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The time was 1962, by these times most of the world was in conflict. The Cuban missile crisis was causing worries for America, Germany was separated from his brother Prussia for over a year thanks to the Berlin wall and East German border guards, The Vietnam war was going on, and the USSR was involved in the cold war with America, etc. However, there was something that did re-light some happiness, and it all started in England's area.

England was walking down the streets of Liverpool trying to find something in this time of conflict yet he found a long line leading up to the cavern club. He tapped one person on the shoulder and asked,

"Excuse me, but why is there such a bloody long line to this old club?"

"Why it's this new band called the Beatles. They've just started out but they're amazing."

England waited on line and eventually he made his way down to the club. There he saw the band perform a song called, "Love me Do." He instantly got sucked in to the music and started to have a good time along with the crowd. He stayed until the band was finished and was amazed at how good they were at their music. Pretty soon he kept on going back to the clubs over and over again. He even got to meet with the boys.

"Well, Mr. England we're glad you love the music. Just so you know we're also thinking about touring sometime." Said John.

Then the year passed and it was 1963. At this time the band members started to tour throughout most of the UK

"So, me brother is introducing me to this band of his? What's makes this wee little band so great?"

"For your information Scotland this band of mine is great and I would like it if you gave them a chance."

Scotland gave them a chance and the crowd immediately loved them and even gave England a pat on the back for it. Soon all of the UK was talking about nothing but The Beatles. Even when England met up with other nations he had their songs on his mind and he was given weird looks due to being so happy in a time of crisis. Soon it was October and England traveled with the boys to their first country outside the UK, Sweden.

"I hear this Mr. Sweden is quite a scary bloke." Commented George.

"Well, at least he might be open to our music." Ringo said giggling a little.

The met Sweden and they were all quite scared of him at first.

"He is scary!" They all said quietly. Fortunately he didn't hear them.

"So? These are the Beatles that you've been talking about?" Sweden asked in his low voice.

"Y-yes t-they are." England said in a scared tone.

"Let's just see?" Sweden briefly said.

Soon the Beatles started performing in front of an audience that was quite close to them. However, unlike at home the audience remained calm and just clapped along. It was actually strange to England not seeing girls go wild over them. Still they enjoyed the music that was there to offer and Sweden even cracked a small smile. It was official that these boys were going to make it big.

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