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Roses. She loved them…she always had. Even as a child, they had been her favorite flowers. So gorgeous, so timeless, so unbelievably unique that they had remained the symbol of love since the beginning of time.

She tilted her face slightly, feeling a silky lock of brown hair brush her cheek gently as she studied the rose in her hands. May held it gingerly, not wanting to prick herself, before pulling it close to her nose and sighing blissfully while inhaling the subtle fragrance of it. She knew he said the rose wasn't meant for her, yet she couldn't help but wish it was. The sudden thought made her blue eyes widen and the rose to slip from her fingers and land on her lap.

An uncomfortably hot blush made its way into her cheeks as she contemplated what in the world she had meant by that disturbing thought. It wasn't as if she wanted Drew, that selfish, arrogant jerk to give her roses.


After all, roses were the symbol of love. And red roses…she gave an almost inaudible squeak as she realized where this was going.

Red roses are the universal symbol for romantic love and enduring passion….and I wanted Drew to give red roses to me…which means I want him to express some sort of love for me…which…means…that…I…

May buried her face in her hands in pure anguish. No! Impossible. If she liked that horribly conceited narcissistic grasshead, the end of the world must be nearing. To like him was akin to…well, she wasn't really quite sure if there was a horror equal to the terror that was her newfound feelings for Drew, of all people.

She picked up the rose again, warily this time before squinting at it. Hmm…well, at least things made more sense now. May wasn't quite sure, but the roses had always seemed like a sort of peacemaking between the two rivals. A way of Drew saying that they were friends as well, that he would be there to comfort her if she needed it, that he would always be there for her, that his playful teasing shouldn't be taken to heart, that he liked her back…

May giggled slightly, red tinting her cheeks as butterflies erupted in her stomach. Though he constantly denied that the roses were actually for her, perhaps he did feel something for her as well. It was strange to think about, but if it was true, then…


May stared down at the scarlet rose clasped between her hands before turning to look at Drew with huge eyes. He had shoved it at her, and after that…she wasn't quite sure what happened. He was saying something, but she wasn't paying attention. Her thoughts immediately raced to that one fateful day, the day her revelation about Drew and the roses. Could she have been right? Did he really like her?

He drove her crazy, but somehow…she couldn't imagine life any other way. Yes, he made her insane with frustration and anger, but she couldn't have ever liked Drew if he hadn't been that way. With the last thought still echoing in her mind, she leaned up and softly kissed Drew on the mouth, interrupting whatever he had been babbling about. He immediately froze in shock before coming to his senses, wrapping his arms around her slim waist and pulling her closer. May could feel a blush rising in her cheeks, but she didn't care. She could feel his heartbeat against hers, and with him holding her like this, she knew she could take anything, anything at all at this moment.

They separated, and May held up the rose between them. She smiled and Drew couldn't help but smile too, though he wondered why she was holding up the rose, unless she had discovered that hidden meaning he tried to convey in every one of the flowers. But, she couldn't have, no that was impossible…

"Don't worry, Drew. I love you too."

Or maybe, when it came down to it, it wasn't that impossible after all.