Summary: Roxas is in an abusive relationship with Axel. It wasn't always like this. But Axel changed and now he doesn't want to change back. Rated M for language, violence, abuse, and rape.

Hello, my name is Roxas Strife. I'm 17 years old and I live with my boyfriend. We are going out for two years now. Everything went downhill after the first year. He wasn't always like this. He would pick me up in his red Opel GT 2007 from school. He'll take me to the ice cream shop and we would share a chocolate milkshake…then he would kiss me on the lips and say I was the sweetest thing he has ever tasted. I missed those times. I missed him the most. I just want to know why and how he changed so fast. I want to enjoy those times again. He will hit me or punch me in my face if I disobey him. He sold me to…a group of men and got 200 dollars out of it. He kicked me in my stomach and burned my fingers. He was smoking a cigarette and burned it out on my legs. I haven't seen my brother in a year. We used to see each other every month now it's limited to once a year and 15 minutes to stay at his house. I don't talk much. He made me not have a voice. It's just horrible. But he doesn't want to change anytime soon. We both need help…

Roxas woke from his slumber. There was an arm slung heavily over his waist that kept him from moving. He cracked open his eyes and stared at the door to the bathroom. He felt uncomfortable with the body that lay behind him. The soft snoring and groaning signed that the other was still sound asleep. Roxas looked at the clock. It was 10 o'clock in the morning. He really should make breakfast now but he was scared to. If he didn't make breakfast, Axel would be angry. If he left the bed, Axel would be angry. He finally decided to stay there until Axel woke up.

Roxas observed the spacious room. All there was is a bed that took up most of the wall, a dresser on the opposite wall in the center, a window that took up the entire wall to the left, and to the right there was the master bathroom. Roxas' clothes were discarded on the floor from Axel's aggressive behavior. They had a fight that night about how much Roxas should see his own brother. Axel told him to take off his clothes and get in the bed, the fight is over. Roxas started crying and that's when Axel slapped him in the face. That didn't really help because he cried more, getting more hits from Axel. After that he couldn't remember anything. He must've been beaten till he was unconscious. That was sad. A man hitting another male that he loved dearly (or at least Roxas thought Axel loved him) and couldn't do anything about it. As Roxas recalled the night, tears flowed down his cheeks. He tried to stifle the sobs and not move but he couldn't.

"Wha wrong wit you?" came a groggy voice. Axel pushed himself higher on the pillows and looked down at Roxas. He hung over Roxas' body, steading himself with one arm on the side of Roxas. He twisted his head to look at the crying teen's face.

Roxas watched the face and searched for any signs of anger. Axel's eyelids were lazy and refused to open all the way. They showed a slit of the emerald greens he fell in love with. His mouth was curved into a camouflaged smile. Roxas turned his body around and looked at Axel fully. His hips were uncovered by the comforter. His briefs were low and showed the peak of his bottom. Axel's back curved beautifully like he was a lovely merman. His hair was wild as always. Axel's tattooed arms and body was exotic and freaky. That's probably why he loved him in the first place. Roxas caressed Axel's cheek with his hand and thumbed over his cheek bones that held little triangle tattoos.

"Nothing." Roxas said quietly.

Axel was now fully awake. "Did you make breakfast yet?"

"No. I thought you wouldn't want me to leave."

"Are you going to make it now?"

"What do you want?"

Axel rolled his eyes to the ceiling to think of possible meals. "Pancakes and bacon and eggs and French toast and waffles and cereal and grits. Go make it. Go make it now…like right now."

Roxas knew that Axel wasn't being demanding or serious. That's not the voice he speaks in if he wants something to be done. He also knew that Axel can eat a lot but he can't eat all of that.

"Choose one and a side." Roxas said gently giving Axel a soft smile. Axel responded with a blank stare. Roxas' eyes were searching for any sign of Axel in his eyes. Axel just stared and stared. He frowned like he was angry and saw Roxas' face fill with terror. Axel raised his hand. Roxas turned his face and waited for the blow. Then laughing could be heard. Roxas turned his face back around and seen Axel laughing with his head tilted back. Roxas stared at him in shock with his mouth slightly open.

"Roxas…ha ha…you should've seen your face! It was like all scared 'n stuff. I'll have pancakes and bacon. Ha ha ha! Ohh that was too funny!"

"Okay Axel. I'll start them right away…" Roxas thought for sure he was going to get hit and his face was still sore from last night. Roxas got out of the bed and put his satin robe on his body that he got from Christmas. He was getting his slippers on when he was stopped.

Axel was still in the bed on his knees. His black cotton briefs showed the start of his red pubic hair and his well-toned body was uncovered by the sheets. His sleeves tattooed on his arms were a little frightening to look at. He had a cigarette in his mouth that he must've gotten from his nightstand. "Roxas, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that. Forgive me?"

Roxas' smile flashed once before it went away. He didn't make eye contact with Axel at all. "Yeah sure..."

"C'mere babe," Axel pulled Roxas by the wrist to the bed. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and kissed Roxas, not gently but not rough, on the lips. His hand went to Roxas' face and held his chin. This caused Roxas to open his mouth a little. Axel took advantage and shoved his tongue in his mouth. They ended the kiss with a wet shlop noise. "I'm gonna have a smoke, I'm tired as hell and I'm sorry for last night." He rushed with his apology like he didn't really care about what happened last night.

"What even happened last night?"

Axel paused and began the explanation about why Roxas' head was hurting and why he couldn't remember anything. "I beat you, you passed out, I put you in the bed, you woke up, I was still sleeping, and then you started crying and you shouldn't do that because that can give you a headache. Ya know, like the ones you give me when you cry for no reason? Yeah those. Then that lead us here. Are you less confused now?"



"Well…um…can I start on our breakfast now?"

"Yeah and it's not your breakfast, it's mine. So you can start on mine and start yours later! Roxas, this is kindergarten shit. I love you and now, I smoke." Axel pulled on some skinny jeans and walked out of the room.

Roxas sat on the bed and looked at his feet. A few tears escaped his eyes. He sobbed and sobbed but he knew he had to stop. He pulled on his slippers and went down the stairs.

Roxas laid all of the food on the table. The fresh pancakes, the crispy bacon, hot grits and sweet syrup were all spread on the table. Axel was watching TV until Roxas was finished.

"Roxas! Come here!"


"Sit down babe. Don't stress yourself. You did a wonderful job of cooking today." Axel pulled Roxas into his lap.

"Thank you."

"Now while I eat, you need to take a shower, get dressed, and come back down here, okay? We're going out today. I need something from the shop and then you can choose three places you want to go after that. We can't stay out long because I want to try out my new item okay? Good, now go wash up."

Axel shoved Roxas out of his lap and sat at the table. He started digging in to everything Roxas made. Roxas went upstairs to do everything Axel told him to. He jumped in the shower and washed off all of the dried blood. A cut reopened and blood flowed down into the drain. Roxas flinched and tears burned his eyes. He looked down at his body and seen all of the bruises Axel made. Why was he with this guy? Roxas kept asking himself that question too. Why was he with him? It made no sense but he loved Axel the way he was not how he is.

Roxas got out of the shower and dried off. He just started rubbing the towel over his body and then Axel bursts in to see Roxas naked.

"Hey Axel! Get out! What are you doing!" Roxas quickly covered himself with the towel. Axel always thought it was funny how Roxas wore a towel. Instead of around his waist, like a man should, he wrapped it around his chest, like a woman would. Axel crept closer. Roxas tried to back away but only to find a sink blocking his way. Axel was right in front of him now.

"Axel what are you doing…?"

"You are so fucking sexy…why do you do this to me Rox? You make me so fucking hard until I burst…"

Roxas knew what was coming. He would be shoved down to his knees to meet a very large penis in his face. He shut his eyes and prayed a silent prayer to himself. To Axel, this meant: kiss me! So he did. He was hungry for his sexy little kitten. His hands snaked around Roxas to his ass. He gave a little squeeze and shook his ass cheeks around before giving them a nice slap. Roxas gasped and broke the kiss. Axel gave a naughty smile and attacked Roxas' neck.

"Axel…p-please…stop…it hurts."

"Mmm. But baby, how can I stop now when you're all wet and sexy like this, huh? C'mon we both want this."

"No," Roxas shoved Axel off of him. "You want this! Axel I said stop. I'm not in the mood and I'm still sore from two days ago!" Roxas couldn't believe what he just done. He clamped his hand over his mouth and his eyes widened. He was going to be in tears by the next minute. Axel glared at him. He yanked Roxas over to him and picked him up. Roxas was limp in his hold. He didn't want to upset Axel any further. Axel threw him on the bed and dragged him to the edge by his ankles.

"Did you just shove me off of you? Who do you think you are?" Axel's expression asked, 'Are you serious?'

"I'm sorry, Axel, I'm so sorry!" Roxas cried.

"If you didn't touch me, this wouldn't be happening right now."

"I'm…sorry baby! Just…just don't do this!"

Axel yanked the towel off of Roxas and marveled his body. "Get on your knees."

When Roxas was reluctant, Axel took a fist full of his hair and dragged him off the bed. "I said get on your fucking knees damn it! Ya know Rox you can be such a bitch sometimes! If you would've got on your knees, you wouldn't be hurting right now."

"I'm sorry…just p-please stop. Ah!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Axel gave Roxas' hair a sharp tug. He let go of the other's hair and unbuckled his pants. He slid his briefs and pants off. Axel held his member by the base and held it out for Roxas to suck. Roxas sobbed and pressed his mouth closed. Axel kept nudging he cock at Roxas' lips but got frustrated when they wouldn't open.

"Roxas, Roxas, stop crying. You crying isn't going to make this boner go anywhere. So I suggest you open your mouth and get it over with okay? Okay, now suck it bitch!"

Roxas opened his mouth a crack. Axel shoved himself inside groaning in the process. He was literally humping Roxas' face. Sometimes he would go extreme by gagging him.

"Go all the way down. Yeah just like that. Oh Roxas you're so good baby! Mm yes take it all."

Roxas gagged the whole time. A thick string of saliva hung from his chin. His tears went to his mouth. He would swallow then just to make them come out again. Axel held his balls with his cock so they were pressed together. He let Roxas breathe for a few seconds. Then he shoved Roxas down on his cock. Roxas' mouth unhinged to make room for the special guests.

"Oh fuck! Ah! This is way too much for me to handle. I might come in a second!"

Roxas glanced up at him with pleading eyes. He wanted this to stop. This was one horrible blow job. He hated sloppy blow jobs especially the ones Axel gives him. He was gagged to the limit and he was happy it stopped. He wasn't happy about the hot liquid that met his face.

"OH SHHITT! AHHH! RMM! Roxas oh Roxas! That was one hell of a blow! Damn, look at your face…! Lick me up babe. I want me clean." Roxas did as he was told and sucked the head one last time. There was no more come on Axel because it was all over his face. Axel stuffed himself back in his pants and handed Roxas a towel.

"Here, wash your face off. I don't want people seeing me all over your face. They might think you're up for sell."

Roxas took the towel and wiped his face off. He got up from his knees and sat on the bed. Axel took his chin and tilted it high enough for a kiss.

"Don't you ever do that again, and I won't do this again. I love you Roxas." He pecked the other's lips and went off downstairs.

Roxas stared at the door. He knew those words were nothing. They were just something to cover it up. He cried again and again until tears refused to come out. Seriously, why was he with this guy?


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The paragraph at the beginning is supposed to happen! It's just a little introduction to the person and how they feel. I'm just saying…