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Time had flown by for Harry and Draco. They had gotten into a comfortable routine in their life together and both were happy with it. Draco had convinced Harry to take at least a yearly holiday to get away from everything. Harry had chosen July as his vacation time, just so that he was not pressured into going to Ministry celebrations over the fall of Voldemort. One would think that after so long people would stop the celebrating. After the first year, it had gotten old. Before Harry and Draco knew it, their friends were marrying and having children of their own. Ron and Hermione had little Rose and Hugo and they were all currently at a park watching the two children play. Hermione was ever the over protective mother, watching over her children like a hawk while the men sat on a bench and watched in amusement.

"Do you two reckon you'll ever adopt?" Ron asked suddenly, his love for Harry as a brother had eventually extended to Draco over time. It had taken a few years but,a fter the birth of Rose, Ron had been very willing to let bygones be bygones. Both Harry and Draco looked over at Ron, their mouths agape in shocekd disbelief.

"No...no I don't think so." Harry said after a few silent moments. Ron looked past Harry to Draco, who was shaking his head in the negative.

"No. I agree with Harry. We've had this discussion already and neither one of us are very keen on having a child." He concurred and put his arm around Harry. As this was a wizarding park, there was no need to hide their affection for one another. Ron was looking slightly pale and then he asked the question that most anyone would ask:

"Don't you need an heir for the Malfoy line?" Draco laughed softly and waved it off dismissively.

"No. Lines die off all the time, Ronald. I'm alright with being the last Malfoy. I don't need an heir to be happy or feel complete. I get that with just Harry and I. There is no true reason for me to have an heir. Like I said, Harry and I have had this discussion and we are both fine with having our lines end with us. It's probably better that way considering everything with the war. Any child I would have would be recieved negatively. Any child Harry would have would inherit Harry's celebrity." Draco explained and Ron gaped at him still, shaking his head and muttering about them both being nutters. Hermione took that time to come over with Rose and Hugo, all three of them grinning with a flush of excitement.

"Hugo made the swing hover!" Hermione exclaimed proudly. Considering Hugo's very young age, this was an achievement to be proud of. Harry and Draco both praised Hugo eagerly and Ron lifted the boy up, tossed him, and caught him again, making his son squeal in delight. It had been a carefree day and then they had all gone to the Burrow to have an outside dinner with the Weasley clan, which had started to accept Draco after a time. Harry had told Draco time and again to be patient. The Slytherin was decidedly not the most patient person in the world and he had confronted not Mr. Weasley, but Mrs. Weasley. Harry had not doubt that Mr. Weasley would have accepted Draco immediately after seeing how happy they were together. But was a whole other situation.

"Mum asked if you still had a scar on your arm. I think she's half hoping you do." Ron said with a silly, wistful, smile. Draco's cheeks tinted pink just slightly and Harry had a hard time not laughing. When Draco had confronted her, Mrs. Weasley had not held back in whipping out her wand and brandishing it at Draco. It's a good thing that she is not a bad woman or she might have killed him.

"No, it's faded. Was she able to mend her favorite apron?" Draco drawled with his trademark smirk. This time Ron's ears turned red.

"Yes." Was his simple reply. Harry was glad that he and Draco were not going to adopt. He liked kids well enough but he didn't have to have his own to prove it. Nor did he need a house full of children to feel as if he'd accomplished anything. He adored Ron's and Hermione's children and that's where he'd leave it. Draco slung and arm around Harry's waist when they finally departed for the day. It was strange to live in the Manor but it had become home for him. And, honestly, life could not get any better.