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Oresama's Nekogirisu

"Bruder, are you finished packing?" Germany yelled impatiently down the basement stairs. Pcht, no England replied from where he sat beside Prussia's bed, watching the albino rush to fill his empty suitcase.

"Ja!" Gilbert lied as he shoved whatever clothes he could find into his trunk, not caring if they were clean or not. Germany's going to kill you when he finds out you didn't pack until the last minute Arthur commented while lifting a thick brow when the Prussian packed an open box of Toffifee in with his clothes.

"What else…What else..?" Gilbert mumbled to himself as he looked around frantically for other items to fill the suitcase. He paused when he noticed the Brit watching him.

"Damn, I forgot to pack for you! Come on, Limey, bring me your stuff and I'll shove it in here," What things do you think I own? And to hell if you think I'm putting anything in with that pigsty you call a trunk! Arthur argued offended giving a sound of protest.

"Oh, right, what am I thinking? Everything you need is already in England," Prussia continued, his tone sounding off at the end. Arthur couldn't help looking away at his comment, feeling unusually guilty. The World Meeting was tomorrow, and it was being held in London. They both knew that he was going to try and turn back into a human before the meeting began and that would be it, they would go their separate ways. England understood that it would be harder on Prussia than it would be on him, but he feared that may not be the case.

Arthur had been in the German household long enough to get accustomed to this new lifestyle. He doesn't like the thought of going back to the busy life he had where he would return home from a meeting all angry, annoyed, and more importantly alone. He liked how he was always busy around Prussia in a different way than paperwork. He didn't worry about the next time he would see America, or how the Queen would be worrying about where he is, and he didn't feel incomplete. At the same time, he knew he couldn't stay as a cat forever either, he had responsibilities that only he could accomplish.

"Alright," Gilbert said, snapping Arthur out of his daze. Prussia shut the lid of the suitcase closed and locked it. "Done!" I don't even want to know what it looks like in there England commented distastefully.

"Okay, Limey, it's time to hit the roads. West would kill us if we miss our flight," Prussia said cheerfully as he walked to the cat and scooped it up.


I'm never flying as a goddamn cat again Arthur thought angrily as he was finally let out of his cage carrier in their hotel room.

"You look more miserable than usual. Must really suck being at the back of the plane, doesn't it?" Gilbert asked with a small laugh from where he sat beside the small cage. Shut up or I'm going to put you in a cage next time! The Brit snapped, shaking his body to fluff any dirt out of his fur.

"Bruder," Germany called as walked over to the Prussian. "I'm going to meet Italy and Japan in the lobby. We decided to all go out to dinner. You're welcome to join us."

"Nah, I'm alright. Give them both my love~," Gilbert chimed while waving his hand dismissively. Germany nodded his head.

"Alright, don't cause any trouble while I'm gone. I'll be back later," he instructed before turning and walking to the door.

"Auf Wiedersehn!" Gilbert called.

"Ja, auf Wiedersehn," Ludwig replied before exiting the hotel room. Prussia waited a moment before turning his attention back to the cat.

"Alright, Limey, you ready to be turned human?" he asked with a smile. Yes, but it may not be that easy. Once we get to my house we'll have to find the book I used before. It will most likely have the spell to turn me back into a human. I may not have the energy to do it so I'm hoping you're going to step in to give me some energy Arthur ranted, not noticing that the Prussian couldn't hear what he was saying.

"So, I'm guessing we should probably go to your house. I hope you have a spare key somewhere because I highly doubt you have your house key on you," Gilbert said while standing, stretching his back as he did so. Of course I do…I should probably move it, America keeps using it to get into my house and steal food England replied with a nod.

"Good, let's go then." Without another word Prussia scooped England up before heading out of the room. Making sure the door was locked behind him, Gilbert made his way down to the main lobby and then out onto the street.

Arthur's eyes opened in awe as he saw rain drops falling heavily down onto the wet pavement before them. It's raining…I didn't think I'd miss the rain this much England whispered to himself at the gloomy weather. Opening his jacket Prussia stuffed the cat under the open lapel to shelter it from any raindrops.

"Taxi!" he yelled at the passing car. The taxi slowly pulled to a stop as the albino raced over. Opening the back door and quickly slipping into the back seat he told the driver the address of England's household as he shut the door firmly behind him. The taxi driver nodded his head once before pulling the car away from the curb and back onto the road.

Arthur settled into a curled up position on Prussia's lap as the albino buckled his seatbelt. The two didn't speak the entire journey but enjoyed each other's company for as long as it would last. After Russia had left German's house the two never mentioned or referred to what had transpired between them. It was a rare and close moment they had shared and even though they had silently promised to not bring it up they secretly wished to. Gilbert had wanted to thank the Brit more and Arthur wanted to know if Prussia felt anything more in that moment than companionship. But to them that chance was long gone; once England was human it was going to be the end of their relationship. Both had considered trying to start something new whether it be friendship or something more, but if the reality before the spell was cast didn't allow for good relationships than they both expect nothing to change.

"Here we are," the taxi announced when the car had arrived at its destination. Gilbert thanked him with a grin as he pulled out the appropriate money from his coat pocket and handed it to the man's outstretched hand. England wondered whether or not the money had been the Prussian's to begin with or Germanys.

Getting out of the vehicle Gilbert ran across the soaked pavement with Arthur cradled under his coat lapel towards the front door where a small roof had been built to shield the owner from the weather when opening the door. Prussia sighed relieved at the lack of water dropping on his shoulders as he looked at the door expectantly. Alright, now the spare key is on the top left hand corner of the door frame. Really easy to find…one of the first things I'll change when I'm human Arthur instructed with a mental note at the end.

"Alright, let's find this key," Prussia said to himself as he used his free hand to search every item around or above the door without success. No, wrong way! Left! Left! Arthur yelled angrily as he watched the Prussian search for the spare key the right side of the doorway.

"Where is it, Limey? I can't find it…" Gilbert mumbled unhappily as he continued to search. Left, you idiot! Left! "Wait, I found it," Prussia cheered happily as he took the key down from the door frame and looked at it.

"Awesome," he praised as he stuck the key into the door and unlocked it. Congratulations, it took you ten minutes to enter a household England said sarcastically with a small huff at the end. Entering the house, Prussia looked around briefly as he closed the door behind him.

"So…what now?" he questioned. Arthur barely paid any attention to him as he looked at his home. It had been so long since he's been there that he felt as though he might cry in happiness at returning. Leaping down from the Prussian's arms he immediately starting running through the halls, just wanting to see everything and remember how much he loved his home.

"Hey, Limey! Come back!" Gilbert called as he chased the cat. Running a full circle on the main floor, Arthur stopped his pace when he reached the basement door. Here! Gil, break into my basement and get the book! England instructed as he remembered their task. Prussia stood by the door, panting slightly from the run as he looked at the cat.

"…What?" he asked when he saw big green eyes looking at him expectantly. The cat looked from the ex-nation to the door, signalling him to go to it. Prussia looked at the basement door.

"…In there?" England nodded. Gilbert sighed and tried the knob: locked. "You never make things easy, do you?" he mumbled to himself as he took a pin out of his pocket and began working the lock.

Arthur watched in anticipation as the Prussian poked and prodded at the key hole in hopes that he was as good at picking locks as the ex-nation bragged about being. He was rewarded with a small 'click'. Gilbert smiled triumphantly as he twisted the knob and opened the door wide.

"Ha!" he cheered at his success. Looking down to see the Arthur's expression Prussia blinked when he noticed that England was no longer there. The cat was already on his way down the stairs, carefully maneuvering so he could get to the bottom. "Hey, wait up Limey!" he called as he rushed down to the step the cat was on and scooped the animal up despite its protests. Ignoring the glare directed towards him Gilbert walked down the remaining stairs and to the center of the small basement.

Arthur's eyes searched around the room anxiously in hopes to eye the book immediately but no such luck came. Putting the cat back down Prussia looked at him expectantly.

"Alright Limey, what does it look like?" Don't bother asking if you can't understand me England replied with a roll of his eyes. Ignoring the Prussian completely the cat made his way to the book shelf and looked at each title carefully. Gilbert settled into a cross-legged position on the floor as he watched the animal search helplessly. He both wanted and didn't for Arthur to find the book. Both options brought both good and bad scenarios to his mind and he was worried that only the bad scenarios could come out in their present situation.

Minutes passed into hours and soon Prussia lay napping on the floor as England continued his quest, looking through multiple piles of books hoping to find the particular spell book that would help turn him back into a human. …It's not here Arthur finally concluded in disbelief as he finished looking over the last pile. No, impossible, it HAS to be here! Why on earth couldn't it be- the Brit paused as he thought about it. No…I brought it outside with me when the spell went wrong…so when I disappeared it must have fallen down. It must still be in the forest! Gilbert, get up you git! Arthur quickly stormed over to where the Prussian slept and clawed him in the face. Gilbert gave a cry as he jolted awake, red eyes looking at the cat in a daze.

"I'm up! I'm up!" he said immediately, almost routinely, as he sat up. His mind becoming clearer he brushed a hand through his hair as he looked at Arthur expectantly. "Did you find it?" No. Take me to the forest! Now! England demanded as he patted at the albino to pick him up.

"What? What do you want?" Gilbert asked as he watched the animal poke at him annoyingly. Pick me up! Prussia looked at the cat wearily for a moment before figuring out he was supposed to pick the nation up. Sighing he stood and scooped Arthur up into his arms.

"When did I become your bitch?" he mumbled. Please, you've always been my bitch the Brit replied with a raised brow. Gilbert sighed as he imagined what England was thinking. "So…where do I go?"


England didn't think it would take long to signal Prussia in the direction he wanted him to go in, but the task was a lot harder than he expected. After minutes wasted going up the stairs back outside and to the forest next door the two finally made their way on the right path towards their new location. Walking through the leaves and branches of the trees Gilbert sighed tiredly as he looked around trying to find the exact location the spell was cast in, though he didn't know that was where they were going. He felt useless in their adventure for once but he didn't mind so much knowing that Arthur had been dragged on more than one of his outings unwillingly.

"Limey, are we going in the right direction?" Prussia asked as he followed behind the cat as England led the way. It has to be around here… Arthur thought determined, ignoring the albino once again, as he looked around desperately. The nation paused suddenly when he realized that they were standing at their destination. Gilbert looked down at the cat surprised.

"…Limey?" Arthur looked around alarmed for a moment. This is it…this HAS to be it. Where's the book? Walking around the clearing with the Prussian's eyes on him he searched and searched for the missing item. Gilbert watched for a moment before looking around himself in an attempt to help the animal out. I…I don't understand…where is it? England thought confused as he sat down defeated and downhearted. If it's not here then the only other place it could be… Then it hit him. Bloody hell, Alfred has it!

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