As The Beatles were in the states they were unsurprisingly bombarded with screaming fans everywhere. Two days after their arrival they were to preform on the Ed Sullivan show. America, still keeping his eyes out for anything suspicious.

"Damn Iggy, I didn't know that this invasion would be so popular."

"You git, I just explained... Ah never mind. It will probably have to take you to listen to their performance before you get it."

Soon the Beatles arrived at the Ed Sullivan show and America turned on the TV to see what was up. They soon started playing multiple songs making America's jaw drop a little.

"Wait a minute, that's the song I've been hearing on the radio."

"Yes, that's why they're so big."

After they preformed America was amazed.

"That was awesome, I didn't know your music was that good."

"Well, this is what makes them popular. The fact that their music is good."

"So do you think that they'll continue to tour around here?"

A voice was heard from behind.

"Most likely yes Mr. America, after all it seems your people love us."

He turned around to see that it was John.

"Wow, you're actually right here now and you're thinking of continuing?"

"Yeah man, after all what's the world without good music?"

Afterwards, America was excited and couldn't wait for them to appear more often around his country. Little was known that this would be a world wide phenomena.