Sam's POV

"Wow," I exclaimed. "I can see where I live from up here."

An angel ran past, then back to me.

"Buzz off," I snapped as she picked at my hair.

You might have thought that I am already dead, but I can't blame you. I once thought I was going to die, but I managed to escape the gates of Hell.

Where am I, then, you ask? I am on a really tall building, also known as Freddie's office block. It's really really tall. I mean, you can almost see the entire Seattle from up here. The angel that ran by was just a kid dresssed in a costume. Well, what can you expect? It's Halloween after all!

"Hey Sam!" Carly came over. "Nice costume!"

"I know, I made it myself," I grinned. "But I can't say the same for you, Carls. That costume is..."

"Spencer refused to make it for me, so I had to make it myself..." she explained. "Is the hole back here noticeable?"

I checked it out. "Nah, it's still okay..."

"My costume looks terrible, doesn't it?" she asked.

"Well..." I held back from making any snide comments before I hurt my best friend's feelings. "Look on the bright side. At least it looks much better than the bunny you drew on iCarly last time!"

She looked as though she was about to collapse from embarrassment.

"Look! It's Gibby!" I pointed at the man in a pirate costume. Classic Gibby. "Go talk to him."

"No!" she exclaimed. "You know what happened between us! It's going to be awkward!"

"At least it beats sitting here and wallowing in self pity!" I urged. "Melanie told me how bad you felt after dumping him. Just go there and apologise or something! Maybe you guys can get back together!"

She frowned. "There's no hope for us, Sam!"

"Yes there is!" I pushed her towards the Gibster. "Go there and make a move!"

Weird, I sounded just like her when we were still in high school.

"Hey Puckett," a familiar voice rang from behind me. "How's the party going?"

"Great, Benson," I smiled. "Nice costume."

"I know," he looked down at his princely outfit. "It's still better than the flashlight one though."

I grinned. "You ain't still mad, are you?"

"About what?" he asked.

"Having to cancel iCarly," I explained.

"It wasn't your fault," he sighed.

I sat down on a nearby couch. The talk was making me all tired after standing up for so long. "If it weren't for me, you guys wouldn't have had to go around searching for witnesses and evidences to prove me innocent. Then iCarly wouldn't have been cancelled."

"It's not your fault," he repeated, sitting down on the couch next to me. "You were made the scapegoat. If we really have to blame someone, blame the real murderer, not you."

"But don't you miss the website and stuff?" I asked. "Don't bother lying. I've seen you go online to at least once a week to visit the old archives. You miss our weekly webshows, don't you?"

"I do," he sighed. "But I'm a busy man. Even if it weren't for your case, we would have cancelled the webshow anyway."

I smiled. "I guess."

"Hey," he grinned. "Don't you think it's time?"

"Time for what?" I asked.

"I mean, we've been dating for so long," he explained. "And we've been through so much together. Don't you think it's time for us to... you know... stay together like this forever?"

I raised my eyebrows. "Fredward Benson, are you proposing to me?"

He laughed.

"Without a ring and the proper procedures?" I was resisting the urge to laugh. "I've always imagined a proposal with a bouquet of flowers, a ring and some cheesy line which I would pretend to hate. But I never thought it would turn out like this."

He clapped his hands in the air as if he was asking for a waiter. Just like the movies, some guy came over with a box in one hand and handed it over to Frednub. He held a bouquet of flowers in the other.

It was a little white box with an elegant purple ribbon tied around it. A box that size could only be for one thing.

A ring.

"Sam," he started. "Do you know what's your placing in my heart?"

"What do you mean? I'm not number one?" I teased.

He shook his head, smirking.

"Watch what you say, Benson," I warned, parading my fist in front of his face. "Now, what's my placing?"

"You have no placing," he continued, holding my fist with both of his hands. "Because you're not number one. You're the only one."

I blushed.

"I love the way you smile, the way you act like you don't care but you actually do. I love the way you punch me with little strength even though you know you can knock me out. I love the way you laugh when you're happy and cry when you're sad. But the thing I love most about you is that you're the first kiss I've ever had," he attempted to open the box with some difficulty.

"Let me have it," I laughed at his nervousness as I took it and gave it a little tug. The box was opened. "Sorry."

He smiled. "Will you marry me?"

A crowd had gathered around us. They were cheering and urging me to say 'yes'. I couldn't fight the crowd... And like what they always say 'If you can't beat them, join them'.

"Yes," I grinned and hugged him.

Who says you can't accept a marriage proposal in the middle of your future-husband's Halloween party?

The guy who held the bouquet of flowers handed them over to Freddie. The dork was grinning from ear to ear as he passed it over to me.

After a closer look, I realised that the flowers were forget-me-nots. One of my favorites.

"Forget-me-nots?" I asked. "Who gave you that idea?"

"You are one of a kind, so I decided against roses," he smirked. "And forget-me-nots fit the occasion perfectly. Remember those two words you gave me while you were still locked in prison?"

I laughed at the memory.

"These will serve as a reminder for you," he whispered. "To never forget me."