Doctor Who: War of the Kaiju

Chapter 02

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Two days had passed since the Doctor and his companions had arrived on this Other Earth. They had travelled in secret by the cover of night in hopes of evading the Master. They quickly learned this world was filled with monsters. From giant spiders to pterosaurs, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory had seen more of this world than they liked. "How much farther?" Amy asked hugging herself for warmth.

"If those fairies were right, just a few more minutes Amelia," the Doctor wandered ahead of the married couple, hoping against hope he would see anything before it got to them.

"You only call me Amelia when you're worried about me," she chuckled despite shivering as the cold seemed to intensify.

"I always worry about you," the Doctor smiled even though he hated repeating himself. He scanned the area in front of them with his sonic. "We are close."

"How close?" Rory asked. As he spoke, he tripped over a dark gray icicle. He hit the snow with a thud, earning a chuckle from Amy.

"You just tripped over him." The Doctor turned. "Help me clear off the snow." The trio set to work, dropping to their knees and shoving the snow away from the gray spine. Through the ice below they could see that there were many more close to this one. With even more cleared they could make out the dark greenish-gray skin of the king of the monsters.

"Are we really going to let this creature free?" Rory asked astonished.

"We don't have many choices," the Doctor barked earning a stern glare from Amy, "The Master is even more dangerous than the Daleks. He has been from the dawn of time to the end of the Universe and harvested every human to turn into his foot soldiers. If he is here, I cannot imagine he won't do the same now."

The Doctor pulled his sonic screwdriver from his pocket. His fingers made a few quick movements, adjusting and pressing buttons. When he finally activated it the tip shined purple and, once it was pointed downward, the ice began to crack. The breaks shot downward and out in a spider-like web of destruction. Godzilla's massive eye shot open.

"Run!" The Doctor shouted. The ground began to shake and the fractures in the ice grew larger. Rory grabbed Amy's hand and took off with her in tow. The Doctor stayed behind waiting and waiting. Godzilla roared and his spines began to glow. The ice around them melted instantly.

"Well aren't you beautiful," the Doctor muttered to himself in astonishment.

Godzilla roared loudly, his fury evident by the burst of atomic fire that erupted from his throat.

"Godzilla I presume," the Doctor called out, "and may I add there is no need for such language. There is a lady present."

"You can talk to him?" Amy sounded astonished.

"I can speak anything," the Doctor smirked.

Godzilla turned on him, a series of low growls escaping his barely moving jaws.

"Bow ties are cool," the Doctor retorted straightening his accessory, "and yes I know where he is and exactly what he has done to your friends. You aren't going to be happy." Godzilla replied with a loud and furious roar.

"You're 'talking' to the giant thirty story monster?" asked Rory incredulously.

"Yes! And he's being very stubborn and hard to persuade so I would appreciate it if you would keep it down!" snapped the Doctor.

Rory backed away instantly, keeping an arm around Amy, not that it would do much good should the kaiju turn on them.

Godzilla growled again, narrowing his glowing eyes on the Doctor.

"Now we're talking," the Doctor smiled broadly.

A/N: Sorry for the long time between updates and the short chapter. This is really a hard story to write even given how much I like the material. Perhaps it is because I want to do it justice.