The Blood Battles Chapter 12

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I dove to the side trying to get away from this crazed girl named Clarissa as she lunged toward Charles. I feel into John's arms as he stumbled backward. There was nothing either of us could do but watch; it was too dangerous. Both were evidently trained well in the act of sword fighting and neither was showing any evidence of giving an easy fight.

"Clarissa." Charles grunted as he skillfully dodged her raging sword. "You're turning into exactly what they want you to be."

"No." She said sharply. "I'm not. You went back on our deal, and now you need to pay for it." She held him at the tip of her sword as she said this.

"Clarissa think one last time why you are doing this. It's all because got thrown in this damn arena where the object of the game is to kill everyone else. A game, that's all it is to them; a game that only ends with death. It's not a game anymore, this is real life." He said, a rivulet of blood seeping out of his arm that hung by his side.

"You seem to have forgotten who I am. Who my father is." She growled.

With the quickness of lightning Clarissa lunged yet again at Charles, his impending doom seemingly inevitable, but with equal quickness he side stepped her, ending up behind her. He grabbed her from behind, slapping her weapon out of her hand. He held her, breathing heavily, as if he was trying to figure out what to do. He looked toward us, as if asking what we should do. I felt John stiffen beside me, his hand tightening around my arm. I turned my head, burying it in John's chest trying to shut out what was to come.

"Go on you fool, kill me." Clarissa said feebly as Charles held her. "I'm dying anyway."

I turned slightly to see what was happening. I hadn't noticed before but the side of her shirt was soaked in blood.

"Clarissa." Charles gasped, loosening his grip and laying her on the ground.

He bent to lift the side of her shirt just as Clarissa's hand shot out.

"Charles!" I screamed, but it was too late.

Clarissa grabbed the sword that Charles had dropped when he laid her down. She imbedded it in Charles chest as he tried to back away. The look of shock and terror was replaced by one of pain and betrayal. He didn't say a word as he fell backward, the light in his eyes already dying.

"That's the reminder you needed about who I am." She snarled as she pulled her sword out of its target.

With a sickening realization it dawned on me: the blood on her side hadn't been there when she attacked Charles and she wasn't injured in the fight because Charles never attacked her. I only noticed it when I did because that's when Charles's wound had pressed against her; it was his blood on her, just like it was his blood pooling around him as Clarissa turned to us, a blood-thirsty look in her eyes.


"Percy." Annabeth said softly, her hands caressing my face, spreading a warmth to my face that spread throughout my body.

I moaned, my hand still clutching at my ankle. The sharp pain had subsided and had been replaced by a throbbing ache.

"Water." I croaked, my throat aching and I realized I must have been screaming.

Annabeth reached across me and grabbed her bag. She pulled out a water bottle that was only half filled. "I'm sorry, it's all we have." She said ruefully as she gently brought it to my lips. I took a small sip, feeling the smooth liquid slowly go down my throat. I reached up and pushed the bottle away from my lips. "No more," I whispered. "It's all we have." She sat for a minute, then realizing I was right, put the cap on the bottle and tucked it safely away in her bag.

I pulled my head up off of her lap, a wave of nausea washing over me. I began to take my hand away from my ankle and felt Annabeth stiffen beneath me. She must have already seen it, and it must be bad. I felt like heaving when I saw my ankle; it was swollen, but only in small lumpy areas and there was a feint greenish color spreading from the medium sized gash that ran around my ankle.

"Percy, I have no idea what that thing was, or what is wrong with your leg." Annabeth said sadly. "This dark mass of a shape came out of the tree line, and attacked you. All it had time to do was scratch you, before you killed it. When you hit it with Riptide, it fell to the ground and then started to disintegrate." She nodded toward the pile of ashes that were a few feet from me. "And there's more." She said.

I looked into her eyes, asking her without words to continue. Behind her eyes, I could practically see the mass of emotions swirling around: confusion, regret, pain, and concern, the exact things that I was feeling.

She took a deep breath. "When that beast was nothing but that pile of ashes, something happened; something that I can't fully explain. A dull purplish glow started coming from the center of the pile and these waves began to radiate off of them. When they came near to us, you stopped screaming and twitching. You just laid there. You were so still I thought you were dead. I kept calling your name, begging you to come back to me, and then you opened your eyes, but it wasn't you're eyes that looked back at me. Your eyes were black; as black as the creature had been, and then you blinked and it was gone. I looked up and there was something in the ashes. I went over to get it, so that it didn't disappear. When I came back you started grabbing at your ankle again and shortly after you reopened your eyes and awoke out of whatever you were in."

"What was in the ashes?" I croaked.

"This." She said reaching behind her to grab the mysterious object.


I stared at Draco and Hermione as they walked toward us. When they got to the edge of the water they began to float above the water, toward us. Jealously surged through me, so she floats him across but she wouldn't do that me.

"What do you want Malfoy?" I asked again seething.

"Calm yourself weasel-bee." He said smugly. "If I wanted to kill you right now I would've already done it."

"Ron, if it weren't for him I'd be dead right now." Hermione said.

My anger flared. So now she was relying on that pick to save her. This was not supposed to happen.

"She's right, and you might want something that I can give you." He said coldly.

"Why should we trust you?" I demanded stepping so that I was in-between Malfoy and Harry and Ginny.

"Because you have no other choice." He said, a smirk playing on his face.

"What exactly are you going to help us with?" I asked, anger raging through my veins. Who does he think he is waltzing in here with Hermione telling me I need his help?

He shifted his gaze to the two sleeping masses sleeping behind me. When he spoke his voice was soft. "Because I have a way to save them, and without it they will die."

I stiffened, something didn't feel right. I began to think, something definitely was not right. There were so many questions that were going through my head; all of a sudden one, well two clicked.

"How did you know that there was something wrong with them Malfoy, and how do you what is wrong with them?" I asked.

As soon as I asked I saw Hermione stiffen slightly and turn to look at Malfoy, because there were only two people that could possible know that Ginny's wound wasn't what a plain stab wound should have looked like.