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Riku ran out of his apartment into his car. He wasn't happy with Rairu at all. Rairu wanted money and fame; Riku didn't matter. After buying all those things for the other, he realized that no one can satisfy him like Roxas could. It didn't take long to get to the house, even when it was raining. It's been months since he saw Roxas and from all the interviews he had, he still said that he was single. Riku's hair was soaking wet from the walk from his car to the front door. He rang the doorbell and waited.

"Hello?" Roxas looked all around for the person who rang the bell then he found Riku on one knee with a big ring in a small black box. He gasped and covered his mouth.

"I made a mistake. I just wanted to hurt you and I know that sounds bad to say but it's true. I never loved the guy and he never loved me… Can you be able to forgive me and look ahead to a bright future with me? Sorry I don't have much to say… I'm kind of nervous…"

"Riku, this is… Of course I would marry you!"

Riku got off of his knee and slipped the ring onto Roxas finger and they joined for a heated kiss.

"I love you Roxas."

"I love you too."

Four years later

Axel POV

Yeah I went to the wedding and I had good things to say I guess. I promised to Roxas that I would always be there for him and if it never worked out, I could be the perfect rebound. I also told Riku that if he ever so touch or hurt or say anything to hurt Roxas, I'll be back in jail. He looked scared for a moment but brushed it off like I was joking around. I wasn't.

Now I'm just sitting on a swing at an elementary school smoking a cigarette. Kids these days should inhale this stuff whether they like it or not. Wait… what the fuck? Okay, that's not what I meant, kids shouldn't die. They should just suck it up because I feel like smoking on their grounds that's all.

"You know, it's bad to smoke at a drug free school…"

I jumped up and whipped around ready for any fight or to tell a soccer mom to fuck off.

"Do you know who you're talking to or is there a ghost behind me? Who do you think you are?"

He looked like an old teenager. He had dark black roots and blond hair. The mint blue eyes scared me a bit but I let them slide. The only reason why they were scary was because they reminded me of Roxas'. Tough boy attitude was screaming fight and attention but instead he just smiled.

"I'm Marcus Gilling and you're Axel Fuse. You said you wouldn't forget me."

His teeth shined brightly in the afternoon sun and his hands were clasped behind his back. The tie fluttered in the breeze against his black button up shirt with a collar and the chains around his belt loops jingled.

He changed a lot if it was Marcus. It wasn't true.

"LIAR! You don't know anything about Marcus! How dare you pop up and say something like that? Do you want to die?"

"It's you and me… and all other people with nothing to do… nothing to lose. And it's you and me… and all other people and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you…"

Nobody knows that song. I only wrote it to one person while I was in prison. Not even Roxas knows that. I didn't even tell my brother's grave that song. I only told Marcus…

Our reunion was sweet. I cried for the first time in years. That night I told him I wanted him to stay with me forever and he agreed the same. We ended up having sex; him for the first time. It was pure joy. I didn't want my life to be any sweeter. I didn't want my life to conclude without him.

Marluxia's POV

I love my husband. He's sweet, caring, kind, funny, loving, stubborn, my all, and my best friend. I thought I could never get over Reno but this man has made me feel things that I never felt before. He washed away all my memories of Reno and set in his own. Saix and I have wonderful children that I thought I could never bear but I knew there was always something up with me to look this feminine for a guy. We have three children together. We have a boy and girl set of twins; Sven and Svenja. We also have another baby girl on the way and her name is going to be Revanna. Being pregnant is no joke! But I'm glad that Saix can have a family again.

His past family was killed by a person he really trusted. His ex-wife cheated on him with another man. She was so ashamed that she burned down the house a few months later with the man still in it and ran off with her and Saix's two children. She drowned them because they were witnesses to the inferno and she didn't want to go to jail but she did anyway. She was dumb. She burned down her own home that had money in it and her purse along with the kids' birth certificates. She realized she messed up and took her own life. I feel so bad for him. I try to be the best mother, husband- wife thingy I can be. I don't want to see him cry. I cried because it was so similar to how Reno died. But who knows?

Right now, I'm just watching my three year olds play with their father in the back yard. He loves kids; especially his own. He loves their long blue hair (that reminds me, I need to get Sven a haircut.), their soft skin, Svenja's blue eyes like mine and Sven's hazels like his. They have little sharp teeth that remind me of a puppy's. I will always remember that because of Sven who playing lion cub with me and bit my arm. I almost cried that day. My family came in from the backyard and grabbed their drinks from the counter to freshen up. Saix walks over to me and rubs my aching legs.

"You alright babe?"

"Yeah," I sighed. "The baby's kicking me hard though and my feet are so, so, so, sore baby…"

I look at him with pleading eyes. When my feet are sore, that usually means I want a foot massage. Sometimes I'm sweet about it, sometimes I'm not and if he ever says no, I won't put him on the couch, no, I'll leave him in the same room, but he can sleep on the floor. He sighed and raised my yellow sun dress just above my knees and straightened them out from being bent in 'fetal' position.

"Want a massage?"

"Please baby? I'll love you forever."

I moaned and draped my arm across my forehead for dramatics.

"Fine, need anything else?"

I quickly hushed him and he started to rub on my ankles and heels.

"No, no… Mmm baby you sure do know how to melt this Hershey kiss…"

I now sat straight up with my feet on his knees and my hand rubbing my belly while biting my lip. Oh fuck how I loved this man. He's so strong and silent but big at heart like a German Shepard. The only bad thing about him is that he can make any woman's uterus tingle and I hated it when they stared at him. I try to take the kids whenever we go out to run a fast errand so they know he's held down and when we do go out alone, I'll be all over him to let all those bitches know that he's taken. Ha! My man!

He raised my dress a little higher to get my attention. He could tell that I was thinking about something that had to do with my possessive, jealous side and wasn't focusing on any pleasure. Don't worry, I'm watching you baby… I got flustered when he kissed my inner thigh.

"Saix! The kids are still in the house!" I whispered harshly. I never wanted to have sex while the kids are home. I would hate for them to be mortified to see Mommy on Daddy's peepee.

"No, they're outside."

He sucked on my big toe for a long while. Well, he can have as many kids as he want, as long as they begin like this. I blush even more and fan myself with a magazine that I was reading earlier before I took interest on the wrestling match. He looked up at me with burning hazels as he kissed my ankle.

The twins were outside with their sweaty faces pressed against the glass of the back door. "Daddy, come play with us!"

No, no kids, Daddy's playing with me!

"Alright, I'll be right out!"

"Yay!" They cheered.

Aw man!

Saix turned to me. "Your sexy self is just going to have to wait a little while okay?"

He winked. Oh glory! That beautiful signal that said Mommy is going to get some hubby time!

I giggled and rubbed my four month old belly. Blushing I sealed the deal and watched him go play outside with his children.

I love my family.

Leon, Cloud, Sora

Sora and Keiji had regular visits and tutoring sessions. Sora doesn't get bullied at school because of Keiji and Cloud and Leon don't have to worry about depression; their Sponge Bob loving boy is back. But one day, a knock on the door was just about to shatter them all.

"Um, hello. I'm Carla and this is my husband Pete. Are a Cloud Strife and a Squall Leonhart here?"

Cloud looked worried. "Well I'm Cloud and my husband is Squall. Would you like to come in?"

"Certainly, thank you."

The woman had chocolate brown hair and the man had oil black hair. He held a cane and an oxygen tank with his wife helping him into the home. Leon came behind Cloud with a questionable face but Cloud just shrugged, not knowing what was up.

"What brings you here today? Is something wrong?" Cloud was more worried now that the man started grumbling something he couldn't quite catch.

"Well," said the woman kind of down. She sat on the couch and held Pete's hand in hers. "We wanted to see our son, Sora. We thought we wanted a closed adoption, where the parent cuts all ties from the child but we changed our minds. See, I was only 15 when I got pregnant and I thought it would be best to forget it all. But Pete hasn't been so good and he wanted to see his son for probably the last time before he dies. He has lung cancer. We knew a man and a woman adopted Sora… not a man and a man…"

Leon spoke up. "The woman that was the partner in the adoption is dead ma'am. I'm bisexual."

"Oh, well, we think that exposing children to all kinds of lifestyles is what makes them perfect role models for their children and for the world. They grow up in an environment of acceptance; it's best indeed."

She smiled brightly, not at all fazed by the adoptive parent being gay.

The four had a deep conversation about Sora and Cloud and Leon had a few arguments of whether Sora should see them or not.

"Those are his parents Leon!"

"But his dad is going to die! We just got him out of this and we don't want him down in depression again!"

"But how would you feel if you never met your parents? Besides, he still has you, but not a mother!"

"They only want him there at the funeral!"

"What's wrong with that?"

"Everything! Why don't we just let him see them but never tell him that they are his parents?"

"I'm sorry but I do not want my child hating me for the rest of my life."

Sora was sitting on the stairs hearing the whole conversation with Keiji by his side. Tears fell but they were filled with joy. He ran down the stairs before Keiji could catch him and hugged the couple on the couch opposite of Cloud and Leon.

"Mom… Dad… you really showed…"

Leon was confused. "Sora did you know about this?"

"Yeah, I got in touch with the orphanage to find my biological parents and they said that they would be delighted to see me because they were looking for me too! I am legal so that means that I could get a hold of my documents whenever I want to. I wanted to see them for the first time in my life and I'm glad I did."

They all sat and had conversations till nightfall. The parents of Sora were overjoyed at the sight of their son.

At the funeral, Sora handled it pretty well. He shed his tears but after that, said nothing much about his parents, nothing much.

Demyx and Zexion

"We got married in the fall, close to winter, and I just remember him being as beautiful as ever. I was so nervous that this wouldn't be the perfect day for him like it was to me." Demyx stared hopelessly romantically into Zexion's eyes and smiled; squeezing the hand in his. Zexion smiled back with his pearly white teeth that he unnecessarily got whitened again before the interview.

The reported directed a question at Zexion. "How was your wedding and what was the proposal like?"

He blushed. "Well, the proposal was… stupid to say the least…" he joked. Demyx wasn't hurt but was actually laughing along. "I came home from work one day and he was awfully quiet which is hard for him to be. I got scared and worried that he had bad news or that he was hiding something from me. I even watched his favorite movie and a movie I can't stand which is Open Season 2 but he still wouldn't talk. At one point I thought he was dead because he was spaced out in deep thought which he also can't ever do. I got mad and started yelling at him but he still seemed distant then he kissed me and shoved the ring right into my mouth. I was so scared that I thought I swallowed it. Then he asked for me to marry him then I was sure I swallowed it. But I love him with great love so I called him stupid for even asking such a question and said yes."

The reporter laughed. "Aw, romantic are we?" She was so sarcastic.

Demyx laughed too. "Yeah! I'm the man!"

"The honeymoon was… great too…"

Demyx's eyes grew big and he blushed while maintaining a smirk. "Whoa now Zexion, no need to get it up now. But I do agree; virgins are simply splendid."

Zexion half playfully, half seriously slung his fist into Demyx's chest with a stoic face. Demyx doubled over in pain but Zexion, however, crossed his legs and looked at the reporter straight in her face like nothing happened.

"You should've seen that coming."

"I knew you were going to hit me but my guard was down and I never knew you were that strong! I mean look at you, you look eleven!"

Zexion threw himself on Demyx's back and nipped at his ears. They both yelped as they were falling off of the couch but playfully wrestled like any other cute couple would. The reporter turned to the camera and told the viewers to go to the show's website to find the full video of the interview then let the camera catch the 'fight' for a few more seconds.


Why are you here?

No one is supposed to be at my house.

Are you stupid? Leave!

Loz, Kadaj, Yazoo, take out this fool!

Damn idiots always want a follow up…

Get that fucking camera out of my face.


Due to safety concerns, we will not be entering nor doing anything that involves Sephiroth Yamada.

We will die. Till next time!


Four years ago

Riku and Roxas

Roxas stepped out of the bathroom of the bedroom and showed off his outfit to a very nervous Riku who wasn't finding himself comfortable under the covers. Roxas was wearing no shoes of course, nothing like heels or anything. No need to scare the groom on his honeymoon. The black boy shorts hugged every curve of that sweet delicious round ass. They were black with pink lace and polka dots. Not all of his cheeks even fitted in the garment and that's what he wanted. Roxas also wore a tight black cotton shirt that hugged his torso so tight, Riku could see his cute little outie belly button.

Riku swallowed hard, the slightly tan legs making him shiver. He scrambled to the edge of the bed. He was about to lose his virginity… good.

"Well Mr. Suzuki, what do you think?" Roxas asked in a sultry voice. He was getting so aroused by just thinking of what he could do with his virgin.

"I like it…" Riku replied nervously. "I- I like it a lot."

"Yeah? You ready then or do I have rules that I have to follow?"

"I'm going to be the top right?" Riku blurted.

"Whatever makes you feel comfortable baby… I'm comfortable if you are."


"Ready for the tease?"

"I thought it already started…"

Roxas chuckled at his newly wedded husband's naïvetés. "Turn on the stereo baby…"

Riku had no idea what song was going to play but that didn't matter when Roxas turned around. Riku was so focused on those round cheeks that the room could've been on fire and he wouldn't know. How can they be so perfect? The music started the play and Roxas' hips started to swish side to side.

Come and put your name on it, your name on it.

Come and put your name on it, your name-

Bet you wanna put your name on it, your name on it.

Come and put your name on it-


Roxas' hips were hypnotizing and Riku didn't want out. He watched as that ass went round and round and his excitement couldn't be tamed; burst through his boxers.

He want that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake-

Ooh baby I like it, you're so excited.

Don't try to hide it, Imma make you my bitch.

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake-

I know you wanna bite this, it's so enticing.

Nothing else like this, Imma make you my bitch.

Roxas crawled onto Riku's lap and started twitching his ass onto the other's lap then laid Riku back on the bed so he could continue giving the least pleasure as possible. He could hear Riku's grunts and moans over the stereo and smirked. Going all the way down that perfect body, Roxas stopped at the waistband of his husband's underwear and slid them off with his teeth. Riku's chest rose and settled at a much more rapid pace now and Roxas enjoyed it. He kissed the average sized cock that was growing harder by the second. Mouth full, cake up, still jiggling to the music, was making Riku lose control.

Riku buried his hand in those honey locks and tried to get more of him into that mouth but Roxas had to pull away before all they did that night was oral sex. Roxas climbed higher onto Riku and straddled his hips; positioning a throbbing cock at his entrance. He stretched himself so they wouldn't have to worry about that in the mist of things. He moved the fabric that was covering his puckered hole and eased down on the hardest cock in history. Riku moaned loudly and squirmed; it was happening, loss of virginity but only the head was in. Roxas finally reopened and bounced happily up and down Riku. He sat at an angle that satisfied him completely.

I know you want it in the worst way

(The worst way)

Can't wait to blow my candles out

It came to their favorite part of the song, where Roxas bounced that ass hard and fast. He leaned forward so he could steady himself with his palms on the bed and pounded the cock just the way Riku wanted him to. He could even bounce his ass to each time 'cake' was said in the song and he was so damn glad he did.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh my goodness your cock feels so fucking good inside me baby! Ooh my ass feels so fucking good…"

"Keep bouncing baby, don't stop… feels great."

"I want you to pop it… spank this tight ass!"

A sharp swat was planted on a perfect cheek.

"Ah! Yeah baby! Keep doing that! Ooh, make my ass so fucking red!"

His ass was already red from the forces of his bouncing and the contact but why not make it even redder?

"Oh shit baby! Oh yes don't you dare fucking move your dick! That just how I want it! Yes! Right there! Spank me! Fuck me! I'm your little bitch!"

Riku was now hyper thrusting up into Roxas, making his voice vibrate. He tied his hands across Roxas' lower back to keep his ass down then thrust it back up. There was something happening to his member, it burned but with pleasure, something never felt before.

Combined with the slapping and the pounding, Roxas almost cried.

"YES! OH FUCK ME! Don't fucking stop baby, don't fucking stop! Yes, pound this little 18 year old ass good! Fuck me! Ooh!"

They both gasped. Riku had a spasm as his come gushed into Roxas. Roxas was a little disappointed because Riku came first but it was his first time and Roxas shouldn't even care about that in the first place. Roxas moaned then grabbed the stereo remote from the bed and turned down the music. He could still feel the come rushing into him and it felt great.

"You alright baby?" Roxas panted heavily.

It seemed like the older was hyperventilating. "What just happened?"

"… You came… hard. See?"

Roxas eased off of the semi hard cock and squatted above it. He felt the hot fluid seep out and gush over his thighs. It felt so wonderful. Riku didn't think it was that wonderful and got scared of his own semen. He apologized countless times, even when they were in the tub, got out the tub then laid down for rest. Since Roxas didn't get to come yet, he showed the sexy sex amateur how to give a hand job in the bathtub and it wasn't long till those clumsy fingers had him coming.

They lay in the bed for a while but neither of them sleeps.

"Hey Riku?"


"How long is this place rented for? A week?"

Riku turned to face Roxas, head resting on his palm with drowsy eyes, smiling at his lover. He petted Roxas' damp hair and hummed.

"How about the rest of our lives? I bought this house for the two of us and all of our friends pitched in to decorate… I love you Roxas… goodnight." He turned away like he was going to sleep but was actually smirking.

Roxas was shocked. "THIS IS OUR HOUSE? TOGETHER?"

"Stop screaming, it still echoes…"

"I love you so much; I want to take your virginity again!"

"You can, but I don't feel like being stretched right now…"

Roxas was silent and Riku got scared that he fainted or something. Roxas was suddenly in his view and the lights were turned on. His eyes were wide, well both of their eyes were.


"What? What's wrong?"


"I was just joking Roxas! Quit trying to get it up! I have no intentions of taking it up the ass!"

Four years later, the couple still remains and all hearts are mended.


Axel Fuse… As himself

Roxas Strife… Roxas McCoy

Sven Shepard… As himself

Svenja Shepard… As herself

Sora Leonhart… Tyler Kites

Cloud Strife… As himself

Squall "Leon" Leonhart… Darrel Honeys

Riku Suzuki… As himself

Keiji Suzuki… Timber "Tad-Bit" Takahiro

Lea Sparks… As himself

Uncle Damian … Charles Blakely

Sephiroth Yamada… As himself

Zack Fair… As himself

Demyx Tracey… As himself

Zexion Schemer … Ienzo Reed

Xigbar Freeshooter… Brad Killing

Vexen Isis… As himself

Lexaus Strong… Alex Blems

Saix Shepard… Isa Shepard

Luxord Gambles… As himself (Ironic much? Indeed.)

Marluxia Flowers… Jesse Cass

Larxene Tims … Tammy Jacobs

John Kim… As himself

Cliff Blake… (We have no idea who he is. Extra I guess?)

Michael Heals … Michael Jefferson (Jackson?)

Jason McDonald… Toby King

Loz Duo… As himself

Yazoo Duo… As himself

Kadaj Duo… As himself

Marcus Gilling… Mark Mraz

Lenz Gilling… Cadet Bleu (Ironic much?)

Pete Shane… Bill Kelly

Carla Shane… Jessica Gomez

Rairu Tada… Reese Chen


Leona Lewis –


Take a Bow

My Hands

Better in Time

Oh Land –

Sun of a Gun


P!nk –

Please Don't Leave Me


Lifehouse –

You & Me

Katy Perry –

Teenage Dream

Shiloh –

Can't Hold On

Christina Perry –

Jar of Hearts

Hope –

Who Am I to Say

Kesha –

Dancing with Tears in My Eyes


Jem –


The Script –

Fall For Anything

Falling in Reverse –

I'm Not a Vampire

Pussycat Dolls –

Stick with You

Hot Chille Rae –



Yuuya Masushita –


Trust Me

Utada Hikaru –

Simple & Clean

Lady Gaga –

Boys, Boys, Boys

Gnarls Barkley –


3OH!3 –

Double Vision

Rihanna –

Birthday Cake

Well that's all. See you next time. (I think the names are legit…)


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