Me- " Okay here is the fight between Danny and Dan!"

Danny's POV.

After I had all the ghosts that were willing to help me along with a new stronger thermos I had all of the humans and Dani take the Infi map and go. Than my ghost sense went off and he showed up.

"Hello. I thought that you might be here." He said.

"Well you see, I got some help now."

"Please. These guys couldn't take me if they were in their final form."


"A final form, is a ghosts most powerful form. Most however don't reach it. I am your final form. Vlad was already in his and it forced mine out."


"Yes and I will proof it now!" He yelled. He pulled out the Fenton peeler and shot it at me. It hurt. A lot. It was like the portal all over again. When it stopped I got up from my spot in the fetal position and looked around. I looked at my outfit. I had black gloves and white boots. My bottom half was still black. I felt the cape and I didn't need to look at it. I put my hand up to were my hair should have been. I pulled it back when I felt the flames. I called up a mirror and saw that while I looked like him I was still only fifteen years old. I sent a quick blast at him and saw it hit home.

"Wow. Okay. So that was a dumb move on your part!" I yelled. All of the ghosts behind me shot at Dan. I let out a wail that knocked him back but I didn't feel tired at all. He sent back his own wail. I put up a shield that kept it back. When he stopped he looked badly hurt. I pulled out the thermos. I sucked him into it capped it and turned on the ghost shield. I flew it over to Clockwork's tower. He sat there I already knew that he was waiting for me. I put the thermos on a shelf, welded it there than welded on the cap.

"Good job Danny. I'll make sure this never happens again. You will make a great king." I nodded and flew off. I went through the portal. I was almost out when Sam shot me.

"Sam! Don't shoot! It's me Danny!" I yelled. I put up my hands in surrender.

"Proof it!" I turned into my human half. "How do I know it's not a trick?"

"Right after we locked him up the first time Clockwork saved you and I choose to not cheat on the S.A.T.'s."

"Oh Danny. It is you. I just wanted to make sure that you weren't him trying to kill us again." I nodded and pulled her into a hug. "Your hair looks cool by the way." I snickered.

"Thanks. I was kind of forced into my final form, a ghosts strongest form."

"Oh. It sucks that it looks like him."

"I know." I said and let her go. We walked out just in time for the box ghost to come out.


Me- "Hope you liked it!"

Danny- "Yea I am stronger!"

Sam- "Your hair is on fire Danny."

Danny- "Ha ha."