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Truth That Lies Within

Chapter Five

Please, just let me survive today, Kagome prayed as she made her way down the hall. Students milled about, chatting excitedly with friends and hurrying to class. She had thus far made it through her first two periods with having seen neither hide nor hair of Inuyasha and for that she was grateful.

But she now had to face the music. Taking a deep breath, she pushed her way through a throng of students milling around the entryway to her classroom and kept her eyes glued to her seat.

Setting down her bag, she slowly scanned the classroom and didn't see Inuyasha's telltale white hair. She bit her lip and fought a wave of tears.

A part of her had hoped, had wished, he would be there before her and at the sight of her fall to his knees, begging for forgiveness and tell her everything she thought was wrong and that he loved her and only her. A wry smile twisted her lips and she fought back her tears.

God, how stupid can I get?

Her chest ached as she took a slow breath and sat in her seat. As the teacher closed the door after the last bell, there was a commotion outside, but Kagome paid no attention to it, instead focusing on keeping thoughts of Inuyasha away.

Stop it, Kagome. Haven't you shed enough tears for him over the years? Haven't you given him enough of your heart? I need to stop torturing myself.

But…I like him so much. And I…I thought…

Well, you thought wrong obviously. So stop mopping about it and get on with your life. You're stronger than this. Life isn't going to stop just because your heart is broken. So pick up the pieces and move on.

She closed her eyes on a wave of pain and pressed the heel of her hand against the ache in her chest. She shook her head and took a deep breath.

I'm going to get over this if it kills me. Inuyasha can't rule my life. I'm done waiting. I'm done.

Giving herself a curt nod, she lifted her head and made her mind focus on the class's lecture. The last thing she needed was for her to fail one of her classes her senior year just because of Inuyasha. It was about time she moved on from all her fantasies about how they would be and how they could have been. It was time to be realistic, and the reality was that obviously Inuyasha didn't return Kagome's painful feelings. But her moping about it and crying over it wasn't going to change anything. So it was time to focus on what was important and just move on.

Otherwise she wasn't going to make it.

Inuyasha cursed his fate when he heard the sound of the final bell as he sprinted to his class. A stupid fucking idiot freshman had decided he wanted to try and take on a half-breed to make a name for himself and had decided that Inuyasha would be his 'victim.'

Despite himself, a smirk flashed briefly across Inuyasha's face.

The freshman learned real quick why no one messed with Inuyasha very often. Despite the fact that Inuyasha was the only half demon and that there were only a few demons in the school, one would think the idiot would know not to pick a fight with an opponent with any kind of demon blood in them. The poor kid was probably still curled in a ball crying about his broken nose.

Stupid human asshole's lucky I didn't break his jaw.

Just as he saw his classroom come into focus, the teacher poked his head out and looked down the hall for stragglers. Their eyes connected as Inuyasha turned the corner. But the fucker still slammed the door in his fucking face!

"Get a pass!" the teacher's muffled voice shouted out to him and Inuyasha cursed loud and luridly.

This just wasn't his fucking day!

With a final curse, he turned to do as he was told and made his way to the attendance office.

He had been hoping to finally get to talk to Kagome. He hadn't been able to catch her all day. Every time he saw her and started toward her, she would disappear into the crowd.

But he had figured since they had this class together, she wouldn't be able to avoid him. But now he was late and had to get a fucking pass and it was putting a cramp into his half formed plans.

He had planned as far as cornering her, but hadn't planned much beyond that. He didn't know what he was going to say, or what he even wanted to say, let alone how he was going to say it.

Pushing his way into the attendance office, Inuyasha didn't bother looking up, only grunted his reason for being there. Without a word, the woman behind the desk nodded, but not without a disapproving look that wasn't acknowledged.

Snatching the paper from her hand when it was printed, Inuyasha turned and began his way back to class and back to Kagome, his mind still occupied.

What he did know was that Kikyo was in trouble and she needed his help. He also knew that Kagome saw them at his house arguing and his acceptance to help Kikyo. But if her tears were anything to go by, she hadn't heard the actual conversation.

Why she had cried was something Inuyasha really didn't want to try to analyze. He didn't want to get his hopes up.

She was probably just mad. It's no secret that there's no love lost between her and Kikyo. Though, I still don't know why they never liked each other…

When Inuyasha had been dating Kikyo, she and Kagome had started out being decent friends, as close as the best friend and girlfriend could get anyway. But then, they just started avoiding each other. And when Inuyasha had asked Kikyo what was going on, she would simply smile and kiss him. When he had asked Kagome, she only shook her head with a pained smile and would change the subject.

Kikyo's words from the other day still troubled him.

Inuyasha stood tensely facing Kikyo, who refused to meet his eyes, her own shoulders tense. They had been standing this way for several minutes now, ever since she had arrived and told him she needed to talk to him, but they still hadn't said anything.

"Okay, Kikyo. Just spit it out. What did you want to talk about?"

She brought her head up to meet his eyes and clearly fought with herself. Sighing, she looked at a spot over his left shoulder.

"It's about Hiro."

Inuyasha's tense shoulders only tensed further. He bared his fangs and couldn't contain a growl at that name.

"You mean that human fucker you cheated on me with?" he snarled, clenching his hands to keep them from punching something. Preferably not the unfaithful woman before him.

She finally met his eyes. "Yes. I…I need your help."

"Why the fuck would I help you and that asshole? You cheatedon me Kikyo! I know you don't know much about Inu youkai, but to us, that's the worst thing you could do to me!"

She nodded and dropped her gaze once more. But as she took a deep breath, the stress of her worries and her guilt finally broke her a little.

Her eyes filled with tears as she looked up at his furious face. "I know I don't deserve you to forgive me, and I'm not asking you to. And I know I have no right to ask for your help, but I do need it."

Inuyasha closed his eyes when he saw her tears and couldn't deny the small twinge he felt at the sight of them. He had always hated it when women cried. He took a deep breath to calm himself and focused back on her.

"Fine. I'll hear you out. What do you need help with?"

"It's Hiro. He's…he's gone missing. I don't know what to do! I keep asking his family where his is, but they're just as clueless as I am and I…I don't know who else to go to."

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. "Just what kind of stuff did your guy get into, Kikyo?"

"I don't know. But I do know he's a part of…a part of the YEM."

Inuyasha cursed and jerked back. "What the fuck, Kikyo? The Youkai Extermination Mercenaries? You're dating a fucking mercenary. Why am I just now finding out about this?"

Kikyo winced as if she'd just been slapped before bringing herself to her full height. Though her stance was proud and tense, her eyes were pained and swimming with tears. "Please, don't," she whispered. "You never knew. I kept it from both you on purpose because he's why we broke up. He never knew about you, because I knew if he did…he would kill you. But even though he's a killer, I can't stop loving him, anymore than you can keep yourself from being half human."

Inuyasha growled and fought with himself. "I don't care, Kikyo! I loved you!" He took a deep breath. "I have always cared about you and that's not going to stop now."

Kikyo's hand clenched at her sides and she fought to keep back her tears as she looked up at his indecipherable face. With a heavy heart she began to turn.
"I'm sorry to have bothered you," she said softly. Inuyasha couldn't stop himself from reaching out for her. He had never seen her look so desperate or unraveled before and it scared him. Pulling her to him, he wrapped his arms around her.

"I'll help you Kikyo. But for you, not for him."

She nodded and buried her face in his chest and her shoulders shook with relief. Inuyasha rested his chin on her head as he felt her tears begin to soak through the material of his shirt. Just he looked up, his golden eyes met those of devastated brown and his heart lurched.


Just as he opened his mouth to call to her, she spun on her heel and with a swish of her hair, was gone from sight.

Inuyasha had known when he'd seen Kagome's face what she must have thought and had set off to find her to set it straight. But once again, his plans had not gone as he'd hoped and now he was still trying to explain everything to her.

He looked up just in time to crash into another body. He cursed loudly when his books went flying out of his hands along with his pass. With his reflexes, he managed to stay on his feet, but only barely.

Looking up, he saw Kouga's angry face greet him and sighed.

"Great. Just fucking great. What do you want, Kouga?" he snapped as he bent to get his things.

Kouga opened his mouth to snap something back, but stopped when he caught sight of Inuyasha's face.

He looked like Hell.

Smirking, Kouga crossed his arms across his chest.

"You look like shit, dog breath," he said. His smirk only widened when Inuyasha growled back at him.

"What do you fucking want, flea bag? I don't have time for your shit. Why aren't you in class you lazy bastard?"

The smirk fell from his lips and he sighed. Turning serious, he met Inuyasha's moody eyes.

"I have free period, asshole. I see you still haven't talked to Kagome."

Inuyasha snorted.

"No, I haven't, asshole. What's it to you?"

Kouga scowled. "It's my business because Kagome's one of my best friends and you're the asshole that broke her heart."

Inuyasha's shoulders tensed, but he didn't say anything back.

Kouga sighed. "Look, dog breath. I don't like you and you don't like me." He ignored Inuyasha's derisive snort. "But we both care about Kagome. And right now, you're the only one that can make her happy again, though I don't know why she likes you. So I'm going to help you."

Inuyasha eyed him suspiciously. "Why?"

"Because I love Kagome and she loves you."

Inuyasha's heart lurched and his eyes widened. "What?" he choked. Kouga looked at his incredulously.

"You've got to be kidding me. It's not like it's a secret. That girl wears her heart on her sleeve for God's sake. And for whatever reason, she loves you." He paused and eyed him. "You didn't know that?"

Inuyasha shook his head mutely.

Kagome…loves me?

He shook his head.

No way. There's no way she does. Likes me, maybe. But there's no way she could…love me.

At Inuyasha's denial, Kouga shook his head. "Whatever. Believe what you want. But regardless, you can make her happy again, so I'm going to help you get her back. Now listen closely, dog shit, because I'm not going to repeat myself."

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