Disclaimer: I don't own TBAA and the family is inspired by the family of one of my friends

"Good morning Miss Wings," Tess told Monica.

"Morning," she said smiling.

"Had a good night I see," Tess smirked.

Monica had been going out with her best friend for about 3 months now and Tess and Andrew had just discovered it so they were having a good time teasing her.

"Somewhat," Monica said

"You have a new assignment today," Tess told Monica getting out of teasing zone.

"Fill me in," Monica said

((Down on Earth in California))

Kyle and Sandra had 5 kids. Sandra had just found out that she was pregnant again and her youngest daughter Lindsey was 5 already. Sandra was nearly 48 and WOULD BE 48 when this baby came along. To add to this drama it was recently discovered that Lindsey had a tumor in her stomach. It was benign but it was inoperable so she was going to have to have radiation surgery. Then just when it seemed like things couldn't get any worse Kyle and Sandra found out that their son, 12 year old Kevin was sensitive. Their two oldest children were best friends even though they hated each other when they were little. Well, they didn't hate each other so much as the oldest one hated her younger sister.