Chapter One


The wind howled out in the night sky, lights flickered at other houses, the moon beamed on to the world. The TV played softly, dramatic music coming out from it. Shawn curled up to a ball, not daring to take his eyes off of the TV show he was already interested.

The lights flickered in his house, making Shawn take a quick peek around. Then the lights went back to normal. He shuddered and hoped it was just only his imagination. Then the lights for sure went out, the boy heard footsteps walking on the wooden tile. Then a voice spoke from out in the darkness, making Shawn yelp.

"Shawn," The voice said disappointedly, "What have I said about watching these nonsense ghost shows?"

"That they're good for you?" Shawn said quietly.

Henry sighed heavily and knelt down by his son, "They give you nightmare and every time you see this show, you can never go to sleep or you either wake up having a nightmare."

"But I promise I won't do it this time," Shawn said almost in a whining tone.

Henry cleared his throat, "What made you decide you can do it this time?"

"Gus," Shawn said a threating tone, "He dared me to watch a ghost show and on Monday I had to show him that I made it alive. I took the deal."

"Shawn," Henry sighed tiredly, "Gus wants to see if you thought they were real and that someday one would come out and run after you. Maybe trying to kill you or they are trying to get help."

"But aren't they real?" Shawn asked.

"Some people believe they are real," Henry admitted, "But some not at all."

"What do you believe?"

"I say they aren't real," Henry said, "Now let's get you to bed."

Shawn made no protest and walked up to his room; Henry said good night and closed the door. About five minutes went by and Shawn heard a tapping sound from his window behind him. Like a kid or someone would do, got up to take a look.

There was a figure standing there, no wait floating up by his window. There was a white glow around the shape. Shawn didn't get much detail off of the ghost, he was already out of the room running to his dad, and maybe screaming his head off.

Present Time

"They really need to make a Skittle factory," Shawn said as he and his friend walked into the police station.

"They do have one," Gus said irritated, "You just don't know how to use your brain and find one."


"How do you think they made a factory then?" Gus asked and walked over to Juliet's desk.

"What are you two doing here?" Juliet asked putting papers in a folder.

"Getting away from Shawn," Gus replied, glaring at Shawn who caught up with them and found a pencil to play with.

Juliet chuckled, "How come?"

"Do you know how annoying Shawn is when he talks about Skittles all morning?" Gus asked.

"Uh, maybe," Juliet admitted. "So why are you really here?"

Shawn cut in, "Hey Jules how is your day?"

"Fine so far," Juliet said.

Doors swung open by Juliet's desk, the Chief stepped out and called Juliet in.

"Spoke soon?" Shawn asked, and Juliet rolled her eyes and headed towards the room.

Then she saw Gus and Shawn, hesitating, she called them in also. They all took a seat after Gus had closed the doors, then the doors opened again, Gus groaned and Lassiter walked in.

"I'm here," Lassiter announced.

"I see that," The chief showed no pride in her voice.

Lassiter quietly took a seat and they all waited for the Chief to say something, after all why did she call them in?

"So," The Chief started, "We have a problem."

"Is it Shawn?" Lassiter asked. "I would love to take care of that."

The Chief glared at the Head Detective and continued, "No nothing about Shawn, we have a killer on the loose."

The room grew dead silent at that point; no one seemed to be breathing. It went like that for another ten seconds before Shawn broke it, "Is it Mr. Yin? Did he come back?"

"No, not exactly," the Chief sighed, "Something different."

"Another killer?" Juliet asked.

"It killed three bodies in one night," Chief said. "We can't seem to find him; I have sent cops to go looking out for it, but came back with nothing in their hands."

"What do you mean by it?" Gus asked.

"We don't know if it is a boy or girl, we haven't seen the real killer," The Chief said.

"Do you have pictures of the dead bodies?" Shawn asked, "I might be able to pick up something."

The Chief nodded and pulled out the picture from a file on her desk and slowly handed it to Shawn, Shawn took it and studied it.

Like the Chief said it they we lying on the ground and it was night time, the bodied were lying by each other but he caught that it made half hexagon, all the bodies were connected, like someone had moved them to be like that, or they really have a good shot at where they would land. There were also a lot of trees nearby, so it happened in the woods. Shawn kept scanning the picture, and then his eyes landed on something green, green, glowing, eyes.

"I-I found something," Shawn sputtered.

"Found what?" The Chief asked, and everyone leaned over to Shawn to see what he had found.

"They're green," Shawn said and Juliet took the picture out of his hands, "Glowing…"

"Eyes," Juliet finished softly, "Green, glowing, eyes."

"I guess the camera person picked it up on his camera," The Chief said, "There was someone else there, no wonder the bodies were still warm and stuff… the killer must have been there, right in the camera shoot."

"But why just eyes?" Gus asked.

"I have a guess," Shawn said grabbing every eye in the room to look at him, "A ghost."

"A ghost?" Gus said.

"Oh come on Gus," Shawn said disappointedly, "It sounded all dramatic and you had to step in?"

Gus glared at him, "Shawn there is no dramatic music in here—"

"I didn't say that, but you could feel it." Shawn said. "But anyways, yes a ghost."

"What makes you think that?" Lassiter asked annoyed.

"Because it fits," Shawn said, "They can turn invisible, that one must have been turning invisible when everyone got there, but his eyes got snapped into the picture. Plus they glow, and this one has glowing eyes—"

"What do you mean they glow?" Juliet asked.

"Because," Shawn said softly, "I saw a ghost when I was a boy, it was glowing."

"Was it the one in the picture?" The Chief asked.

"No," Shawn said quickly, "Well I don't know, I got too freaked out I ran."

"You saw a ghost," Gus said, "And you didn't tell me? Do you finally believe me about the ghosts then, after you scared me with the voice in the wall?"


"We need you four go and get to the bottom of this, catch the killer." The chief said. "I'm hiring all of you."

Everyone nodded and got up to go find this killer ghost.

Finally there was sleeping in, no school for the summer, what could go wrong?

"There are pancakes running!" Jack said cheerfully as Danny looked up tiredly, but only saw a blurry orange blob.

"Can't I sleep?" Danny whined, "It's 7:30 in the morning, why do you guys do this?"

"We can't sleep in the beds like a bump on the log," Maddie said stirring the pancake batter.

"It's good for you!" Danny protested. "Plus it's nice! Agree with me Jazz!"

In the room, Jazz replied, "I'm with Danny, let us sleep!"

"Thank you Jazz!"

"No can do," Maddie said, "I need you to wake up." She pulled the covers off of Danny and he shivered from the coldness.

Danny lazily got up, his hair a mess; he looked over and saw his mom taking the covers off of Jazz who yelped and almost smacked mom in the face. Danny got up, grabbed a shirt, shorts, and his flip flops and hurried to the bathroom before his sister could take it for the whole day.

He had taken off his PJ and replaced them with his summer clothes, then he went ghost. He took off and he reached the sky, he was going to head over to the woods to see if the bodies were still there, if they were, he planned to get the ambulance and they would take care of them.

He landed on the grass-dirt of the forest, he looked around at his surroundings, and tried to look for the place where the bodies were. He walked some more and finally found the place where bodies were.

But no bodies.

He knew that this was the place since he could still see the dent on the grass where they were laying. He bent down and looked around to find anything out of the ordinary.

"Who really killed them?" Danny muttered to himself. "Who did this?"

He walked some more around the grass, then he heard voices. He looked towards where his ears told him the voices were. He started to walk over to the voices, and then he saw the top of peoples' heads. He stopped, turned invisible, and flew slowly over them and behind him.

"He's gone, okay clear," Gus said.

"He vanished," Shawn said, "There is a difference."

"Whatever," Gus muttered.

Danny turned visible, "What are you two doing here? Are you guys the killers?"

"He's behind us isn't he?" Gus whimpered.

"Yes," Shawn squeaked. "Run?"

"No you idiot, we need to talk to him remember?"

But Shawn was long gone he started running and screaming like a little girl. Gus, not liking to be alone with a ghost behind him, started running after Shawn yelling for him to slow down.

Danny flew after them, he grabbed Gus who yelped then started screaming. Then Danny got a hold of Shawn and he stopped and landed on the grass still holding them. "Who are you?"

"Nobody," Gus said in a small voice.

"I'm Shawn Spen—"Shawn got a hit by Gus, who was glaring at him. Rubbing his arm with the free hand, he said, "What? I was just being polite."

"Don't give names to killers Shawn," Gus said threating.

Danny sighed, but he smiled, somewhat he liked this argument, but he ended it, "Are you guys the killers from the bodies?"

"Killers?" Gus asked. "No but we—"

"We think you are the killer," Shawn finished.

Danny stared at them with disbelief, "You think I kill people?"

"Um well—"

Gus jabbed him, "Shawn, eyes, check the eyes out."

Shawn looked at the boy straight in the eye; they were green, glowing, eyes.

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