Sam's POV

"How many times do I have to tell you, I don't want to see him!" I yelled at the officer. Usually, I would respect them at least a little bit, but this time... No way.

"But he seems really determined," he tried to explain.

"No," I declined his explanation. "Just... tell him to go away."

He frowned. "Believe me, we tried."

"Then, hand him this note," I wrote two words on the crinkled paper. The therapist might just kill me for that, but I couldn't care less now. Since I'm already in this stupid prison, I'm as good as dead.

"Okay..." he tried to peep into it.

"Don't even try," I warned.

He just stepped out and locked the door.

I knew I would be trapped here one day. Even though I constantly go to juvie, I don't really end up in a prison like this. This prison is for bad dudes. Like, really bad dudes. Every single day I spend here, I meet new people like rapists, kidnappers and burglars. Of course, there would also be people like me – murderers.

No, Sam Puckett didn't commit the gravest crime in all of human history. But someone did and found a way to frame me for it. So now, I am being accused of killing someone whom I don't even know his name!

"Ms. Puckett," the officer called. "He still wants to meet you."

"Just leave me alone!" I yelled.


I interrupted. "Leave me ALONE!"

The prison door closed again. There was the familiar sound of keys turning in the keyhole and the sound of footsteps which always sent shivers up my spine.

I sobbed with my head buried in my arms. I was given the death sentence. Death. There's no way I could escape that. Even if I were to get out of this stinking place and change my name, change my identity, change my address, I would never be able to escape the sentence I have been bound to.

I heard yelling from outside. It was Freddie.

"I have to see her!" his voice echoed down the hallways, into the prison cell and into my heart.

"Forget me, Freddie," I whispered, as though my mumbles would get to him telepathically.

The noises from outside quietened down. My sobs came to a stop along with it.

"Ms. Puckett," the officer appeared again.

"WHAT?" I snapped.

"Mr. Benson left you a note," he came over cautiously after locking the door behind him.

I wiped my face dry. "You don't have to be afraid, you know. I will never be able to escape this place. You and I both know that the death sentence binds me to this prison cell forever. Or, till I die."

He relaxed a little and handed the note to me. "That young man seems to be very determined, Ms. Puckett. You're very lucky to have a boyfriend like that."

"He's not my boyfriend," I replied softly. "At least... not anymore."

I held on to the note with both my hands, careful not to dirty it. The officer was looking down at me, anticipating the time when I read the note.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" I asked.

"Oh, sorry," he left. The officer knew me very well not to be offended by my words. After all, I was a regular in juvie.

Slowly and steadily, I opened the note. It was written with a beautiful handwriting, one which I had missed so much. The note was written on a piece of ordinary paper, but the paper was tainted with a faint smell of sanitizer, the dork's signature smell. It was wet on some parts of the paper and the water came in drops.

They were tears. His tears.

Dear Sam,

How are you? I'm fine. Okay, honestly, I'm not. I've missed you everyday since you were imprisoned here. Every night, I would be jolted up by nightmares of you walking up to the noose, just to find my pillow wet and you not beside me. I miss you, Sam. And you know it.

A tear fell off my cheek and landed right next to his on the paper.

Today, when I came to look for you, I thought you would be excited to see me. But when you gave me those two words, they pierced through my heart like a knife through a piece of plastic. I couldn't believe that after what we've been through, you would break up with me like that. They say that girls don't like break-ups over the phone, but did they mention that boys hate break-ups over a note? Especially one which says 'Forget me'?

Remember that fateful night at the lock-in?You were brave enough to kiss a dork. You didn't care if anyone else was looking through that window. And you didn't mind the kids at Ridgeway who laughed at us as we walked through the school holding hands. But why won't you come out and see me? Is Sam Puckett afraid to face the world? Afraid to face me?

"I'm not afraid, nub," I smiled at his assumption. "I just don't want you to waste your time on a dying person."

We've been through so much together. I still remember the first time I introduced you to my mom. She totally freaked out and started sending me to a psychologist. You thought you lost your mind too after you kissed me. I had to go find you at the mental hospital and convince you that you weren't crazy. We went out after that and we had so much fun together. Don't you remember?

Sam, you don't have to face this alone. I will always be here for you. I know that you're innocent and I believe that there is justice in this world. You will be saved. I just know it.

"I've been given a death sentence," I smiled again at his stupidity. "I will never be saved."

The cheesy Twilight guy once said that he'd fight for his love till her heart stopped beating. But for me, I will fight for you till MY heart stops beating. Because I love you, Sam. And nothing else matters anymore.



I broke into sobs again. No matter how I fight back, my tears seem to find its own way to escape from my shutting eyelids.

"I love you," he's said that many times. But none of them were as comforting as this.

"I love you too," I hugged the note gently. Folding it back neatly, I placed it in the pocket at my chest, because I know that it will be kept the closest to my heart.