said. "Don't wear yourself out. You are, aren't you? And you didn't want to say so because you want to please me? Isn't that right?"

The Time Lord nodded shyly. "We missed out on so much when I was hurt…I wanted to make up for it."

"And so you've been pushing yourself," Jack said. "My poor baby."

"Say that again?" The Doctor's eyes darkened, more lust-filled than ever.

"You like that? You like me calling you my baby?"

"Oh, yes, I do. I like it a lot."

Jack grasped him around the waist and skillfully rolled so that he stayed inside his lover's body while taking the top.

"My sweet, sexy baby, trying so hard to please me," he rasped. "Now let me please you." He began to slide in and out slowly. "Do you know what you do to me? How good it feels inside you? So soft and wet and accommodating. Like wet satin inside. Tell me how it feels."

"Oh, so hot, Jack, so very hot…you humans with your hot blood. You burn in me so wonderfully, you fill me up and you go so deep. When you move it's like fire inside me and I want to burn for you." Jack moved in slow little grinding circles and the Doctor groaned loudly. "Jack, Jack, I can't wait until you come inside me, oh, if you only knew how it feels when I feel you filling me up. It makes my talas feel like they're going to explode."

"Gods, but you can't get enough, can you? Even as tired as you are…I'm going to make you come so good. My baby deserves it." He slid one arm beneath the Doctor's behind and pulled him snugly against himself, bracing himself against the headboard with the other arm. He slid almost all the way out, then thrust himself hard back inside. The Doctor cried out in pleasure. Jack took his mouth and worked on those lovely talas. He swallowed the Doctor's beautiful moans, the sounds catching fire in his brain, his body taking over for him in an almost animalistic way.

The Doctor clung to him, his whimpers and moans an obscene song in Jack's ears. He felt the Doctor's long fingers digging into his back. He went as deeply as he could and shortened his stokes to a staccato rhythm, his tongue working the talas mercilessly. Almost there…almost. The Doctor's chest heaved like a bellows. He took a deep breath then began to growl.

Jack gripped the Doctor's legs and draped them over his shoulders, almost bending his lover double, lengthening his strokes. The Time Lord suckled Jack's tongue greedily and squirmed deliciously. He pulled away from the kiss. "Say it," he demanded. "Say your name to me. I won't let you come until you do."

It came out almost like a song, a liquid, melodic string of syllables that may well have taken up a paragraph had it been written down. Jack doubted he could pronounce it correctly, but he did not doubt he would remember every nuance. It slipped off the Doctor's tongue as though it were a song of joy and utter freedom, like a prayer, a catechism of pure love, and a chain of sound binding them together in a silvery unbreakable bond. It sounded like victory over despair and darkness, like white light made audible. It ripped into Jack's consciousness, and he knew then that the Doctor, meaning to make Jack hear it well and truly this time, had linked with him telepathically. The meaning nigh to impossible to translate, the name summed up everything the Doctor was, his birth, his long years, his happiness and heartsbreak, all the fear and pain and loss…and all the joy, the victories and unspeakable pleasure as well.

With one last powerful thrust Jack tipped him over the edge. He felt the Doctor clench around him, the muscles rippling, pulling him in deeper and deeper. He felt the splash between them as the Doctor came without so much as a touch to his cock. The Doctor's growl turned into a howl of ecstasy and then into sobs and Jack finally let himself come, feeling the delicious throbbing pulse start in his crotch only to slam through his body like lightning as he filled his lover with his seed.

"Gods," Jack gasped. "You make me come so hard, you little minx. You really love it, don't you, baby?"

"I do with you," replied the Doctor. "You really are a good lover."

"Well, I consider it part of being a top. I have to make my baby happy so he'll always want more." He rolled over on his side, taking his lover with him, wrapping his arms around the Time Lord's slim body, taking in the flushed, dewy, satisfied and utterly contented expression on the Doctor's face. He grinned. "I said I was going to count every freckle on your face." His grin grew more mischievous. He began kissing freckles, counting each one with a peck. Fifty seven kisses later, he finished, drinking in the sound of giggling Time Lord yet again. He looked deeply into his lover's soft brown eyes, yet again marveling at their beauty, the subtle differences between human and Gallifreyan, the opalescent yellow and gold specks and threads that made him think of stardust. He stroked the Doctor's back, trailing his fingers gently up and down his love's spine and had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself laughing when he heard a gentle purring. Yet one more delightful difference between their species.

He kissed the soft skin of the Doctor temple, and watched as his lover's eyelids drooped like those of a tired child. "Sweet dreams, baby," he whispered, grinning at the soft, indecipherable mumble of a reply. The Time Lord slipped into a deep sleep, safe and comfy in his lover's arms.

Over the days and weeks that followed, the Doctor grew stronger, in both body and spirit. He grew closer than ever to Jack's team. To Jack's amusement they began to spoil him a bit, themselves, bringing him treats and tea, doing him little favors, letting him make messes of their work stations and the archives. When they left for the day the Doctor would bid them all goodnight and when they arrived in the morning, he bubbled over with affection.

The sex was great…and everywhere. The Doctor and Jack christened every part of both Hub and TARDIS. Yet day by day Jack saw the time coming he both looked forward to and dreaded. Slowly but surely, the Time Lord grew more and more ready to take his rightful and needed place in the universe.

That day finally came. Jack had seen it coming and knew when he woke that morning it had arrived. The Doctor lay in his arms with a distant look on his face and longing in his eyes.

"You're going to leave, aren't you?" He had to take care to not let it sound like an accusation. This is what he had been trying to do, wasn't it? Help the Doctor get back to being his elusive, infuriating and wonderful self…

"I'm ready," he answered. He placed his hand on Jack's cheek. "Couldn't have done without you," he said softly, all the sincerity in all creation in his eyes.

"You'll be back," Jack smiled sadly. "You're mine now. And you have the TARDIS. For you, you could be gone for weeks, but for me you could make it every few days, right?"

"S'pose I could at that." He gave Jack a big, soppy grin. "Especially if you tell me to."

"Then that's an order." Jack grasped him and rolled on top. He could hear his team above but paid no mind. Let them be late rising today… Let them hear the sounds he and his lover made. He didn't care. He had to have his lover again before he said goodbye.

Once they did rise, they pretty much goofed off with the Team and Martha the rest of the day after breaking the news. Gwen called Rhys so he could spend time with the Doctor. Late that evening, the hour arrived, and the Doctor hugged them all fiercely. He threw himself into Jack's arms and kissed his husband tenderly, lingering for a bit, committing every millisecond to memory, to be gone over again and again until they could reunite.

He had soniced Jack's phone so as to be able to talk with his love frequently. "You'll call me," said the Doctor. "Promise me."

"I promise. And just you don't forget your promise you'll be more careful and think of me before taking needless risks."

"I won't forget," he said, smiling softly. "You're my husband now. I have to keep that in mind. I'll miss you," he whispered. He hugged Jack tightly, and Jack held his lover just as tightly.

Jack reluctantly let him go. The Doctor paused in the doorway to the TARDIS and let his eyes flick over the Hub, over Jack's little group, finally resting his eyes on his husband. "I'll be home soon," he said. The door closed. The TARDIS whirred and groaned.

And he was gone.

Jack laughed. "Did you hear that?" he said, grinning at his team.

"What?" Rhys asked.

"He said, 'home,'" Jack said, and laughed through his sadness.

They all moped for a few days. Turned out for no good reason at all. As good as his word, the Doctor returned just shy of a week later. As months went by, they all grew accustomed to his comings and goings. He regaled them with tales of his adventures. Once he had brokered peace between warring worlds via his match-making skills. He told them he had helped the son and daughter of the leaders to meet in secret before finally revealing their love to their parents, therefore ending a decades-long conflict. He had gone from that adventure to helping the Wright brothers finally get off the ground. He listened eagerly to all their news, taking pleasure in their so-human day-to-day doings. Ianto proposed to Martha, and Martha said yes. Gwen and Rhys decided to try to have a baby.

Jack became more content. He had much fewer days when he was testy. His team grew accustomed to his being more open and trusting. He rarely had a bad day now. He did crack down on careless handling of alien tech after a somewhat heated discussion between himself and his Time Lord, but that worked out well in the end. He showed the Doctor the virtues of making-up sex. He had the Doctor firmly in his life now and all was right with the universe.

One night as they lay tangled together, he kissed the Doctor on the forehead. "I'm so proud of you," he said.

"Said it before, couldn't have done without you," said the Time Lord.

"Is it wrong of me to miss you being so scared, to miss you needing me?"

"What makes you think I don't need you still?"

"Do you?"

The Doctor placed his fingertips on Jack's temple. "May I?"

"Of course," Jack smiled.

He felt the Doctor's presence. And there it was, as surely as the stars in the heavens: need. Need…

And a sense of homecoming.


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