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NOTE: This is movieverse, it takes place about a day after Logan leaves. (so a day after the movie) But I have brought in some comic elements. If you have read the comics, you will know where I got my inspiration. And if you haven't it won't matter because there is no back round info you need from them. And if you have read the comics and you have no idea where the idea of my story came from…I don't have anything to say.

This skips around from Ororo's POV (she's writing in a diary and it's looking back to what happened) to third person, to Victor's POV (His thoughts as the events happen) If it is to confusing tell me and I will gladly make it all third person or all Ororo's POV.


Dear D,

You will not believe what the Professor is planning to do. He has managed to convince Jean and Scott that it is a somewhat good plan, but I feel it is one of the most asinine things I have ever heard in my life. Okay, this is how it started, first of all about, 1:00 this afternoon, he called us all to his office…..


Ororo Munroe walked into Xavier's office, inside were Scott and Jean. "You called professor?"

Xavier nodded. "Yes, I have some information that I felt was necessary to tell you before I make a final decision.", he took a drink of water. "It has come to my attention that the police have one of Magneto's henchmen in their custody."

Scott sat forward in his chair. "Well, sir…who is it?"

Xavier looked at Ororo and said, "Sabretooth."

Ororo's face did not change but a knot of fear appeared in her stomach. She had hoped that the fall from the Statue had killed him. But apparently it hadn't.

Xavier looked away from Ororo and spoke to Scott. "Now, I know that may not seem like much, However, they are running out of ways to contain him. They can not use restraints because of his strength. They can not use drugs because slowly, his healing factor is becoming immune to them. So they are asking me to bring him here. And contain him in one of our cells down here."

Jean stood up, "Professor, I don't see how we can contain him any better. I mean, Why can't they keep him in a cell downtown."

Scott shook his head, "Forget that, why haven't they just executed him? They know how many people he has killed."

"They can't kill him until they have a trial."

Jean laughed, "You are kidding me. A few weeks ago those same people would have been aching to kill a mutant. There is something they haven't told us Professor."

Xavier nodded, "I know Jean. That had puzzled me to. But then I figured.- "

"That they had already tried to kill him and it wasn't possible." Ororo finished for him.


Ororo continued, 'So, they figure they would dump him here. Where he's far from a place where normal people are kept. Am I right?"

Xavier nodded.

Scott spoke up, "Why don't you tell them to forget it? We can not put these students in danger."

"I thought of that Cyclops, and I was about to tell the man who had called that very same thing. But then a part of me figured, what if I can help him? If I can get him to control the demons that make him so eager to kill?"

"Wait, so you want to help him? When he will probably kill one of us the first chance he gets?"

"Jean, I think I can help him. However if you all feel that this is a bad idea, then I will tell them to keep him there."

"Where is he now?", Ororo asked.

"In a maximum security prison about 20 miles south of here."

"well, why can't he stay there?", Scott asked.

"When he awoke from his drugged sleep. He escaped and killed two guards.

"Professor. I trust whatever decision you make. I don't agree with what you are doing…but I trust you." Scott said.

Xavier nodded. "thank you Scott. Jean?"

Jean shook her head. "I'm not sure…he won't ever leave the lower levels?"

"Not until I teach him control."

Jean bit her lip. "Then I agree with Scott. I trust you know what is best."

Ororo watched the both of them in shock. Xavier looked at her, and looking away from him she said. "Professor. Can you live with yourself if he escapes and kills a student? Or one of us?"

"That won't happen Ororo."

Ororo closed her eyes and shook her head. "Then do what you have to do.", She left the room.


Am, I the only sane person in this house? If that monster stays here, who is to say what he could do? And what if he fakes his control? There are so many questions that I don't have answers to. And I'm not sure I want to find them out.

Goodnight Diary,