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Chapter Seventeen

They all got into their cars and drove towards the SBPD; Danny held the thermos on the way down to the police department. Shawn insisted that he did so, since he thought that he could protect it and didn't want to risk an accident. Danny accepted the thermos after he told him his reasons.

They rode in silence; Gus, of course, was driving and Shawn took the seat next to him. Danny took the back seat, feeling a little squished. He held the thermos to his chest and stared outside, watching everything go by in a blur. This thermos was next thing to prove his parent's innocence. The halfa was going to do all he could while Shawn spoke and hoping that the ghosts would be cooperative.

Shawn tried to bring up a conversation by starting out with a very cheese joke; Gus glared at his friend then went back to watching the rode. Danny didn't say anything about the joke; so after a while, Shawn finally gave up.

Then Gus spoke, "Hey, Danny, Henry is going to pick up Jazz. She'll meet us there."

"Mm, kay." Danny mumbled.

"You okay?" Shawn asked.

"Yeah," The halfa said, "Just a little nervous."

He raised an eyebrow. "Nervous? About what?" Shawn asked again.

The teen sighed. "I'm worried that there won't be enough proof to prove my parent's innocence." He replied.

"We just need to tell them the story and the ghosts just have to confess," He said, "That's all."

Danny banged his head softly on the window. "Yeah? Well what if they don't confess?"

There was a long pause, before Gus spoke up again. "Listen, everything will go just fine. We'll get your parents out of this mess."

They continued to ride in silence after that. Danny closed his eyes; he was going to make the ghosts confess if they refuse. He would not let his parents be framed from some fruitloop; they weren't part of this, although they sort of stumbled into this mess. It wasn't their fault.

They just had to go to California; if they didn't go, he was sure they wouldn't have gotten into this mess. But Vlad was clever in many ways, Danny hated to admit, but he would always try and find a way to do something to his parents without looking like he wasn't in the situation. The halfa hated the man for that. He hated that this guy got off on the wrong side with his dad and now he has to protect his father from Vlad—protect his family from him.

Danny made a mental note that he would pay Vlad a visit once his parents were out of this mess. The older halfa seriously needed a cat.

The car came to a stop, alerting the teen that they were finally here. Shawn got out of the car and Danny followed after him; closing the door behind him, he started to make his way up the stairs. It had started to sprinkle and the sky turned to grey.

Gus and Shawn were the first into the building and the halfa followed after them; he saw his sister sitting on a bench when he walked in. She ran up to him and tackled him with a hug; Henry started talking to his son and Gus.

Jazz let go and looked into his eyes. "I heard about everything. What are you planning on doing?" She asked.

"Shawn decided to talk to them, while I gave them "death glares"," Danny said, feeling a smile tug on his lips.

"So does Shawn know?" She asked. "I just have to make sure."

"Yeah, he knows."

She sighed. "You know, this may not be a bad thing."

Danny didn't have the chance to respond when he heard Henry call his name. He looked at his sister then started to head over to Shawn's dad.

"Yeah?" The halfa asked cautiously.

He cleared his throat before speaking, "Shawn told me about the ghosts. Do you know a way where we could hold them, but they can be released from the thermos?" He asked the teen.

"My dad packs things like this," Danny told him, "I know some cuffs that can hold them, if you cuff them to the table or something."

"Where are these cuffs?"

The halfa thought for a moment. He had seen these cuffs somewhere in the hotel room… no, someone was holding them; the raven-haired boy glanced at his sister. Of course, he knew where they were now.

"Just give me a second." He said. Henry nodded and let Danny go to where he needed to go.

The halfa walked over the bench; Jazz was sitting there again, alone. Juliet had come over while he was talking to Henry; she told her about some stuff about their parents and that she would do everything to help prove their innocence as well.

Jazz must've seen Danny walk up to her, because she stood up. "What happened?" She asked.

"Do you have those cuffs, Jazz?" The teen asked, smiling.

She hesitated. "Cuffs?" She laughed nervously. "What are you talking about?"

Danny raised an eyebrow. "Jazz… just give them to me, please? I need them so that we can get our parents out of this." He said, going for her pockets.

Jazz took a step back. "Why don't you start over and ask me nicely," She glared at him, "Without trying to go for my pockets as well."

Danny groaned and stood there. "Okay, Jazz can I please have the cuffs?" He asked, softer than before.

His sister smiled. "That's better." She reached for her back pocket and pulled out a pair of glowing green cuffs. "But I'm assuming you need two pairs right?" She pulled out another pair. "Good luck, little brother."

Danny grumbled at the last words and headed back over to Henry. "Here," He held up the two pairs of cuffs, "This should work."

Henry took the cuffs. "So who's going to cuff them? Some police officers?" He asked.

"If they can handle it," Danny replied. "But we would have to act quickly, because they could easily escape if we wait too long."

Henry nodded, understanding. He walked over to the front desk to talk to the person that was there. He told him that they would need a few police officers to hold down the ghosts and to quickly cuff them to the wall or table.

The officer turned back and told another officer about the situation. The other man ran into the chief's office and told the Chief about the plan.

About twenty minutes went by of waiting and the Chief finally came out of her office, followed by Lassiter and Juliet. The three walked over to the bench where everyone was waiting at. Shawn and Gus stood up.

"Mr. Spencer," The Chief said, "Are we going to start?"

He cleared his throat. "I think we're ready. Are the officers ready?" He asked.

"They think that they'll be fine," She replied, "No one has really held down ghosts before, since we thought they were a myth or whatever. So I'm just a little worried for our safety right now; these ghosts are harmful, right?"

"They can be," Jazz piped up. "We just have to be careful."

She nodded. "Okay, all of you—let's go."

Jack and Maddie were still in cuffs and were in the corner of the room—a police officer was keeping an eye on them. There were about seven police officers in the room and the rest of the group were in the middle of the room. There was a table that seemed to be screwed to the floor and a metal bar to cuff the ghost to hold it down.

Danny and Jazz stood as close as they could to their parents and keeping quiet.

"Okay ready?" The Chief asked.

Another police officer nodded—the one holding the thermos and was ready to pull the lid off.

"Take it off."

He did what he was told and a brilliant blue light filled the room then quickly faded to show two confused ghost floating there. The rest of the officers wasted no time and attacked, quickly getting the cuffs on and cuffing them to the table. Then they all quickly pulled away.

They were both just tall; green blobs—both struggling to get free, but was useless.

For a moment, no one spoke, but just stared at the two ghosts in front of them. Then the one on the right, glared. "What's the big deal?" It growled.

Blinking, Shawn took a small step forward. "I'm Shawn Spencer and we-!"

"Yeah, yeah," The ghost muttered, "What do you need, human?"

"We're here to tell you about the story of murdering that teen," He said, his tone was now a little bit higher, "Someone sent you to kill him right?"

"Hah!" The ghost on the left said, "Seriously? You guys just captured us and now you think we killed a human?"

"This would be a lot better if you were more cooperative," Danny muttered dangerously.

The ghosts both looked at the new speaker and yelped loudly. The one on the right started trying to pull away from the cuffs. "Who let him in here? You have to let us go! Please!" It cried out fearfully.

Shawn shot Danny a "this will be interesting" look; in return, the halfa just grinned.

"Who? Him?" Shawn asked, pointing at Danny.

"Please let us go!"

"We'll let you go," He said, "But you have to tell us the whole story, also you have to confess."

The ghost shuddered. "Well, he told us that he needed us to go attack this guy. Then he told us that we had to kill him. So we kind of beat him up and dragged him somewhere away from town and killed him there. We left his body in the river and that was what he wanted us to do. We didn't exactly know about the situation about…" he gulped, "His parents…"

"Danny's parents'?" Shawn asked again.

"Stop it!" It wailed.

Lassiter sighed, knowing that these two ghosts were nothing but big crybabies. "Just continue."

"He told us that we had to shift into Maddie and Jack, so we did," It said, trying to avoid Danny's gaze. "That's all we were told to do. But no matter what you do, if you try to get him, you'll always come back empty handed. He's cleaver. It will be impossible to get him."

Juliet stood forward. "So you admit you killed this guy?" She asked.

The ghost hesistated. "You can't do anything about it."

The halfa walked forward and glared at them, making them squeak in fear. "Just answer her; do you admit you killed the guy?" He said coldly.

"Okay, okay," It yelped, "We're guilty! We admit that we killed him! Please just get him away from us…"

The teen walked back to where he was before and folded his arms.

"Um, ma'am," One of the police officers piped up. "Do we arrest them or what?"

She looked at Shawn. "Will you take care of this, please?" She asked politely.

The so-called-psychic grabbed the thermos out of the officer's hands and pointed it at the two ghosts. "I'll have Danny's parents take care of you two." He uncapped the lid and sucked them in, leaving two glowing, green cuffs dangling from the table.

Everything had gone well after that. Danny's parents were released and they received a few apologies from a few officers, even from Lassiter.

Shawn had said good bye to Danny, Jazz, and the parents and how it was a "pleasure" working on their case. The halfa smiled and gave Shawn a hug in front of everyone. "Thank you." He said softly.

He let go and the family found the RV in the parking lot. They all got in besides Danny; he looked back to Shawn.

"You'll keep it right?" He asked.

Knowing that he was talking about his secret, Shawn nodded. "Of course, thanks for the lesson." He grinned.

Danny bowed. "May the force be with you." He joked.

"Ah, Star Wars," He laughed, "Who knew?"

The teen laughed and ran into the RV, giving Shawn a final good bye. The door closed and the RV slowly backed out and was back onto the road again.

Who knew a family vacation could be difficult sometimes?

The End

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