Okay, I'm not a medical doctor, so I asked one about my next chapter, she said that if a person had a healing ability like Victor's, what is going to happen in this story could maybe happen, but because person can't heal like that in real life, we may never know. (she was a relatively new doctor….thought I was a prank caller at first, then I told her I was doing research for my novel. (ha! Don't I wish)


3 hours after last Chapter


"What is wrong with him?" Ororo asked Jean. Who was working over an unconscious Victor.

Jean turned around slowly, she bit her lip, not sure as how to tell Ororo what had happened to Victor. "Ororo….you know when a person gets a splinter- "

"Do not dumb it down for me Jean, I can understand." She crossed her arms, "Now tell me what is wrong with him"

Jean sighed, "The piece of metal that was lodged in his brain…is slowly forcing itself out…not the metal itself but Victor's body is forcing it out, like it would if he had a splinter in his hand, it forms a sort of pimple and comes out that way….Now, normally there is no damage and hardly any pain when this occurs….however in Victor's case…it is starting to interfere with other parts of his brain." She pointed to a month old X-ray of Victor's, "See where the blade was then?" Ororo nodded, "Well this one," she went and put the other up next to it, "I took just a little bit ago, as you can see, the blade as started to move" Jean turned to face Ororo.

Ororo closed her eyes slowly, "So…what do we have to do?" she opened her eyes, having gained control.

"It would be best if we removed the metal, for we have no idea how much damage this could do if we let it force it's own way out….However, either way….he would go back-"

"He would go back to being how he was. " Ororo nodded, she looked past jean to Victor, "Would he….I know it's doubtful…..but would he remember….this past month?"

Jean shook her head, "It may happen…but it is highly unlikely."

Ororo nodded, after she stayed silent for a few moments, she asked "Can….Can I be alone with him…for a few minutes?…before you decide what to do?"

Jean smiled, she reached over and put a hand on her friend's shoulder "Just call me if you need me….I'm sorry Ororo, I know-"

Ororo put her hand on Jean's, as if silencing her, " thank You Jean…I will call you if I need to". Jean sighed, and left the room.

Ororo walked over to Victor, she noticed he was hooked up to several machines and a wave of anguish went through her body. "Hey Victor," she said, sitting on the edge of a small metal chair. She reached up and put her hand on his,"I know…we did not have enough time, to truly get to know one another…But I can not help but feel connected to you." She turned his hand over, and placed hers in it. "I have never had some one make me feel the way you do….I should have never been so stubborn, who knows where our relationship could have gone…I think I may have fallen in love with you….I guess I will never know if you felt the same….. I am sorry Victor….I am sorry I wasted so much time to get to know you." She leaned her head down, trying to stop the few tears that were forcing they're way out of her eyes, "I am sorry I never got to truly know how much I could care about you…and I am so, so sorry I will never hear you speak the way you have these past weeks." Ororo leaned back to look at Victor, reaching up she smooth back his hair, "I can only hope you remember me… if only you could hear Me.."

Ororo stood up moving her chair back, leaning over she planted a soft peck on Victor's lips, and began to leave. Turning around one last time to see him, Ororo sighed and left the cold examination room.


Jean and Xavier waited just outside the room for Ororo, when she came through the doors, Jean went to hug her, but was brushed off, "I am alright jean….a little…" she took in a deep breath "Disappointed….and upset…but I am fine or I will at least be ….soon."

Jean smiled, "I hope so, I'll be up…after we...." she trailed off.

Ororo nodded, with a smile and a nod towards Xavier, she began to head up to her room. Outside, faint thunder was heard, and the sky started to rain.

**3 hours Later**

Ororo sat on the roof, her hair and clothes wet from the rain. Jean had just left, she had let Ororo know that they had finished with Victor…but the results wouldn't be known for a few hours or so. She wasn't sure of the thoughts that were going through her head, but she knew she had to get s grip on her feelings. She had barely known the man for a month….and had only been with him for not even a day. So, why was she so upset that he would go back to being the monster he had been before?

"Ororo?" a voice came from below, Ororo looked down to see Logan in the courtyard, yelling up at her. "What are you doing up there?'

Ororo rolled her eyes slightly, "I am getting a sun tan!" she called back to him.

"Ha! Very funny!….Why don't you stop sulking and come inside?"

"How about you mind your own business? Ororo said crossing her arms, knowing that he probably wouldn't leave her alone.

"Alright! Fine! I see how it's gonna be!" he went inside.

Ororo raised her eyebrows, amazed that he had given up his so soon. "Maybe he realizes I truly want to be left alone." She leaned back on the roof, closing her eyes. She began to lose herself in the sound of the rain fall.

"Hey", Ororo jumped, she hadn't even heard him come out the window.

"How do you do that?

He shrugged his shoulders, "So, darlin', what are you so upset about?"

"First of all, my name is not Darlin' and second of all…..why do you even-" she took a breath, "…why are you asking?" she sat up, wrapping her arms around her legs.

Logan looked at Ororo, "Maybe 'cause I know he's nothing to be crying over." He said in a soft voice.

Ororo shook her head, "I am not crying, Logan."

"Seriously 'Ro, I can smell it on you." He sat down net to her. "I don't know what has been happening since I have been gone….but I don't think you should be so upset."

"Well, that really shows what you know"

Logan narrowed his eyes, "Hey, I'm trying to help you out here! I know the two of us didn't leave on good terms but-"

Ororo whirled at him, "Didn't leave on good terms?"


"I will admit when I first saw you…..Never mind, I have to….go" she turned away from Logan.

"Ororo? What were you going to say?" he blocked her exit.

"It was nothing, I just….let me go." She tried to move past him, but his larger frame stopped her.

"What?" he smiled, knowing that whatever she had to say would more likely than not, embarrass her.

Ororo sighed, "When I first saw you….I thought there was something that could have possibly, happened between us…."

Logan crossed his arms, "And so what happened?"

Ororo didn't want to tell Logan the truth, but she was never one to lie to someone's face, especially something that was so trivial. "You met Jean…and I saw the way you looked at her, and I knew I would not cross your mind in a…womanly way."

Logan was confused, "So, you are saying, because Jean is…Jean, and you seem to have some sort of jealousy-"

"I am not, nor have I ever been, jealous of Jean. Do you understand that?" Ororo's eyes had actually clouded over for a few seconds, but went back to her normal blue. Logan's words had hit home, she had always had some sort of envois attitude towards Jean, but it wasn't because she was jealous of her, Ororo had always been envious of the relationship Scott and jean had and that was it.

"Calm down Ororo, even if you are jealous of jean I wouldn't blame you." Logan knew he was starting to head on thin ice, but his pride had been hurt and he was not one to walk away without hurting his opponent whether it was fighting or little arguments like these. "I mean, even if you looked like Jean, I don't think I'd have picked you."

Ororo closed her eyes, unseen by Logan, the clouds outside began to darken. "Oh, do entertain me with your divine wisdom, what is it, about me that is so, unappealing? After all you seem to have such a way with the woman around here"

Logan smirked, his eyes dark "You are an ice cold bitch, it makes me wonder what I was thinking a few minutes ago. Good thing we didn't kiss or I might-"

Logan was interrupted by a backhand across his face, "How, dare you ever say anything like that to me…you have hardly known me for a few days and you think that that you have the right to judge me?" Ororo's hand still stung from the hit.

Logan's hand went to his cheek, 'I'm not the only one who thinks that Storm." Ororo turned to leave, but Logan grabbed her arm and turned her back to him, "I have heard the students talking, even with those sexy clothes you wear, everyone knows that you wouldn't know what to do with a man if he fell right into your-"

Ororo reached up with her free hand and smack Logan again, but this time her hand was charged with electricity, and it knocked Logan to the floor.

"Shit Ororo, What the fuck do you think you-"

"Do NOT mess with me Logan! Do not sit there and act as if I am Jean who will just sit here and cry. I am not a person you could walk all over and expect to stay down, do you understand?"

~~Ororo? Are you alright? What was that lightening, and why is it raining?~~

Ororo began to calm down, her now white eyes, almost refusing to return to their normal state. ~~I am fine jean, but I do think Logan might need some help~~

Ororo looked down at Logan, "I must go, let us not continue this later, Alright?" she turned and left the room.

**End FB**

Logan grimaced, "I know what I said was out of line….and I am…sorry."

Ororo nodded and went back to starting out to the sky, "I appreciate that Logan." There was silence for a few moments, "I hoped you found what you were looking for."

Logan shook his head, "There was just old buildings there, I must have searched that place High and Low for two weeks straight."

"I know it is not my place….but do you ever wonder, if maybe the past is better….left in the past?"

Logan shrugged, "I don't know, I mean I don't wanna lean that I was some heartless killer who murdered innocent people just for shits and giggles."

Ororo sighed, "then Maybe you should let it go….maybe we should all let our pasts go."

" 'We?'…sorry Ro but…what have you done in your past that might be so traumatizing?"

Ororo looked at Logan, "Oh that is right, I am just the frigid Ice queen who has been in a tower all of her life." She went to stand up, but Logan stopped her.

"Hey….I'm sorry I said that,…but I am curious…you seem to have been through a lot in your short time alive."

Ororo leaned back, "Fine, let me see your wallet, and I will show you what I mean."

Logan laughed, he reached for it, "Ororo there's nothing in my wallet except for a few bucks and a business card this woman-….Hey….where's my-"

He looked up in time to see Ororo holding his wallet. With a sly grin she threw it back to him. "Not bad for the "Ice Queen" now is it?"

Logan watched Ororo with a new sort of respect, "How did you-..when? how was it that I didn't notice?" he said the word I as if it should have been impossible. "I should have felt you or…something-"

Ororo raised her hand and silenced him, "it is in the past Logan" she smiled at him. Looking back out to the sky she sighed, her mind trying desperately to push the image of Victor and all those machines out of her head.