Me- "Okay so I know that there are a couple of stories were Danny and his class go to the ghost zone, get attacked, they discover his alter-ego, and then they all go on and escape and live like nothing happened. My story will have them on a field trip to the GZ but the ending will not some thing you see coming."

Danny- "HI Butch!"

Me- "Sadly I am not Butch so I don't own DP, I might add a few Fenton tools though. Dani might appear as well."

Danny's POV

I walked down the halls to Mr. Lancers class for the last class of the day. Sam and Tucker were with me and they were fighting about who was more irritating the box ghost or Kempler.

"Sam! Kempler is way more annoying then the box ghost!" Tucker said.

"All we asks is if we'll be his friend the box ghost rants about boxes and comes out more often too."

"So? Just cause we see him more doesn't make him more annoying then Kempler."

"Guys, they are both annoying but really Youngblood has them both beat, at least they are easy to deal with, He is a pain!" They both shrugged and nodded in agreement. We walked in and sat in the back of the room like always. Lancer came in. Once every one got quite he spoke.

"Okay, This week I by order of the mayor have been forced to let the Fentons come and teach you how to use their weapons and let them teach you the basics of ghosts. This way Next week end we can go to the ghost zone for two days and one night." I stiffened and so did Sam and Tucker, thankfully this went unnoticed. Pauliena raised her hand. "Yes?"

"Will we meet the ghost boy?" She asked.

"I don't know. The Fentons will give you a list of what you can and can not bring along with a permission slip. And I believe I hear them now." He said and looked out the door. Just then a small green blur flew into the room right before my mom and dad.

"Where did it go jack?" my mom asked.

"I don't know. Hi kids!"

"Hello. I am Mrs. Fenton and this is . Today since we lost that ghost dog we will show you some of our weapons." I felt some thing on my lap and my ghost sense went off but I knew it to be poor little Cujo. At least he was staying invisoble. My parents went on about the different weapons and tools they had. On of which was the Boo-marange which my dad tossed and it hit me.

-NEXT WEEK (nothing else important happened)-

So it was finally the day of the trip and I was freaking out.

"Guys what am I going to do? All of my enemies are in there!"

"Dude, Danny chill man. Just so long as you don't freak out or anything we'll be fine. You got the coffe and chocolate right?" Tuck asked. I nodded my head. Mom and Dad had told me every where we planned on stopping one if those places being the Ghost writers library and I had found that he would be a lot nicer if candy and coffe were given. They also planned on stopping at walkers jail, Skulkers island, the Far frozen and another place they found that was a human friendly ghost hotel that had human food. So as everyone got on to the fenton speeder turned bus we sat down and buckled in.

"Danny you going to be okay? I mean between Walker and Skulker how will you keep your seceret?"

"Sam I have no idea, if push comes to shove I can cause a prison break out and if I am lucky Skulker will be in jail and hopefully be kind enough to leave us be on his island."

"What about the others?"

"Ember will most likely be getting bothered by Youngblood, The ghost writter with a little bribing will be fine, Kempler... well yea and the box ghost? Please. I think we will be fine."

"Okay dude, what ever you say." Tucker said. I looked out the window and saw that we were getting close to the library. When we stopped every one got out. We walked up.

"Why do we have to come here? Libraries are BOARING!" Pualina said in a whinny voice.

"DO NOT INSULT MY LIBRARY IT IS THE BEST IN THE WHOLE OF BOTH WORLDS!" Was yelled from inside. Every one jumped but for me, Sam and Tucker. The Ghost writer came out and looked mad. I showed him the candy above the heads of every one else. His mood brightened. "You may come in but I have rules. First: Be quiet, you can talk but whisper. Second, If a book trys to bite you than you are not allowed to read it. Other than that I will be fine." He said. I nodded and every one went in. When they weren't looking I took the candy and coffee over to him.

"Here, just be nice and I'll bring you more later." He nodded and gobbled it down quickly. I looked over to the doors and I heard knocking I went and looked out to find Ember and young blood.

"Hey dipstick, what are you doing?"

"My class is on a field trip, doing any thing now and you'll pay for it later, that goes for you too young butt."

"Hey! I resent that!" He said. His parrot Bones shook his head.

"Just don't pull any thing and Ember, take this. I will call you later and you'll need to come distract Skulker so we can visit his island." I said giving her a fenton phone.

"What ever dipstick." She said her and young blood came in. She floated towards the music area while he went to the childerens area. He picked out a book that Bones read while Ember strummed music on her guitar.

"Hey guys! It's EMBER!" Dash yelled. Everyone ran over to her asking if she would play she declined.

"Why not Ember?" Kwan asked.

"Because a dipstick told me that if I hypnotize you again he'll break my guitar, and that would make me very unhappy and a lot less strong." She said. I rolled my eyes and went to sit next to youngblood.

"I didn't know that you liked books." I said.

"Yea, they make me feel more like a kid than a ghost, and they are good for ideas on what I want to pretend to be."

"Oh. What gave you the pirate idea?"

"Oh. I just always liked playing a pirate."

"Ah. What about the cowboy?"

"Toy story."

"That is a movie too you know."

"Really?" He asked.

"Yea, after this I'll bring you our DVD copies of it and a portable DVD player Okay?"

"Yea! That would be the best!"

"That wasn't very pirate." Bones said. Young blood rolled his eyes and went back to his book. He was reading about the three little pigs. Just as I stood up I was knocked down by Cujo. He started to try and like me to death.

"Okay, Okay get down." I said. He jumped down and followed me around I went and picked out a halfa book which didn't try to bite me. I sat down and read with Cujo flying around. That is till the Ghost writer told him to get out. He looked said but did. Than I went back to my book.

"Amiko!" I looked up and saw wulf standing over me. My mom and Dad ran over and pointed guns at him.

"Wow! Guys calm down! He is a friend." I said.

"How do you know?"

"His name is Wulf and he only speaks esperanto. He just said friend, I know a bit but Tucker knows more and Si su aquĆ­ es Walker viene?"


"Uh oh. Tucker, Sam we got a problem!" I said they ran over to me

"What dude?"

"Walker is coming. If he sees us we'll all go to his jail."

"Yea that is a problem. Can't Clockwork help?"

"Yea right. But I know some one who can." I said. I walked over to The desk.

"What do you need?" The GW asked.

"Control Walker. Make him change his rules so that me and the rest of them can get away." I said.

"Okay, I will. I wrote his rules so I can change them, and it will be a lot of fun. Just bring me the normal payment." He said. I nodded and waited till Walker showed up.

"Hello, Ghost boy. You have real world items. That's against the rules. And humans in the Ghost Zone, That's against the rules. Plus the prison break you caused last time I'd say your looking at about 10,000 years."

"Danny? Why did he call you Ghost Boy?"

"I'll explain later." I said as I ran into a back room. I looked the door behind me and went ghost. I phased through the floor and walked in through the doors. "Hello Walker. Talking in a library is against the rules."

"It is?" He asked stunned. He pulled out his rule book and started to look. I slammed it on his finger.

"It is now." I said. I kicked him out of the library. "Two new rules. First of all, It is now against the rules for you to take me or my friends and family to your jail, second, you are not allowed to leave your Jail for any reason other than to seek help or in an evacuation."

"And why would I follow those?"

"Check the last page of your book." I said smugly. He flipped to the last page and found the two new rules in his book.

"But! How?"

"What has been written is final, you must obey the rules and if you don't I'll stick you in a thermos and leave you in it." He flew off towards his Jail. "Oh and Walker!" I said he turned around.


"When this class comes to visit, don't pull any funny business because that would be against the rules." He frowned but left. I flew back up through the floor to the closet and came out. No one noticed me until Sam turned and yelled my name.

"Thanks Sam. Jeez guys goes to look for a pen and paper and gets attacked when he comes back."

"Sorry Danny. I thought that Walker was going to take you." She said in a hushed tone.

"It's fine, I changed some of his rules though." She popped an eyebrow but asked no farther.

"So Danny, Why did he call you Ghost Boy?" My mom asked.

"Because Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and I have been helping Phantom, plus Walker is an idiot bent on making rules so everyone but him gets in to trouble."

"But you don't look like the ghost boy."

"Like I said he is an idiot." After that we all took off. I waved to Young Blood and Wulf. As soon as I walked out Cujo jumped me again. "Okay, Okay! Down boy, down!" I said I finally got him to calm down and get off of me.

"Isn't that Phantoms dog?" Val asked.

"No. In fact, he used to be an Axion guard dog. But now not so much and by the way he did not ruin your live. Your dad and you are closer and you know have real friends so I don't see how it is ruined." We finally piled back into the speeder and took off to get food. Everyone sat in the normal groups. I sat with Sam and Tuck in a corner with Cujo sitting on my head. We ate the food and took off to Walkers Jail. We went on a tour that Walker lead, when we got to the hotel my parents stated that the girls had even numbered rooms boys had odd and we had the third and forth floors. Me and Tucker took the room across from Sam and Val.

"Dude what are we going to do for Skulkers island?


"Oh." We went to sleep. But just as I did my ghost sense went off. I sat up and saw that it was just Cujo.

"Hey buddy. Want to go and watch for bad guys?" He than ran off and let me sleep.


Me- "Okay so I don't know how Maddie and Jack found the hotel and resturant but they did. Don't worry if it seems boaring. More fights are coming up and something big will happen later. So enjoy."