Chapter One: Who Am I Living For?

Quinn Fabray was thinking hard. Ever since she lost Finn, Sam was her backup. She wasn't going to risk losing him this time.

She was listening to a CD of her favourite songs. All of them were about losing the love of your life, with the exception of Daft Punk's 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger', which was only on there because it was her workout song. She got out a pen and wrote a song of her own. She called it 'Faith'. It was dedicated to Sam. Sam had blond hair, huge lips and a haircut similar to Quinn's current hairstyle.

Everything happened before Nationals. Her loss of Sam, her loss of Finn, her loss of prom queen title, her loss of her amazing ability to hide the 'Lucy Caboosey' past and her loss of peace.

Quinn was wearing a white dress and a yellow cardigan, which was tied in a knot. She wore it last year, while she was still dating Puck. Puck was gone to her. Ancient history. She wanted zilch to do with him.

She formed an unsuccessful music group called 'The Unholy Trinity' with Brittany and Santana, but they quit due to lack of interest.

She had nothing. Nothing but a bedroom, a life, a house and a daughter that she gave up for adoption.

Quinn sighed. "Why me?"

Quinn continued to write her own songs. She wrote two more, called 'Hat's Off To You" about Rachel and 'Did We Date?" about Puck. It was nearly dinner. Quinn checked her emails. No new messages.

"Quinny, dinner time!" said her mother, Judy cheerfully.

"Coming!" she replied. She shut down her computer.

She thought about her Sam-seducing plans over dinner.

"Anything new happen at school?" asked Judy.

"Rachel and Finn are back together. Brittany and Santana have come closer together" Quinn told her mother

"That's great honey"

"Also, Sam and Mercedes have been hanging out lately"

"Why don't you join them?"

"It looks like more than just a friendship"

"So? Just spend more time with them. They are both nice kids."

"They kissed in glee club. Do friends kiss?"

"It'll work"

Jackpot. Judy gave Quinn an idea. Meddling with Sam and Mercedes. Genius.

Dinner was finished. Quinn left the table.

"Don't you want desert sweetie?" Judy asked

"I'm not hungry anymore"

Quinn wrote a new song called 'Lightbulb'.

A/N: Did you like? I ship Samcedes, but I like Quam more.