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Oresama's Nekogirisu

"Don`t be fooled by me. Don`t be fooled by the masks I wear. For I wear thousands of masks, and none of them is me."-Anonymous

"Stupid bloody meetings," England muttered under his breath as he hastily tried to organize all of his notes on the G8 meetings he`s been taking for the past week. To the Brit`s displeasure the G8 meetings were held in London that month, and to top it off in a month`s time the World meeting would also be held in London. England sighed at the thought of all the countries of the world coming to his capital and complaining about the weather again. At least the G8 meetings are over for the month. He thought in comfort.

England then gently took his notes and placed them into a small folder labeled with the weekdays the G8 meetings were held on. After placing the folder in a filing cabinet in his office the Brit stood and stretched his back. He had been sitting for hours in his office doing nothing but paperwork. It`s high time I move around, perhaps take a long walk through the woods He considered in his head. He didn`t often go into the woods beside his home, not because there was a bad omen but because of the lack of spare time he found in his schedule. In truth he loved those woods. It`s where a lot of his magical friends chose to reside in and a place where he could practice magic freely while being surrounded by mother nature.

Yes, perhaps I should go there…I haven`t practiced using magic in a long time…now is as good a time as any with a nod England exited his office. The blond then made his way through various halls on the first level of his home until he reached the door leading to the basement. Pulling the key out of his back pocket, England opened the basement door and descended the steep and narrow stairs till he reached the tiled floor at the bottom. The basement wasn`t small, but it wasn`t big either. It was only large enough to make it a medium sized storage room. There was minimal lighting in the room provided by several small gas lamps, and the walls were filled with shelves covered with jars of different ingredients needed to make various potions. One shelf in particular held a multitude of books ranging from spells to potions.

England stepped up to the shelf and scanned over the titles before reaching up and pulling down a book with more basic spells inside. I don`t want to have to strain myself with the harder stuff today…just a casual release of magic should do the trick. He thought with a nod. He took the book and then exited his magic room back up to the first floor of his house. Making sure to lock the door behind him, England made his way to the front door. He quickly tied on his shoes and grabbed the first coat on the rack before shrugging it on and exiting the house.

It was raining outside, but it was so light that England could barely feel it at all against his face. With a small smile on his face at the luck of the weather he quickly locked the door to his house before following a side path from his home leading to the forest. The path he took was a simple dirt path that was barely noticeable against all of the small pieces of vegetation along the forest ground. But that didn`t bother him so much, he knew his way around the forest as though it was the back of his hand.

Humming slightly to himself, England continued to walk through the forest until he was deep in the woods at a big enough clearing in the trees to preform magic properly.

"Yes, this should do," He muttered in approval to himself. England then opened the book in his hands and started browsing through the many spells listed inside. A simple summoning spell would be efficient. He mused as he stopped on a page with a fairy summoning spell. I don`t think my fairy friend`s will mind if I practiced the spell a few times. He thought with a small smile.

Quickly getting to work, England picked up a stray branch on the ground and began to draw a summoning circle on the ground. Lucky for him this summoning spell did not require candles or any other material other than the circle. The only catch to the spell was that he couldn`t pronounce any of the words wrong. Changing any word could change the spell completely to something other than summoning.

"Well, that should do the trick," He mumbled before dropping the stick he had be using and taking a step back from the circle. Taking in a deep breath, England closed his eyes and started to channel the magic within him. Then he opened his eyes and looked down at the Latin words inscribed on the old worn out pages of the book. England than began to chant the words, evenly but gently at the same time.

The summoning circle began to glow as the flow of magic around it built up to begin its task. England gave a small smile at the progress before continuing his chant. The spell is working, not like it wouldn`t. Just a few more words then-

"Iggy!" A loud voice called out excitedly as a certain blond happened to stumble into the small clearing to a very strange sight.

"Ameri-" England quickly covered his mouth with his hand as he quickly realized his mistake. He didn`t even get a chance to correct his mis-phrase before the magic around his summoning circle started to change. No… England`s eyes widened in panic as he flash-backed to a time where he had experienced the rebounds of a mis-spell before.

America looked shocked at the summoning circle to England. He was just following the Brit to see what he was up to after seeing England walk into the forest a short time ago. He had come for a casual visit since he decided that he doesn`t spend enough time with the shorter blond in the first place, and therefore skipped his plane home. America had never believed England when he spoke of magic, but what was before him couldn`t be defined as anything else.

"E-England, what the hell-" America started, but was cut off when a sudden explosion of magic was released from the summoning circle. It was too small to hit either of the nations, but the access wind knocked both to the ground. England quickly scrambled to his feet when he realized exactly the danger they were both in. He knew his magic all too well; after the warning implosion a much bigger one always followed before the spell would end all together.

"Alfred," He whispered in panic. Before America could collect his wits to figure out exactly what was going on around him, England had already bolted in his direction, yelling at him to run. America didn`t have time to run before the last implosion was made. England quickly got in the way of the magic and America as he tried muttering a few counter words in Latin to hopefully stop the spell. The last thing America saw of England was the Brit`s green eyes as he turned to give one last look at him. Then he was gone…all that was left was a summoning circle, and a worn out spell book.


Ugh…what…what happened? Alfred? Oh God, Alfred! With a groan England slowly cracked open an eye. He couldn`t remember what happened after his magic had consumed him, but by the looks of it he guessed that it didn`t turn out too well. He was surrounded by grass, tall grass that grew taller than his laying form. Did anyone ever think of cutting this grass? He wondered absentmindedly as he slowly struggled into a sitting position. Something doesn`t feel right…but I can`t put my finger on it. England frowned at the strange feeling he was getting. It felt as though he was…sitting wrong. No matter, I have to find Alfred. With a nod; he quickly stood and started looking around.

Why is it that the grass is so tall? I can barely see over it! That`s not normal at all! And…why am I…walking different? England slowly walked to a stop as he finally noticed the change in his walking habit. It felt as though he was walking normally…but not at the same time. It was only when he felt something brush against his back did he turn around to one of the most horrifying sights he has ever seen.

I…I-I…I h-have a-a-t-t-t-t-t- He could even find the words to finish his statement. What he was staring at was a long, reddish-brown furry tail…which was connected to his behind. And if that didn`t freak the Brit out enough, he soon realized that his behind, along with the rest of him, was covered in fur. The reason he felt like he was walking differently was because he was. He was walking on all fours to be exact, and not on hands and feet, but on small little paws.

No, oh no, oh PLEASE no! England begged frantically in his mind as he tried to figure out what to do. I need a mirror, or water, or SOMETHING reflective! He decided hastily. Quickly, and without a thought, England burst out running in a random direction in hopes of finding a reflective substance. The more he ran, the more dread he felt as the thought of being something other than human settled into his mind.

Oh please, let me find a mirror! Anything! He begged. England skidded to a stop when he saw a very tall stone fountain only a few meters away from him. Out of it poured litres of water in a beautiful upward motion. There! He directed himself as he quickly scrambled over to the edge of the fountain and roughly climbed up to the ledge. With a tired 'huff' England looked down into the water.

What stared back at him was not the human face he was used to seeing, but rather a small round face of a kitten. Over the left eye and ear was a reddish-brown patch, and another patch could be seen on his lower back. The rest of the cat`s fur was white and had a very fluffy appearance to it considering the hair was so short. The ears were flopped over slightly and gave a cute innocent appearance to the animal. England brought his face closer to the water as if he was inspecting it. The only thing he could recognize of himself were his eyes, they remained the same. That and his eyebrows had surprisingly remained incredibly thick. Of all the things… He thought with a tired sigh.

England sat back up and looked up at the sky. The sun was setting, and soon it would be dark. Looking around England noticed there wasn`t a human in sight. He was in a large clearing with only the fountain, a play set, and a few benches inhabiting it. It must be late out if no one is here…not to mention it is quite chilly England noted as he gave a small shiver as the cold wind blew by.

England took one last look around him before hopping down from the fountain onto the ground again. Without another thought he began wondering through the grass aimlessly as he tried sorting out his thoughts. Where am I? I don`t recognize this place at all…I don`t even think I`m in England any more. Than where am I? What happened to America? I hope he`s alright…I would hate it if this happened to him as well England looked at the ground sadly. Yes, he was worrying greatly over the American. He hadn`t wanted him to get hurt in any way because of him, and now he had no way of knowing if Alfred was okay or not. I guess I`ll just have to try and find my way back somehow to London

England kept walking as his thoughts bombarded him with multitudes of questions. He was so busy with his own thoughts that he didn`t even notice that he had long ago gone out of the grass and was now wondering down a lone country road. He was so entranced by his thoughts that he didn`t even hear a car traveling down the road until it was too late. England gasped as he felt nothing but pain enter his whole body as he was tossed and turned by a large force he couldn`t even identify. Before he knew it he was on the ground, motionless, trying only to breathe as he slipped out of consciousness.

When England awoke again he was still lying on the middle of the road. He groaned before slowly starting to shift his body. A sudden shot of pain coursed through his body and he cried out in pain, which only came out as a painful whine. M-My side…i-it burns! England could feel tears at the corner of his eyes at the excruciating pain pulsing through his body. He had never felt this kind of pain ever in his life. It was if it was a separate kind of pain than he experienced as a nation. It was at this point he realized that even as a cat he could still feel his nation, but it was no long powering him. It was as if he was mortal, but on a second sense he could feel the power of his nation going on without him.

W…What do I do now? I…I can`t move. No one knows I`m here. Another car will come soon, and I won`t be able to stop it…I have nowhere to go… England looked around scared as he noticed the sun was gone, and that it was night time in whatever country he was in. His cat eyes adjusted quickly the dark, but it didn`t comfort the feeling of loss and aloneness he felt. Alfred…please…you`re the only one who knows…please…someone…find me! He cried as he let out another whine of pain, this time in fright of no one finding him.

England completely froze in terror when a bright light appeared behind him, casting a long beam in front of him. Oh no... He tilted his head to the side to try and see the vehicle coming, but winced in pain instead. With a sigh, England gently rested his head back down on the road. What`s the use…I`m going to die out here…I just hope it will be painless this time He quickly shut his eyes and tensed as he waited for that excruciating pain to hit him again.

He was surprised when he heard a sudden screech as the vehicle behind him abruptly stopped. A door opened before slamming shut as quick footsteps quickly ran to the injured cat. Another door opened with the sound of someone getting out as a voice shouted at the first individual.

"Bruder! Get back in the car!" England`s eyes snapped open in shock and recognition. No…it couldn`t be…no, it`s impossible, that couldn`t be…could it? Footsteps grew louder as a figure knelt down beside England. England flinched in pain as a cold hand gently brushed along his side.

"Easy now, I`m not going to hurt you," An all too familiar voice whispered in comfort. England tilted his head as far as he could manage to the left, despite the pain, as his eyes widened even more. The light from the car casted the figure into shadows, but he was close enough to see the details. The red eyes, the platinum blond hair, the pale skin, the yellow chick nestling in his masters hair, the cocky grin; there was only one being on this Earth that had that exact appearance, and that was the personification of the former Kingdom of Prussia.

Prussia`s eyes softened as he looked over the small beat up creature from his crouched position on the road.

"Bruder! What are you doing?" Germany`s voice scolded from beside the car. Prussia rolled his eyes before looking back at his younger sibling.

"What does it look like I`m doing? This cat`s still alive!" He shouted back.

"I don`t care, get back in the car this instant, and let`s go home. That thing could have rabies or some other kind of disease." Germany warned. Prussia scoffed.

"Come on West, don`t be so heartless! The cat`s hurt! Come on, we can`t just leave it here in the middle of the road! Please West, let me keep it. I promise I`ll take care of it." He vowed.

"Nein, now get back in the car." Germany answered bitterly.

"Not until you let me have it. I can stay here all day West," Prussia said with a look that said he was dead serious. Germany had to stop himself from getting back in the car and ditching his brother just to prove him wrong. He sighed.

"Fine, you can have it, but it`s your responsibility. If it does anything in the house, it`s on your head." He warned. Prussia smiled triumphantly.

"Danke, West!" He thanked. Germany just sighed again before slipping back into the car and closing the door behind him, wondering why he even bothered with indulging his brother. Prussia turned back to the cat on the road and gave a small smile.

"I`m going to take you back home with me, ja? I`m going to take care of you and make you better again," He said comfortingly as he slowly picked the cat up into his arm and cradled it close. England was stunned as the Prussian carried him to the car as if he was a precious doll, not once feeling a pull of pain in the process. Once inside the car, Prussia buckled himself in before positioning England into a more comfortable position in his arms, wrapping one side of his unzipped jacket over the poor kitten to warm it. Germany couldn`t help but steal a few uneasy glances at the cat as he started driving once more back to the German`s home.

"Shouldn`t you take that thing to the vet first?" He questioned after a few minutes of silence. Prussia thought about this for a moment before shaking his head.

"Nein, I know what I`m doing." He answered. Germany looked at him alarmed.

"You can`t honestly expect me to believe that you`re going to take care of that cat on your own!" He exclaimed.

"Of course I am. Who do you think tended your dogs and Gilbird when they were injured to save us money?" Prussia questioned with a raised eyebrow. Germany looked at him bewildered.

"You told me you took them to the vet! When on Earth did you learn how to tend animals?" He asked shocked. Prussia shrugged.

"I don`t know…awhile back I guess…this is what happens West when the awesome me is bored and Berlitz twisted his ankle." He explained with a proud grin. Germany just stared at him in disbelief. Prussia frowned.

"Uh…West…the road," Germany quickly snapped out of his daze and concentrated on the road. Prussia couldn`t help but let out a small snicker at his brother`s reaction before looking down at the broken kitten in his arms.

England didn`t stop himself from looking depressed as his mind settled on his situation. First: his magic went wrong, second: he was transported to Germany (which he puzzled out when the two German brother`s showed up), third: he has no idea what happened to America, fourth: he was a cat, fifth: he got hit by a car, and lastly and most dreadfully: he was under Prussia`s care. Bloody hell… He thought sadly with a sigh.

England looked up paranoid when he felt Prussia`s hand slowly pet him before gently scratching the side of his neck. Right as England was about to hiss at him to back off he got distracted by the pleasurable feeling of being scratched behind the ear. My word that feels good! Prussia chuckled when he felt the cat absentmindedly purr and lean into his touch. That`s right, I know what I`m doing, I`m just that awesome. He praised himself with a grin.

England sighed as he rested his head against Prussia`s chest as the German continued to scratch him gently on the top of the head now. Slowly his eyes began to flutter close. If this is the only way I`ll be able to get well enough to travel back to England, than I guess there is no harm in letting Prussia take care of me…all I have to do is not think about the 'who is taking care of me' part and we should get along quite nicely…that is, unless he tried to really treat me like a cat, then I`ll claw his face off. With a small nod England dozed off into a deep slumber.

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