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Jade Teaches Jackie How To Roller Blade

"Jade, this is not nessicery. I will never need to know how to roller blade." Jackie protested as his niece instructed him on how to put on the skates.

"Come on Jackie. You've got noting else to do. Today is your day off at the museum, we've had no news on Shendu's portals, the Dark Hand hasn't done anything, Captain Black has nothing for you to do, and I borrowed the Horse Talisman from Section Thirteen. So now you have no excuse for not learning how to skate." Jade said as she showed her uncle the talisman.

"Jade, did you steal that?" Jackie asked referring to the many times Jade stole the talisman's from the vault.

"Nope. Captain Black actually suggest me using it when he heard I was going to teach you to roller blade." Jade said as she adjusted the skates and ploped a helmet on Jackie's head.

"Do not worry Jackie it is not so difficult to roller blade. I ,myself, know how to roller blade." Thoru said coming out of Uncles store. Jackie, Jade, and Uncle (who was still in the store) stared at him. "Uh in my younger days." Thoru said.

"Jackiiiiiiiieeeeeeee, get beans for supper." Uncle said when Jade helped Jackie up. Just before they left Uncle started again. "One more thing. DON'T WEAR THOSE THINGS IN UNCLES STORE!" Uncle yelled before he left the doorway.

Jade and Jackie looked at each other and shrugged. "Okay push one foot to the side, like this." Jade said beginning their lessen. She moved forward a bit. "See, now you do it." Jackie sighed as he did what she did.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jackie pushed just a little to hard and he began to speed down the hill. "JADE!"

"USE THE BRAKES!" Jade yelled as she skated after him.

"Bad day, bad day bad day!" Jackie said as he tried to avoid seriously injuring himself or the people on the side walk. "sorry , excuse me, sorry sir. Pardon me." Jackie exclaimed as he bumped into a lady as he zoomed down the side walk. "Uh oh." Jackie gulped as he zoomed across a very busy street.

"Jackie!" Jade screamed as she waited to hear the thud as a car ran over he uncle which never came. Jade skated over the cross walk as she hurried to catch up with her out-of-control-uncle. "Pull you heel up! The OTHER ONE!" Jade tried to scream instructions but all she managed to do was confuse her uncle even more and annoy some pedestrians.

Jackie tried to steer and succeeded slightly as he zoomed into a park with lots of trees.

"So what do think of the name 'Dangerously Finnish'?" Finn asked the other two people with him.

"I think that sounds like a game boy." Chow said. Ratso opened his mouth to talk but the three heard a familiar scream. "Chan!" They looked over and then they took off a dead run. Jackie was out of control and headed strait after them.

"Look out!" Jackie exclaimed right before he crashed right into them. Chow on the bottom the Finn, Ratso with Jackie on top. "Sorry." Jackie said as Jade came and helped him up.

"Chow you okay." Ratso asked. The only response to his question was a low moan. (His eyes behind his glasses were bugged out. Sortta like when Jackie fell on Finn in the episode with Shendu.) "Finn we should get him some help."

"Yeah bring him along." Finn agreed as Ratso picked up the smooshed Chow.

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