The Blood Battles

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Harry Potter:

The prophecy was wrong; Voldemort and I both survived, but if you ask me, being dead would have been a lot better than going through everything Voldemort put us through. All students had to remain at Hogwarts. Some teachers stayed, but the others were forced to leave and Death Eaters took their places. The Death Eaters never teach anything (not that we would ever need anything such as Defense against the Dark Arts, because, oh yeah the Dark Arts have already taken over.) they just bully everyone they can and the Slytherins often help them. And what happens to their targets you might ask. Lets just say it's not pretty and they might be in the hospital wing for a while.


We were sitting in Potions, sitting in silence, when the door being cracked broke the silence. Draco Malfoy entered with a smug look on his face.

"I'm sorry to interrupt," He said in his sly tone. "But I was told to bring Ron Wesley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter to the headmaster's office."

"Very well they will be terribly missed," He said in a cold voice that earned a round of laughing from the Slytherins.

We followed Malfoy down the hall, up some flights of stairs, and to the large gargoyle that guarded the headmaster's office.

"Blood Battles!" Malfoy said and the large beast jumped aside.

I cast a nervous glance at Ron and Hermione, but they both looked scared, maybe not from the password, but from the thought of having to face Voldemort.

We climbed to the top of the stair well and Malfoy reached for the door. He knocked three times.

"Come in," rasped a voice that could not belong to any human being, but only to Voldemort's snake.

We entered to find Nagini stretched out across the room, so in other words where ever you looked there was part of a snake. It raised its head and let out a hiss, not doubt to tell Voldemort he had visitors.

Just then Marcus Flint, Terence Hibbs, Ginny Wesley, and Luna Lovegood entered the room. Once the door closed, it locked with a loud click.

"Very good." Voldemort hissed as he started to appear in front of us. "In America the muggles play a game called the Hunger Games. This year Hogwarts is sending eight tributes, if you will. As is a Camp, Camp Half Blood, that has tributes that are part gods. There will be eight Demigods, eight witches and wizards, and eight muggles that live in of nothing but a couple of, what we call, pounds a week. The objective of the game is to be the last person standing."

He paused slightly when Hermione let out a small gasp.

"Which means," Voldemort continued. "The last person alive will win. There are only two rules: do anything to stay alive and no wands. There can only be one survivor, not one survivor from each area, but over all. You must kill every other person in the arena, all eight muggles, all eight Demigods, and all seven of your schoolmates. The muggles should be the easiest to get rid of, but the Demigods have their godly parent on their side and there's no controlling a god. When you enter the arena, you will have a platform that you will stand on until a gong sounds, if you go before the gong sounds, the ground will erupt where you are standing and you will be killed. You may have alliances, but your allies may be killed or if it comes down to your alliance you will have to fight your ally. We leave in three days. The Game is in three weeks. When we get to the Capitol as they call it, you will train, and then show everyone what skills you have, and if anyone who is anyone with lots of money likes you, you might get a sponsor and they can send you anything you need during the game, weapons, food, water, medicine, etc. Before you step into the arena you will be microchiped. The Demigods know you are witches and wizards, as you know they are Demigods, but the muggles know nothing of the sort. You will not have your wands when you go into the arena so chances of you using magic are very slim to none. The entire school will go and watch." He stared at our grief stricken faces. "Yes it is quite a shock," He hissed.

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