Title:Theme 6: Break Away
SPOILERS for the end of Hotel Dusk: Room 215, some bad language, mentions of drinking.
I don't own Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (Great game, btw).
For the first time in years, Kyle Hyde could break away from all the questions and guilt he's had.

Theme 6: Break Away

The suitcase felt heavy in Kyle's hand as he walked down the stairs. He had already said goodbye to everyone he had made contact with in this shitty hotel. He was bone tired from everything he had gone through the past day and those couple of hours of sleep had been amazing but not enough. He walked up to the front desk and nodded to Dunning.

"Ye heading out Mr. Hyde?"

"Yep. I gotta get out before all of you turn me soft." Kyle growled with no real meanness behind it.

Dunning merely gave a knowing grin.

"Whatever you say Mr. Hyde, whatever you say."

Just as the man was finishing signing out of the hotel, the hotel owner grabbed his wrist. Kyle looked up and met Dunning's eyes.

"Thank you, for everything. Please try and come back sometime, okay? There will always be a room open for you." With saying his parting piece, the older man let go of the ex-cop's wrist and gave a stiff nod and turning and going into the back room.

For a moment, Kyle did nothing but after a while he sighed turned to leave. Just as his hand touched the door handle he realized that once he stepped out these doors he would be leaving every questions and doubts and guilt that he had been holding on to for the last three years go.

All the nights he had drunken himself to sleep with questions of Bradley on his mind. Or hunting down any clues he could on a low income, sometimes not eating for days from his depression mixed with anger. But now…

But now he knew the truth. Now he could let go and that alone made Kyle want to be happy and cry at the same time. After reading Bradley's letter and wishing he could be alongside his partner just like they had been, Kyle knew that there was really nothing he could do but only one thing.

Opening the doors and walking into the sunlight and morning air, Kyle Hyde took a deep breath and let it out and released all the negative emotions he had been holding onto for the past three years.

He was finally free.