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I woke up early on Saturday morning feeling extremely excited. After all, what kind of person doesn't like Quidditch? I grabbed my broom and walked quietly out of the common room to the portrait, before sprinting down to the Quidditch field to try to get in some extra practice on a broom before Quidditch tryouts. Looks like I wasn't the only one with this idea, either.

On the pitch, I found about 15 people on broomsticks. The youngest was a 3rd year, and she was okay, but nothing special. I also spotted some kids with beater's bat hitting some bludgers between them. I watched as some kids threw the Quaffle through the hoops as a 7th year, Comac McLaggen, tried to stop them. I wondered fleetingly if Ron was trying out, and I also hoped McLaggen wouldn't the team. That guy could be a real jerk.

I also noticed a group of five of girls that were tossing a Quaffle back-and-forth, and among them I recognized Katie Bell from my time on the Quidditch team last year, and Demelza Robins, a friend of mine. I knew Katie was likely to get back on the Quidditch team this year, so I decided that was my best bet.

I mounted my broom and kicked off. "Hey, Demelza!" I called to her. I wasn't sure if she could hear me as I was so far away, but she turned towards me.

"Hey, Ginny! What's up?" she called back.

"Not much," I responded with a grin. "I was just wondering if I could join you." I gestured towards the group she was practicing with.

Katie turned towards the sound of my voice. "Sure! The more the merrier!" She called to me. I smiled and flew over.

I spent the next hour swooping and swerving my way through lines of chasers and avoiding the stray bludgers accidentally sent our way by the group of boys with the bats. I was feeling pretty confident by the time people started filing into the stands and somebody spotted Harry walking towards us.

I found a spot next to Dean, who was also trying out, and watched as Harry reached the stands and surveyed us al sitting on the stands. I got the distinct impression that he was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people that turned up. As he scanned the crowd, I caught his eye and I smiled and winked. He smiled back. That made me so ridiculously and deliriously happy, I didn't even notice Dean stiffen next to me.

"Alright!" Harry cried. The crowd instantly fell silent. "Everybody get into groups of ten, please." I got in a group with Dean, Seamus, Demelza, and six people I didn't know but that looked to be 4th years.

I got impatient watching as everyone took their turns flying around the pitch, as some couldn't stay on their brooms, some that came without brooms, and some that weren't even Gryffindors!

Harry was getting pretty annoyed when he had to ask anyone who wasn't in Gryffindor to leave the pitch. Were this many girls really standing in line for Harry? My chances keep getting slimmer, although I actually know Harry (the real Harry), so that could help.

Eventually, my group got called to the pitch, and, luckily, I outflew everybody that tried out. In the next test, I scored 17 goals, more than anyone except Katie, who scored 21. I discovered that Demelza was good at dodging bludgers as well.

After two grueling hours and several very amusing temper tantrums later, everybody was seated back in the stands.

Harry cleared his throat and everybody looked at him expectantly. All my fingers were crossed and I strained to listen waiting anxiously.

"So," Harry called, "my three new chasers are Katie Bell, Demelza Robins, and," the crowd seemed to hold its breath, or maybe that was just me. "And Ginny Weasley!" I threw my hands in the air in celebration and Dean kissed my on the cheek, even though I could tell he was a bit upset about not making the team. There was some polite applause, although it was drowned out by a lot of grumbling from some of the people that didn't make the team.

I raced down to the pitch, hugged Demelza and Katie, and went to stand by Harry, who was dealing (yelling and threatening, really) with some of the grumblers, eventually forcing them to leave the field.

Next, Harry started Beater tryouts. I was immensely disappointed to see that none of these kids were anywhere near as reckless or brutal as Fred and George had been, but some of them were okay. In the end, Harry chose a short, but strong 3rd year named Jimmy Peakes, and a wiry boy who could hit a target with amazing precision.

Last, but not least we had come to Keeper tryouts.

"Ginny, Demelza, Katie, I'll need your help for this one. I need you to try to score on the Keepers, alright?"

The three of us chorused our okays and kicked off, grabbing a Quaffle each. I scanned the hopefuls and noticed the telltale head of red hair that told me that Ron was, indeed, trying out.

The first five applicants were positively horrible. The first one didn't save any goals, the second, third and fifth only saved one, and the forth guy saved two.

Then, it was McLaggen's turn. He saved four in a row, including two of mine! That was an insult. As Katie took the final shot though, he flew off in the wrong direction. As I laughed with everyone else, I looked down at the stands, and noticed Hermione hastily stuffing her wand back in her coat.

I considered telling Harry, but then figured I had no proof, and if he didn't make the team, it was for the greater good.

At last, Ron mounted his broom and kicked off into the air, positioning himself in front of the hoops. He was slightly green in the face, but he had such a determined expression on his face, it hardly mattered.

Ron saved the first two, to my amazement, and then it was my turn. As I shot, I feinted left, then went right. He fumbled the ball, and it almost went in, but then he caught in at the last second. I admit I was dumbfounded at how he was doing so well.

Demelza and Katie each shot another time, but he saved those as well. There was tumultuous applause, and as I landed, I recognized Harry trying very hard to resist whooping along with the rest of them, although now he had to face a very angry Cormac McLaggen.

I overheard Cormac telling Harry that I didn't try, and I was going to march over there and set him strait, but Harry got there first…unfortunately.

The new team gathered around Harry, and they set the date for the first official practice. As Ron walked away I heard him animatedly Telling Harry and Hermione about each penalty he saved.

Ah, well. He deserves a little respect once in a while, right?