Kristy's point of view

"Helen," I told my older sister laughing, "I love you but you couldn't go a week without being negative"

She rolled her eyes.

"Are you kidding," she said.

It was the last day of summer vacation before she goes back to her job… her second year teaching Jr. High. I'm going to be in my first year with 4th graders.

"No. I met kidding once though. I like him a lot"

Helen rolled her eyes.

"I could go a whole year not being negative and being positive in addition to that," she said to me.

"Really," I smirked, "Want to place a bet on that?"

"You are so on," Helen said, "If I am negative even once within the year I will give you my car. If I win you have to let me open in the talent show. In addition I can chose any talent I want even if you don't like that talent and you have to enter the talent show on my choice of talent"

"You are so on," I told her looking forward to getting a car.