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"Philip, I can save you. You need only ask." Syrena bobbed gently up and down in the crystal pool in front of me. I leaned down and stared into her glittering eyes.

"I seek for one thing."

She bobbed up higher each time, almost touching my face with hers, "What is that?"

"Forgiveness. If it were not for me you would have never been captured."

"Ask." She said softly, her breath tickling my lips.

I couldn't find breath to speak. I wasn't aware of the pain in my side or the quiet chirping of the birds in the trees. I wasn't aware of anything... except from the dark but innocent seduction she held unknowingly behind her imploring eyes. Then in a broken whisper, I spoke, "F-forgive me."

She suddenly moved closer to me and before I was able to think, let alone respond, her wet mouth had touched mine and she wrapped her slippery arms around my neck and pulled me under the surface with her.

I was in complete shock as I watched the light disappear behind me. I watched in horror as Syrena guided me towards a clearing in the rocks around us. She turned to me and spoke out loud and I could hear her clearly, "Philip, breathe."

I had trusted her up until now and so I opened my mouth and took a small, sharp intake of breath. I found I could breathe perfectly fine underwater. "Syrena, how –"

"–A kiss from a mermaid allows you to breathe underwater." She replied, with her arms still around me. I saw other mermaids surround us and one jeered, "Is it lunchtime?"

"I could do with a bite, I'm starving."

"He looks like a good catch."

"No – he is not for eating." Syrena spoke loudly and blocked me from view of the other mermaids. One mermaid with long, raven hair swam towards us and Syrena hid me behind her, "Do not speak unless she speaks to you."

"Who is this man, Syrena?" She asked.

"His name is Philip."

"What is he doing here?" She asked, floating closer with a hungry look in her eyes.

"He saved my life and now I am going to save his."

"There is something else I sense. Tell me, sister."

"I – I love him."

The black-haired mermaid closed her eyes, "You have kissed him."

"I have."

"Have you mated with him?" The mermaid who I thought looked beautiful at first changed drastically as her face clouded over and two pointed teeth protruded from underneath her crimson lips.

"No – I have not. Not yet."

'Not yet'? Did she intend to 'mate with me'?

"Not yet? Syrena, you know we don't befriend humans. You learned that a long time ago."

"He is different, sister. He saved me at the Fountain of Youth and many other times before."

The mermaid flicked her eyes at me and they almost hurt, they were so piercing. "Why did you save my sister, human?"

"I saved her because I love her." I spoke defiantly. It felt strange breathing and talking underwater. "She is different." I finished.

"You expect me to believe that you love her?" She snarled at me.

"If you do not believe it, that is your decision and I cannot change how you think but I have spoken no lie on my behalf."

Her lip curled back over her sharp teeth, "You dare speak such to me?" She raised her hand and brought it down. Syrena swam in front of me and took the blow for me. I felt my heart wrench as she recoiled from the strike.

"Syrena, you shouldn't – you shouldn't have taken the blow that was intended for me!" I touched her face with my hand and caressed it gently. The dark haired mermaid shouted, "Fool, Syrena! I did not want to harm you! Why did you take the hit?" She placed her hands on Syrena's shoulders.

"I know you did not want to hurt me." Syrena looked down.

"Forgive me, sister."

"I am not mad with you." Syrena replied.

"You really love him back don't you?"

"Yes I do."

The dark haired mermaid looked at me and spoke dangerously, "To be loved by Syrena, you must be an honourable man, no doubt. She has never been this serious with any man before. Many of us find human mates for only temporary pleasure but there is rarely one we deem worthy to bring down with us. However, you still have not proved yourself to be worthy of her attention enough to convince me to keep you alive. Many of us mermaids bring down men only to eat. On occasion if we feel we have a certain connection with them, we bring them down here with us. Most of the time we are deceived and tricked but now we have learnt and have become wiser in the dishonest dealings of men. We find they did not love us at all and only wanted us for our tears or our beauty. Syrena is a gem among us, and I shall see you frequently to make sure you are treating her with the respect and love she deserves. If you hurt her, you will die. I never think twice before avenging my sisters. They are the world to me."

I could not find a word to say. I opened my mouth and closed it. I felt Syrena's back against my chest and her arm had weaved around my waist holding me close to her.

"Move out of the way, Syrena."

Syrena gripped me and spoke quietly but firmly, "No, I cannot let you harm him. I am sorry, sister."

"I am not going to harm him; I only want a look at him."

Syrena moved hesitantly out of the way, still holding my waist.

The mermaid studied my face and my body, "You look strong and well built. You will have no problem protecting her physically. This also means you will have no problem inflicting pain upon her–"

"–I have no intention of ever hurting her–"

"–I have not finished speaking, human. Your eyes are deadly sincere and you have a handsome face. You appear to be serious about Syrena but will you promise to protect her?"

I stuttered and the mermaid swam closer until she was millimetres away from my face, her eyes slicing open my soul.

"Do you promise?" She growled.

"He has protected me so many times already!" Syrena pulled me tighter against her side.

"I want to hear it from his lips."

"Yes – I promise to do all in my power to protect, love and cherish your sister." I replied fiercely.

I froze as the mermaid pressed her lips against my cheek and then whispered threateningly in my ear, "Keep her safe."

The kiss burned and I felt the wound in my side twinge. I doubled up and began to sink towards the ocean floor and Syrena drifted with me. She watched me sadly as I writhed in agony but after a few moments, it was over. Looking down, I saw my wound had healed.

Syrena swam back up to the other mermaid and embraced her, "Thank you, sister."

"I can sense his intentions, Syrena. He is rare. Watch over one another and I shall pay you both a visit tomorrow."

"Who was that?" I asked as Syrena led me by the hand further into the depths of the ocean.

"Her name is Claudia, my oldest sister. We must seek her approval when we bring down men from land. On too many occasions have my sisters been hurt or killed by them."

I did not press the matter but Syrena continued, "One of my sisters, Leila, brought down a man who had seduced her into mating with him on their first time meeting. He was very handsome and charming. Once he had gained her trust, he led her to the Fountain of Youth where he tied her up and left her to die. She cried and gave him all the tears he could ever want – although one is enough. We found her just in time to save her and since that day Claudia created a new law that we take men to her first."

Syrena cast her eyes down as we swam.

"Have you ever been hurt by others?" I asked.

"No. You are the first man I have ever brought down here. Many mermaids do not mate in their long lives but there are some who are reckless and mate with any men they come across." She paused and continued bitterly, "These people are usually young and naive."

A small yet annoying thought crossed my mind although I did not wish to voice it. After a while of swimming, the thought was the only thing in my head.

"You look troubled, Philip, what is wrong?" Syrena asked me.

I said nothing but fixed my gaze ahead of us. She stopped swimming and slid her hands around my shoulders, "Please tell me Philip."

"Nothing I – er – I am fine."

Her dark, gentle eyes saw straight threw me and she twisted her hands behind my back and pulled me closer to her, "Tell me."

"It's not that anything is wrong... I just couldn't help but wonder something."

"What was that?" She backed me slowly against a rock and I felt her body against mine.

"Have you mated with a man before?"

Her eyes softened and she closed them slowly before opening her mouth, "Yes, Philip I have. I have mated with many men, like most mermaids have, but no man has ever held my attention for longer than one night... Except that is, of course by you. But you were my first kiss. I have never given my lips to anyone as that would be an indication for them to come beneath the water with me. You may not believe that over three hundred years of living my lips were still virgin until I met you. Mating and kissing are different. In the past, I have only mated for temporary pleasure but when I mate fully with someone, it means I must kiss them to show commitment. I must also desire that man and that man only and he must feel the same way about me." She looked at me with her large brown eyes.

"I – I had no idea you were three hundred years of age!" I spluttered a little rudely. Unexpectedly, she smiled and looked down. "We live a long time. Man's life is short. Claudia is almost two and a half thousand years old and still got a long time ahead of her. She only recently became the oldest as about fifteen of our older sisters were killed two years ago. The oldest one had lived six thousand years. Another reason why we are desirable to be with is because when we fully mate with a man, they can live as long as we do, if they desire and not age quickly. You would stay the age you are at physically for a very long time. Perhaps in a thousand years you may find a wrinkle. But of course that would only be if you wanted to be with me. We wouldn't have to do it right away. We have all the time in the world. But I don't want you to act impulsively."

"Syrena... I..." My eyes stared at the vast blue expansion beneath my feet.

"What is it, Philip?" She caught my eye.

"I can't... I can't mate with you..." The words hurt me as I said them.

She let go of me and confusion and pain crossed her face. "Why not?"

"I cannot give myself physically to somebody outside the bonds of matrimony."

"'Matrimony'?" She repeated.

I nodded, "Marriage. It is where man and woman are legally joined together as one. I could not – would not violate the laws of chastity before marriage. I – I'm sorry." It was fortunate we were under water so she could not see the tears well up in my eyes. I felt her body pressed up against mine and I didn't think she meant to be seductive but the temptation was almost unbearable.

"But you forget that I am no woman. I am a mermaid."

"I know, I know... I just don't know if the principle is the same or not."

"I do not wish to mate with you if it is not what you want, Philip. I did not even give you the chance to say whether you would like to even be here with me." She clenched her fists angrily. I think she was more angry with herself than anything but I did want to be with her.

"It is not that I do not wish to... It is just that it may be against God's will."

"Did your God include mermaids into the equation?" She asked, staring blankly to the left of my face.

"Not that I am aware of."

"Why must we have a legal ceremony to bind us together when we already have everything we want right here: Each other."

I was slowly beginning to see her level of reason and it made sense but my moral code was holding me back.

"For mermaids, to mate fully with a man is the equivalent of marriage. It binds us together as one to the point where we can feel each other's emotions and the more we do it, the more in tune with them we become. I have never experienced it of course, but my sisters who have say it is the most amazing thing they have ever felt spiritually, mentally and physically." She looked wistfully at me.

"Syrena I–"

"Philip, it is alright. Do not worry. We can get by fine without it, if that is what you want."

I couldn't reply and I felt sore ashamed.

When her lips almost brushed mine, she pulled away leaving me feeling a little intoxicated.

"Come on; let me show you where I sleep."

I had never imagined mermaids sleeping. The thought seemed almost comical to me. I supposed they would just always swim around. How stupid I was. As we approached a cavern, I watched as every sea creature we passed moved gracefully out our path. Even a large shark seemed to bow its head and wait for us to pass it before it continued on its way.

"We are the Queens of the oceans. No sea creature will ever harm us. Not one."

"I don't think I fully understand the extent of your power yet, do I?" I asked, allowing her to lead me by the hand. She shrugged.

"Neither do we."

"Where do you sleep?" We entered the cavern and Syrena led me to a bed of flowers. It looked strangely comfortable tucked in a small alcove in the wall. I looked about me and saw several other similar gaps with flowers blanketing the rock floor.

"Do you all sleep here?"

"No, only some. I sleep here along with my twin sister, and three others of a similar age group."

She took me down to her bed which was the highest one in the cavern and laid down, "Come and see if it is to your liking." She motioned for me to join her. It was more comfortable than I imagined. I felt my eyes drifting but a loud rumble in my stomach woke me up. I sat up and saw Syrena watching me.

"Are you hungry?"

"A little, yes." I replied.

"Would you like to go somewhere on land?"

"That might be best." I had no money which could have been a problem.

We swam to shore and Syrena spoke to me, "Philip, this is as far as I can go. Come back and find me when you have eaten."

I leaned down and touched her lips gently. I began walking slowly feeling a little weighed down with my clothes until I came across a tavern. I had no idea how I could pay for food. I searched in my pocket and found one small coin that would not be enough to pay for a meal.

"Philip, is that you?" I heard a voice behind me and saw one of my old friends from my church. He was local but it was definitely a stroke of luck that I had met him.

"Thomas, how are you?" I shook his hand heartily.

"I am very well, and yourself? Are you going for a meal?"

"I was, but I don't have enough money so I'll go and find somewhere else."

Thomas slung his arm over my shoulder, "You're soaking wet! Come on, I'll buy you something to eat."

"No, it is not a problem; I can go somewhere else."

"You're right. It isn't a problem. Now get in there and I'll buy something hot for you to eat."

I grasped his hand tightly, "Thank you, Thomas. I really appreciate it."

"A friend in need is a friend indeed." His belly shook as he laughed. It was true that he was a very wealthy man but he was not greedy. He gave a large amount to the poor and always bought new equipment for the church.

We found a seat and I ordered steak with potatoes and when I finished I felt like I wouldn't be able to face swimming on such a full stomach.

"Do you have a place to stay tonight, Philip?"

"Yes, I do, thank you. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness." I stood up and shook his hand.

"Where are you heading right now?" He asked me.

"I am going to the beach for a while. How about you?"

"Well I'm setting off towards home, but I can walk with you part way if you wouldn't mind."

"Of course, Thomas."

We set off walking and Thomas walked with me to the beach where he pulled out a pouch and handed it to me. "Here, take this. I won't take no for an answer."

He forced the pouch into my hand before tipping his hat, "I'll see you soon, Philip."

"Thank you, Thomas and you shall."

I rolled up my trouser cuffs and sat on the white sands watching the sun set over the blue waters. I felt a hand slip on my shoulder and I turned to see Syrena sat behind me. "Philip, are you well fed?"

"Yes thank you. I met an old friend and he took me to a tavern to eat. How did you walk over here?"

"I didn't walk; I crawled." She wrapped her arms around the front of my chest and hugged me. I felt her breast touching my back.

"Here." I pulled off my shirt and slipped it around her. "How about I teach you to walk?" I held out my hands to her and hesitantly she took them. I stood up slowly, baring her weight with my arms before standing behind her to place my arms around her waist.

"You won't be able to walk straight away. First you'll need to build your leg muscles up so you can carry your own weight by standing up first."

"I have leg muscles, but not strong enough to stand for a long time yet."

After several hours in which time I kept offering for her to take a rest and we were well on into the night she was able to stand without swaying, on her own.

"Now raise your leg and place it out in front of you and transfer your weight onto that leg."

Syrena took one step before toppling into my arms. I lifted her up again and watched her take another step without falling. Eventually she was able to walk up ten steps without collapsing.

"You'll get there. Try walking to me from there." I pointed to where she was standing and I opened my arms for her. In hardly any time at all she was in my arms.

"All you needed was a bit of motivation." I chuckled and looked down to see her lips closer to mine than I anticipated. My breath caught in my throat as she craned her neck and closed the gap between our mouths. I felt her tongue ever so gently trace my lower lip and I parted my mouth slightly. She pulled back and stood up to her full height. Then rejoining our lips, this time with more passion, she swirled her tongue in my mouth and found my own tongue. I forced hers back and explored the inner workings of her mouth. She tasted incredibly sweet and one kiss was simply not enough.

I felt myself hit the ground as Syrena landed on top of me. I broke away immediately and she sat up, "I'm sorry, Philip I do not always know my own strength."

I wiped my mouth and before I could stop myself, I had reversed our positions so she was on her back and I hovered over her before slowly reuniting our mouths.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here, eh: Two lovebirds having a bit morning fun. Hey lady, why are you still wearing that dirty old shirt? Oh, you are a beauty aren't you? Come on let's have some entertainment here."

I broke away furiously and glared up at the three men who were swigging what I could only guess to be alcohol from hip-flasks. They headed towards us, "Rip her shirt off."

"Yeah, don't be shy. Show us what's underneath there."

"Then once you've finished with her – we'll take good care, I promise."

I stood up and tossed the hair from my face, "Have you no respect for women at all?

"Women and respect don't come in the same sentence. They're good for only one thing: Doing what we men tell 'em to do; ain't that right boys?"

A chorus of agreement scattered among the men.

"Call yourself a man? Well if you don't take that shirt off her, then I'll do it." A man with a wicked grin walked cockily over to us and rolled up his shirt sleeves.

"You will not lay a finger on her." I said loudly.

"You are a scary man. I would never dare cross your path!" Then the man jeered, exposing a set of yellow, black and gold teeth before throwing a punch towards my face. A slender, pale hand flashed in front of my face and took hold of the man's fist.

"Oh you're a fast fighter are you?" The man tried to yank his hand free wearing a smirk. When he could not pull away, the smile faded from his face. "Let go, lady before I hurt you." Then the man's expression changed to worry. I saw Syrena from the corner of my eye. She had her pointed teeth slipping out from underneath her lips and her eyes had shaded to crimson. "Do not touch him."

"How dare you tell a man what to do?" The man spoke in a wavering voice.

"In God's sight we are all equals so you'd do well to listen to somebody other than yourself for a change." I said loudly. "Come on, Syrena, let's go back."

"God? That old fool in the sky doesn't know anything."

I was wary that Syrena would lose herself completely and kill the man. She bent back his wrist and he yelped in agony.

"Alright, I've learnt my lesson!"

Syrena let go only when I touched her wrist gently, "Come on." We headed back to the white surf and the blue tides when we heard, "Wait, I haven't finished with you yet, boy! Turn around and fight me like a man."

"I have no quarrel with you and would rather not settle whatever issue you have with me through violence."

"You talk through your bleedin' ass, you do!"

I didn't notice Syrena slide into the water but then when I turned around I saw two mermaids had joined her. I recognised none of them but then I saw the two men who hadn't spoken much stand up and remove their hats. "We have company George."

"What?" The man called George who was attempting to pick a fight with me glanced over my head and saw two naked women walk towards them.

"Never mind about this religious fool, my eyes are in for a real treat." One man with bronze hair pointed to the mermaids.

The third man with a large bushy beard did not speak but twisted his hat around in his hands nervously. I heard Syrena speak in a low, seductive tone, "George, is that your name?"

"Yes, it is."

"Well, if it is me you want, you had better come and get me." She beckoned with a slim finger and bit her lower lip. I could understand how she had managed to seduce so many men into mating with her. I felt my heart drag in several directions at the thought of Syrena with another man. It was agony.

George swaggered over to Syrena and reached out towards her. "Is he not good enough in bed for you?" I was pretty sure Syrena did not know what he was talking about but she replied sweetly, "He's the best I've ever had. You have a lot to live up to, George."

"I like challenges. This sounds like a good one."

Syrena puckered her lips before sinking beneath the surface while one of her sister dived after them. George fell into her arms and was quickly dragged beneath the waves.

The other two men were far too occupied in watching the other naked lady standing before them, "So which one of you is brave enough to take me on?"

"I think this has gone too far." Said the man with the bushy beard, "I – I think I should go now." He turned quickly away and moved towards the village behind us.

The mermaid ignored him and slapped two hands on the bronze-haired man's shoulders, "You're coming with me, baby."

I watched as the man was thrown into the depths of the ocean. I could only imagine what she actually intended to do with him."

I looked at Syrena and saw a wild look in her eyes. I kept forgetting how dangerous the mermaids could be especially when they were threatened. Syrena threw the shirt to me and I caught it cautiously. She changed to a human again and stood up. I tried not to look at her exposed body with great difficulty and she walked towards me with the same crazed look in her eyes. I began to feel a little worried as she curled her hands around my neck and ran her smooth tongue over one sharp, pointed tooth.

I stuttered, "Syrena – It's me."

Then her face changed and she laughed, "I scared you for a moment there. You should have seen the look on your face."

I was beginning to see a new side of Syrena. I was glad she had a sense of humour. I breathed in deeply and exhaled again.

"I am sorry you had to see me like that... When our family is in peril or potential peril, we dispose of the offenders quickly."

She hitched her leg on my hip and I felt her against me and my whole body was screaming to give into my carnal nature. I resisted and closed my eyes.

"Philip," She whispered against my neck, "please don't shy away from me when I am not wearing clothes. For us, it is natural to be uncovered. I hope that one day you will be able to see me like this without blocking me out but I also hope I will be able to see you too."

She wanted to see me naked and it was something I could not grant to her. It was against God's will. Although, to her, mating is marriage.

I could not make my mind up. I stopped and listened to what I felt right about. I could never be with Syrena unless I took this step. I came to the conclusion that God wanted me to be happy and I would still pray and believe in him and worship him above all others but to Syrena, mating with her fully is marriage in her eyes. I was leaning more towards giving in to my natural side but something held me back. I looked down at her face and saw she was gazing innocently up at me. I yearned for her with all of me and I kissed her ferociously and felt us both topple backwards again. She landed on top of me with her hands on my bare chest and stared into my eyes, confusion crossing her face, "Philip, I can – are you changing your mind?"

"I don't know."

"You are a good man, Philip. You are like no other I have ever known and whatever your decision is I know it will be what is best for you. Don't do anything you will regret."

I considered her words as I traced my finger along her slim back. She shuddered against my torso and sighed, "Philip that feels beautiful." She relaxed against my body and slumped her head against my neck. I chuckled softly and kissed the top of her head. I did want Syrena but I wasn't sure how to 'mate with her'. What if I did it wrong? I could not mate with her because my religion told me it was a sin, but my religion also told us to not be selfish. Not mating with Syrena would only cause us to drift apart. Suddenly I flipped us over so I was above her. I lowered myself gently on top of her, supporting my weight on my elbows either side of her.

She stared up at me, clearly shocked, "Philip, are you alright?"

I replied by giving her a shaky kiss and she returned it bewilderedly.

I slid my hands through her hair and down towards her upper torso, "I've made up my mind."